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  • BRING BACK RODNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77 West 66th Street, New York City, New York 10023

    Let's all send in a letter a day and swamp them to bring Rodney back. lets do this until its back on
  • good sitcom which is underated.

    i'm really enjoying Season 1 of the show, i love comedy that Rodney get into and i really like Trina chacter (Rodney wife) she's perfect yet look quirky, i mean she isn't good looking nor bad i would say she's average. i really like how clumsy rodney is which add to the comedy but i need to ask myself, is this guy for real, he quit his job leading to his wife to support him, why couldn't he do this comedy on the weekends.

    i really like Trina sister, she a lazy-good for nothing who has never-grown up, she currently in college yet she too old to be, i am not sure what the writer are going to do with this chacter but we will have wait and see.

    There have been good episoide like 'rodney affair'. i really like his relationship with trina and loved how they always have a fight and make-up at end of the episoide.
  • PLEASE bring back Rodney

    I was so disappointed when Rodney was canceled, that was the FUNNIEST show! PLEASE bring back Rodney, I could use a good laugh.
    PLEASE bring back Rodney,PLEASE bring back Rodney
    PLEASE bring back Rodney,PLEASE bring back Rodney
    PLEASE bring back Rodney,PLEASE bring back Rodney
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    PLEASE bring back Rodney,PLEASE bring back Rodney
    PLEASE bring back Rodney,PLEASE bring back Rodney
  • Yet another GREAT Comedy Show gets bumped off our TV guide to never be seen again after just two seasons. Rodney Carrington in the television show 'Rodney' was a Comedy that brought great laughs weekly to our Family Room TV screen.

    I found the television show 'Rodney' (lead character played by Rodney Carrington) to be a Comedy that caught mine and my husband's attention right away. Some Comedy shows take a while to catch your attention; so, you watch them to see whether or not they do just that. Well, Rodney was a show that didn't need to grow on you. The characters never changed actors which a lot of shows do in their first two seasons. Each show kept your attention and the laughing was continuous through their characters and plots. My husband and I looked forward to the familiar, good humor Rodney, his family and friends would bring to the screen each week.

    This show received five nominations. Some were for 'Best Family Television Series', Rodney's TV children - Oliver Davis and Matthew Josten were nominated for 'Best Supporting Young Actor Awards' just to name a few. However, I was deeply disappointed when the show didn't come back after its second season. Sometimes I wonder who makes these decisions. The show was probably bumped to make room for yet ANOTHER reality show. Like we need more of those types of shows. There are less and less good wholesome funny Comedies anymore. Which, I think, is a TRAGEDY.

    I loved ABC1 in the Uk it had The Geena Davis show and Less than perfect and other funny sitcoms then this Steaming pile of you know what came on the show was just so unfunny. The show is meant to be about a comedian so it should be funny but it isn't its really bad even the comedian jokes are stupid and the laugh track must be fake cause no one would laugh at this. I love sitcoms but can't stand this 1 worst ever sitcom made! As you can see i have nothing to say positive about this show.
  • Why I think they should bring back RODNEY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like this show, it showed that people could think out of the box and get away with it. It showed the redneck but down to earth type of people and stuff that could happen. I started to watch it because I had some of Rodneys CD's and like him, when I saw that he brought that to the show it was great. I would do anything to get that show back on the air. Yeah some shows, show familys going through a rough time, but not as real as they did on this show. The best one, was Rodney & Barry was playing golf and he had to walk into wal-mart naked.
  • Disregard this now.

    Rodney is under rated. The show is hilarious and has great characters like Rodney, Charlie and that dude Rodney hangs out with. It is just about being a stand up comic which is a thing I wanna do so its cool. I also like when he sings since it is always funny like the song about his mom\'s boobs being out. WATCH RODNEY!

    [EDIT: I don't really like the show as much now, so forget about this review]
  • A great refreshing and highly original family sitcom.

    I must admit i didn't expect this show to be this good.
    The stories are as close to real life as they can be in a family comedy, the cast gets along amazingly great, and unlike other shows on tv these days this one is actually funny and entertaining.
    I have never heard of Rodney Carrington's stand up comedy before this show, but after watching him on this show and listening to his 4 albums, no doubt he is the funniest comedian out there. As for the rest of the cast they all just click so great together that it doesn't seem like you're watching a tv show, but talking to your next door neighbours, no script, no cameras, no lights, but just everyday life situations of any common man.
    Well done and congratulations to the cast and crew for making this fantastic show.
  • A great and refreshing new type of tv comedy brought to us by the master of comedy - Rodney Carrington.

