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  • Not my favorite from retro Playhouse Disney, but still very good.

    Thought it really isn't as cool as I used to think it was when I was younger, it still is fun for me to watch my recordings of the show that I made every so often.

    Based off of a book by William Joyce, this show follows the adventures of Olie, a robot who lives in a town called "Polieville." Now, although much of the robots in Pollieville are round, such characters like Olie's neighbor, Billy, and his teacher, Ms. Triangle are of different shapes, Billy being a square shape and Ms. Triange's kind of obvious, right?

    Olie lives with his mom, dad, little sister, Zowie, grandfather, Pappy (well, he just visits a lot), and his dog, Spot.

    Olie's mom has a unique laugh which is quite high pitched. Of course, she loves her kids. She can sometimes be seen teaching them lifelong lessons.

    Olie's dad is a mechanical expert. He can often be found in the garage working with his many tools. Olie looks up to his dad, and in one episode (Just Like Dad), he acts just like him, or at least tries to.

    Zowie is Olie's younger sister. She loves to giggle, as any girl her age would. She looks up to her big brother, Olie, and often tags around with him when he's doing stuff.

    Pappy is distinctly different from the rest of the robots when it comes to the way he looks. Though he looks like an old, rusty robot, he is still in quite good shape. He likes to play with his grandchildren a lot.

    Spot is a goofy sort of dog. While he isn't usually a scene stealer, unlike Snoopy from Peanuts, he still has an episode every now and then that centers around him. For example, in "Dicey Situation," he learns to like Billy's cat.

    Billy Bevil is Olie's best friend. He often hangs out with him and plays games like 'Pirates.' He is a good friend to Olie, as one would expect.

    There are many more characters in this show that I could go over, but there is a lot more to go over in this review.

    William Joyce, a fan of old cartoons made a really interesting decision. Just about everything in the Polies' house is alive. From the beds to the TV, from the fridge (Chilly) to the house itself, everything is alive like you can often see in old 1930's cartoons. That, actually, was William Joyce's inspiration for this. And that really was a smart decision. It's one of the many things that keeps me interested in this show.

    The music is also very lively. It can be very enjoyable, but when it's overused, it can sometimes, although very rarely, get on my nerves, but I'm cool with that.

    There's really only one episode that I can remember truly not liking. Other than that, the episodes are usually good. So you pretty much don't have to worry about anything like a "stupid" episode.

    Overall, while this show has grown a little old and seems mildly childish for me, I still enjoy watching it sometimes from time to time and bringing back memories. And you, if you saw it when it was still on and have any episodes, can do the same thing, too.

    Final show grade: B+