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  • Season 2
    • Finale
      Episode 22
      With Rodney all set to travel to Nashville to record his major label debut, Trina is upset about Rodney making decisions without asking her opinion. Meanwhile, Rodney and Barry decide to follow the record companies advice to implement a visual element into Rodney's act by buying a 10 foot high wooden penis sculpture.moreless
    • Potty Mouth
      Episode 21
      Rodney is offered a lucrative deal with a record company but he'll have to tone down his act and wear a silly costume so Jack tries to persuade him not to do it.
    • 7/18/06
      Trina gets upset that Rodney hasn't enough time for his family lately, while Rodney is left waiting for an important producer from L.A.
    • Waiting for Himmelfarb
      Mr. Himmelfarb, a "big shot Hollywood producer", is scheduled to come and see Rodney's act. When he doesn't show, Barry pretends to be Himmelfarb to play a prank on a rival comedian.
    • Hot Tub Blues
      Episode 19
      Rodney decides to buy a hot tub, and being too proud to ask Barry's help, does his best to built it himself. Meanwhile, Rodney's mother and father drop a bombshell.
    • Tulsa, Fla
      Episode 18
      When Rodney's plan to finally take the family on a many-times-canceled vacation to Florida is spoiled due to Trina's fear of flying, Rodney is determined not to let Jack and Bo down, and wakes them up in a Tulsa hotel suite decorated with Florida-related paraphernalia and tries to trick them into thinking they're in Florida.moreless
    • 9.7
      Rodney meets a fan, and at first he's flattered, until the man gets obsessive and turns into a stalker. Rodney must try to get rid of his biggest fan. Meanwhile, Trina tries to help Bo with his school project.
    • Rodney and Barry head out on a camping trip that becomes an entirely different type of adventure.
    • Celebrity
      Episode 15
      Rodney thinks he's really made it when he's invited to participate in a celebrity golf match, but he gets a lesson in humility when Trina and Charlie are the ones to hobnob.
    • 2/28/06
      Rodney and Trina each suspect the other is having an affair.
    • 2/21/06
      Rodney’s manager, Amy, comes on to him, and when Trina pays her a visit, she discovers that Amy is an equal opportunity woman. Meanwhile, Rodney and Trina decide that it’s time for the boys to start earning an allowance by doing chores, so Trina calls Jack’s bluff when he pawns some of his chores off on a friend.moreless
    • Love is in the Air
      Episode 12
      The Hamilton men are all alone on Valentines Day.
    • 2/7/06
      When Rodney appears on The Bob & Tom Show, an opportunity for Rodney to travel to Afghanistan to perform for the troops presents itself. But a practical joke gone wrong sends him home before he can deliver a single punch line.
    • A Tisket, A Casket
      Episode 10
      After Rodney's father refuses to help pay for the funeral of unpopular Aunt Ruth, Rodney steps up to the plate but has difficulty coming up with anything nice to say.
    • Welcome Ho
      Episode 9
      Rodney returns home from his first standup comedy tour to find that a lot has changed. His wife's got new friends, and his boys have gotten taller and started liking girls.
    • The Sleepover
      The Sleepover
      Episode 8
      Jack and his friend mistakenly get drunk at a sleepover by Rodney and Trina. Meanwhile, Charlie falls for a very unlikely candidate.
    • O Christmas Trees
      Rodney and Trina have a bitter feud over which angel to put on a Christmas tree that her father, Carl, overcharged them for. So when Rodney goes to Carl's office to demand a new, free family tree, he finds that Carl has been living down and out in his office. In the true spirit of Christmas, Rodney decides to make peace with Carl and invites him to live with them until he gets back on his feet.moreless
    • 12/20/05
      Rodney demands a new tree after being overcharged.
    • Rodney Comes Out
      Episode 6
      Rodney gains some perspective on his own sexuality when he makes some new fans at a gay comedy club.
    • Keith
      Episode 5
      Trina's father is forced to lay her off when the car dealership falls on hard times. Rodney and Barry make a plan to bring some extra food home by buying two slabs of beef, but then the Hamiltons end up with an extra mouth to feed.
    • 11/1/05
      Rodney returns home from a gig and is shocked to see someone named Javier stowed away in his truck.
    • Who's the Man?
      Episode 3
      Barry confides in Rodney that he has a condition that he's concerned might make him look less masculine. Meanwhile, Rodney has a man-to-man talk with Jack about puberty and the birds and the bees.
    • 10/11/05
      In this flashback episode, Trina realizes that she and Rodney don't know anything about each other, and she has serious doubts about raising a newborn and sharing her life with him.
    • To Hell and Back
      Episode 1
      Fearing that he's going to go to hell, Rodney takes desperate action to please the man upstairs by mowing the church lawn and filling in for the minister at the teenage Sunday School class.
  • Season 1