    Standup comedian Rodney Carrington stars as Rodney Hamilton, a down-to-earth guy who, with his own heartland intelligence, speaks the truth.

    In the middle of real, everyday America, Rodney's life revolves around two things. His family - wife Trina and their two boys, Jack and Bo and his stand up comedy gigs and trying to make a living out of it.

    Ok can i just say that this show is just unbelieveably fantastic! very original, with real life situations that anyone can find himself in at any moment.i especially like in season1 that they made the situations around the family not having much money and finding different ways to make life fun while struggling to make ends meet,and i think that so many families around the country can associate with that.but what amazes me the most, is how well the cast get along together on the set, i mean you cannot act it that well no matter how good an actor you are.i really hope that Rodney comes back on air, because it is just too great to miss.if abc ever had one great family comedy this was it!
  • funny.

    rodney is a sitcom about a family of 5 living in tulsa. Rodney hamilton stars as rodney and jennifer aspen stars as his wife trina. this is a funny tv show with interesting stories like how rodney and trina named their first son and rodney and his friend barry going on a road trip. in most episodes rodney is following his dream to become a comedian but in others he is just with his family trying to keep their house with his jobs. This show airs (in america) on abc.

    overall: this is a great and really funny tv show that most people will enjoy.
  • cool

    Standup comedian Rodney Carrington stars as Rodney Hamilton, a down-to-earth guy who, with his own heartland intelligence, speaks the truth.

    In the middle of real, everyday America, Rodney\'s life revolves around two things. His family - wife Trina and their two boys, Jack and Bo and his horrible job at a fiberglass plant but he manages to makes time for his longtime friend, Barry, and his man-hungry sister-in-law, Charlie, who often visits the Hamilton house.

    There\'s never time for life to get dull for Rodney. He\'s not afraid to walk into a department store naked on a dare. Not afraid to take credit for flowers someone else sent his wife. Not afraid to get between his fighting boys. Not afraid to tell his wife he\'s ready to make standup comedy his career, okay, he\'s a little afraid of that. One matter they do agree on is the fact that, although they may not have much in the way of material things, they are rich in the love of their family and friends.

    In the meantime, aside from raising a healthy, happy family with the only woman he\'s ever loved, Rodney is going to figure out how to find happiness pursuing his dream while being the best husband and dad he knows how to be.

    \'Rodney\' stars are as follows. Rodney Carrington as Rodney Hamilton, Jennifer Aspen as Trina Hamilton, Amy Pietz as Charlie, Nick Searcy as Barry, Oliver Davis as Jack Hamilton and Matthew Josten as Bo Hamilton.

    Ric Swartzlander is the creator and executive producer of the comedy series. David Himelfarb is the executive producer.
  • rodney carrington on tv

    if you get a chance you should go see one of rodney carrington's live shows. or at least pick up one of his cd's. they may not be as family friendly as his sitcom, but they are hilarious. he is without a doubt one of my all time favorite comedians. i love the songs he sings. the first cd of his i listened to i thought i was going to wet my pants, i laughed so hard.
  • Show\'s Status

    The show\\\'s status is currently in limbo right now. It\\\'s looking like they aren\\\'t going to finish out the season,and this most likely will be the death of the show. Nothing is final yet, just have to wait and see what ABC has planned for it\\\'s fall lineup.


    I love this show but I miss it. If anyone knows what happened to it can you please let me know? PLEASE! I miss it so much. It was such a good show and so true to life. I have looked at every internet site I can think of. Even doesn't say anything. Thhis makes no sense to me. Why do they do this to good shows? Rodney and Trina remind me of me and my hubby. We are a little more normal. (But not much more.) I loved the kids too. They are so sweet. So of anyone has seen or heard ANYTHING please let me know. Or post it here. Thanks.
  • We absolutely love this show.

    We tivo it every time its on. But we have\'nt seen it in a while. Where did it go? We\'re dying to watch it. It\'s great. Finally a show that is actually closer to a normal person\'s life. They deal with money problems and all the stuff a real family deals with.
  • like Rodney show

    I like Rodney whis never go off the air i hope they go to 10th season this is one best show been watching on Tuesday night and Rodeny show is not dum an under rate he is and make me laugh and smile its a funny show just give hope on dvd
  • I've never actually seen this show, but I know Rodney Carrington is tha best comedian ever...

