Rolie Polie Olie

Disney Channel (ended 2007)


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  • Exactly what a preschool show is supposed to be. Forget copying Dora, copy this...

    I remember this show from my childhood, and trust me-it was the only show I really adored. The CGI looks great, not like the shabby crap on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The morals aren't hammered into the ground, and if they have to resort to using fourth wall breaking, they don't use it to kill the audience. In fact, they reject the entire idea entirely and stick to the original form. I suggest instead of copying something as incredibly annoying as Dora, you should be copying this show, or PBJ Otter. Face it, this show is adorable, less annoying, the character design is cute and calming, the voices don't tear up your eardrums...all in all, this show is awesome. You'll almost wish you were in Olie's town, as I did when I was littler. The dad actually doesn't sound dumb...