Roger Roger

Season 3 Episode 3

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Aug 10, 2003 on BBC

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  • Great comedy work from a great comedy writer

    This was a real splendid piece of television comedy. I enjoyed the humour and whip-like jokes. I only watched this programme because one of my newest favourite actors has a very small role in it. Mr Ross O'Hennessy plays a small part of a west country policeman, I was impressed to hear him perform accent and very impressed to see him in a police uniform , i think he has real character and has a real x- factor about him...

    The whole programme was funny and a pleasure to watch..I thought the ending was a little abrupt..but again.. I can't complain as Mr Ross O'Hennessy was in the ending to arrest the lead actor....

    as you can see.. I am a real Ross O'Hennessy fan!