Roger & The Rottentrolls

ITV (ended 2000)




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Roger & The Rottentrolls

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"Somewhere in England is a very strange valley where the rocks are all slightly mad. A thousand years ago, Merlin was trying to create a ski resort for King Arthur, when he picked up some strange Norweigan trolls in a snow cloud. "Oh, those rotten trolls have messed it all up!", he shouted. From that day on, they waited for their mystical leader whose name they found carved in a rock - "Roger Was Ere". So one day, when Roger Becket from Cowgill stopped at the bottom of the valley and shouted "Roger Was Here" - from that moment on, he was King of the Rottentrolls!" This ITV series follows the adventures of 10 3/4 year old Roger Beckett, and his adventures in Troller's Ghyll as King of the Rottentrolls. Coronated after crashing his bike in the vally, Roger rules over the Rottentrolls, teaching them about things like sport and poletics, and learning a few lessons himself in return. The Characters Roger Beckett The King of the Rottentrolls. A human boy. The Rottentrolls A group of strange, knee high creatures who have awaited the return of their king for hundreds of years, and coronate young Roger. They tend to get things a bit wrong, especially Yockenthwaite . The Narrator Always has an extra insight into the goings on in Troller's Ghyll. Has a tendency to be a bit sarcastic. Barguest A terrible creature that lives in the vally, striking fear into the hearts of trolls! Princess Kate King Roger's little sister, who takes over his royal duties when he can no longer do them. Commander Harris An ex-army mascot sheep who lives in the Vally. An expert on the ancient art of 'Jim-Jam Ya-Ha' (which he is trying to teach Roger), Commander Harris is regularly involved in Roger's adventures, and always has a story from his old army days to tell.moreless