Rolie Polie Olie - Season 5

Disney Channel (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Chunk Sings the Blues / Cast Off / Orb's Well That Ends Well
  • Blind as a Bot / Beauty and the Bot / Olie's Bot-ler
  • Baby Bot Chase
    Baby Bot Chase
    Episode 10
    Baby bots escape and Olie must get them back.
  • Widget Watchers / Shippin' and Receivin' / The Bestest Field Trip of All
  • Ten Foot Olie / The Big Drip / Invasion of the Ticklers!
    Ten Foot Olie:
    Olie grows to ten feet tall.

    The Big Drip:
    An annoying drip is waking up the family.

    Invasion of the Ticklers!:
    Ticklers invade Olie's world.
  • Tug-A-Wheelie / Always Chasing Rainbows / Follow Yer Nose
    Coming soon!

    Always Chasing Rainbows:
    Coming soon!

    Follow Yer Nose:
    Coming soon!
  • Dare Ya! / Round Beard's Ghost / Screwy Day
    Dare Ya!:
    Screwy is daring Olie and Billy to do things they are afraid to do.

    Round Beard's Ghost:
    Olie is looking for Round Beard's ghost.

    Screwy Day:
    Screwy is bullying Billy because he can't tumble.
  • Madame Bot-erfly / Boxing Day / It's Just Not Fair
    Madame Bot-erfly:
    A polka dotted butterfly leads Olie and Zowie to some lost treasures belonging to Dad, Gizmo and Pappy. They soon find that not all lost treasures are truly lost.

    Boxing Day:
    Polly and Olie believe that Billy is moving. He's got all the boxes needed, and he has too little time to play, but he also has a big surprise.

    It's Just Not Fair:
    Billy decides that it's not fair that he is not allowed to skate in the house. In fact, a lot of things are unfair, and he's not going to put up with it anymore!moreless
  • Bots Will Be Boys / Screwy / Good Princess Zowie
    Bots Will Be Boys:
    Percy and Gizmo compete against each other to see who can do repairs on Pappy's farm the fastest. In their haste, their work turns out to be less than desirable.

    Olie and Billy meet the new kid in school named Screwy. He's rude, crude, obnoxious, over-bearing, and lonely.

    Good Princess Zowie:
    Olie, Billy, Polly and Zowie are playing the King of Everything game. Zowie wants the King of Everything crown, but doesn't know how to get it.moreless
  • Dino Bots / A Couple of Good Sports / Pappy's Pals
    Dino Bots:
    Olie and Polly search for dino bots with Pappy.

    A Couple of Good Sports:
    Olie and Billy are being good sports to their mates.

    Pappy's Pals:
    Pappy invites some of his friends over.
  • Making the Best of It / Superest Bot of Them All / Oh Olie, Olie It's a Wired World
    Making the Best of It:
    Big Squeak and Little Squeak invite Olie and his dad to their planet for a picnic. But the two of them seem either too big or too small compared to each other to do certain things.

    Superest Bot of Them All:
    Olie, Billy, and Polly compete to be the superest bot of them all, each displaying his or her own powers. However, soon they have to really use them.

    Oh Olie, Olie It's a Wired World:
    Olie is exploring.moreless
  • A Little Hero / Binky's Birthday / Hiding in Plain Sight
    A Little Hero:
    Zowie tries to be a hero.

    Binky's Birthday:
    It's Binky's birthday!

    Hiding in Plain Sight:
    Olie is hiding from Zowie in plain view.
  • The Great Defender Of Fun
    It's little sister Zowie's birthday and everybody's gearing up for the party. But there's a storm cloud overhead: space pirate Gloomius Maximus (Voiced By James Woods) is out to plunder all the happiness out of the whole galaxy. Feature Running Time:Approx. 75 Minutes.