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    Not that anyone posts here, but welcome anyway.
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    Hey there! I skim-read. Just never have had time to post.

    Just mentioning I am a huge Rodney fan! my #1 show of all time (Probably. its neck in neck with AT Jim and leading by a nose).

    Just mentioning that. ALso.. Although HIGHLY unlikely.. Waiting for a DVD... A remote possibility would be that Carrington himself got a DVD season sent out.

    Luckily I got recorded VHS copies... BUT>>>>> They are degrading I have watched them WAAAY to much (Well. Too much for the tape). I lsot one tape of 5 shows!!!! Luckily I have 4 of them on other tapes. I am thinking of having tehm recorded to DVD before further deterioration continues...... If That dont work... Well. I am gonna look hard for bootleg copies. (And Complete Savages. According to Jim if no more than 1 season is put out. And 10-8.).

    ANOTHER show cancelled..... WHO..... Picks these shows? Neilson must not truely reflect what people watch..... Rodney was good. As was Jericho (Now back!!)..... We NEED to find a way to get those major TV networks to realize.... I think they either need MORE neilson boxes....... Or ditch it altogether and find something else.

    Sorry for the wandering post.... Venting all my post-cancellation rage here. (Still strong after 1 year)

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