    Even though I've never actually watched this show I still think Rodney Carrington is The Funniest Comedian I've ever heard. I got one of his CDs. The only reason I gave this show a 10 is because its based on Rodney Carrington's stand up comedy. I hope to watch it soon and see if its as funny as every one says it is.
  • Rodney never fails to make me laugh!

    I admit, when Rodney premiered last year I tuned in to see how such a raunchy comedian could be toned down for primetime television. I own several of Rodney Carrington's comedy CDs and I think he's great. So I was really excited to see him get his own show and was pleasantly surprised to see that you can take the raunch out and still have a hilarious show. I tune in every week just because I know I'll have a good laugh before the 30 minutes is up.
  • Completely original.

    Completely original. Very talented cast, including the kids which I find very refreshing. You never know what they are going to do next week! I was at the taping of one of the episodes, and enjoyed it thoroughly! You can tell the cast members really get along well, and that comes across in the finished product.
  • Its about a comedian struggling to make a living with his wife and his 2 kids. Best friends and family also make apearances.

    The show is different them most tv out today. Instead of the reality tv, we have the good old sitcom. Rodney is a hilarious guy (if you've ever seen his stand up) and he brings a new kind of comedy. He constantly is finding himself in new struggles, while trying to support his family. He is a redneck who is barely paying bills. The kids are hilarious and him and the sister in law are a create fued. They have great chemistry. I really think this show could make it in the ratings fight if more people gave it a try. Tune in, Tuesdays at 8:30 on ABC.

    I love Rodney Carrington. At first I was unsure if his brand of stand up would translate to a family-friendly sitcom, but it has BEAUTIFULLY. I love that Rodney is doing as well as it is. Quick witted jabs and one liners, fun family premises and excellent chemistry among the actors. I LOVE THIS SHOW! It's a far cry from the first time I saw "Barry"...
    His first role, as a leather-clad gay dancer at a party in Prince of Tides...that was hitting on Nick Nolte. Thank GOD he's moved up in the world!
  • So Glad to see its back on

    absolutely loved season 1, was so disapointed when it ended. I am so hapy to se that a second season has been given to such a fantastic show. Its so down to earth and so true to life. I really loved the ep where rodney spoke to jack about the teacher that he had a crush on and I hope one day and can explain to things to my son the wayrodney explains to his.
  • Although he'll be spending much of his time in Los Angeles filming his self-titled television show, he plans to still be on the road a lot on the weekends performing live, in true Rodney Carrington "overachiever" fashion.

    Rodney Carrington's unique brand of standup comedy and music has come to television. After over fifteen years of bustin' guts and leaving a trail of dust behind him on his non-stop standup comedy tour across America and five chart-topping CDs (which have collectively sold over a million copies), Carrington has firmly carved out his niche in the history of comedy.
  • This show is about a man struggling to reach his dream and balance both career and family.

    Did someone learn about my life and write a sitcom? This show is so awesome! It\'s my new favorite. I haven\'t been this crazy over a show since Friends. My husband started a business and followed a dream and we have struggled through. It\'s so nice to see a comedy twist on the very same things we go through. I love this show!
  • Rodney is the story of a man trying to balance comedy and his family.

    I think Rodney is an awesome comedy. Not that many people watch it, but they should. Some of these jokes just make me crack up! I think it is good to see how the parents balance their work with their kids because so many people across the country do that. They cast is so good and they are very funny, especially Trina, Carl, Barry, and Rodney. I love the fights between Rodney and Carl because one of them usually has a hilarious pun! I can't wait for season 2!
  • Great laugh!

    Rodney is a great comedy show! Rodney's character (Rodney) is a comedian who needs his big break (which he finally got on the season finale). His wife Trina, works at a bank (until she was let go). Then there's Carl, Trina's Dad who has never thought that Rodney was good enough for his baby girl. Trina's sister, Charlie who can't find a good man.

    Barry is Rodney's best friend & they have a good old time together drinking down at the bar or even hanging sheetrock on the job (lol). Seems like every time Rodney gets himself into some sort of trouble, there is the reverend, which makes it even MORE funny, especially when he ran through Wal-mart nude or the time when the huge statue of Jesus fell on his truck at the church!

    Rodney is a hit comedy & is worth the watch each week!
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