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  • Yet another GREAT Comedy Show gets bumped off our TV guide to never be seen again after just two seasons. Rodney Carrington in the television show 'Rodney' was a Comedy that brought great laughs weekly to our Family Room TV screen.

    I found the television show 'Rodney' (lead character played by Rodney Carrington) to be a Comedy that caught mine and my husband's attention right away. Some Comedy shows take a while to catch your attention; so, you watch them to see whether or not they do just that. Well, Rodney was a show that didn't need to grow on you. The characters never changed actors which a lot of shows do in their first two seasons. Each show kept your attention and the laughing was continuous through their characters and plots. My husband and I looked forward to the familiar, good humor Rodney, his family and friends would bring to the screen each week.

    This show received five nominations. Some were for 'Best Family Television Series', Rodney's TV children - Oliver Davis and Matthew Josten were nominated for 'Best Supporting Young Actor Awards' just to name a few. However, I was deeply disappointed when the show didn't come back after its second season. Sometimes I wonder who makes these decisions. The show was probably bumped to make room for yet ANOTHER reality show. Like we need more of those types of shows. There are less and less good wholesome funny Comedies anymore. Which, I think, is a TRAGEDY.