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  • Season 1
    • The Do Right Module
      The Do Right Module
      Episode 110
      Mayor Aria believes a new era in law and order is dawning and orders the Kei'zatsu to install a new chip called the Do Right Module. Spin soon discovers the chips cause more problems than they solve when he can't make himself break the speed limit to catch bad guys anymore! Thankfully for Flip City, our quick witted hero finds a new way to "spin" into action and save the day.moreless
    • Scorched
      Episode 104
      Pounder asks Penny to further Spin's training; finally he's given the opportunity to suit up with a badge and siren! While Spin is learning the dos and don'ts of Kei'zatsu gear, Vertex's minions attack the FCPD using a new weapon that freezes bots in mid transformation; the city is left defenseless! Spin and Penny have to work together to stop the bad guys and unfreeze their friends before they get stuck too.moreless
    • Paradigm Shift Part 2
      With the final artifact finally in Vertex's reach, it's up to Spin, Penny and the rest of the FCPD to stop the city from falling. But while the Kei'zatsu struggle to defeat Vett without Pounder's leadership, Spin goes straight to the source to put an end to his troubles once and for all! Spin also discovers his tribe's name and information about his past.moreless
    • Paradigm Shift Part 1
      Vertex and Vett launch a major assault on the FCPD to claim the last artifact and take over the city. Meanwhile, Spin works to uncover the truth about his past and to figure out what Vertex's plan is.
    • Prophecies and Guesstimates
      When Vett attacks the stadium to steal another artifact, it puts the FCPD on the defensive while trying to keep the public calm. Meanwhile, Spin looks for answers about Vertex's past, and ends up with even more about himself when the Zogensha get involved.
    • Vett
      Episode 23
      Vertex's old ally Vett shows up in Flip City ready to mix things up, giving the FCPD more trouble than they can handle. Meanwhile, Spin fights against his own predicament to break free and save the city from certain doom!
    • Ajax
      Episode 22
      The city gets a glimpse of its newest transportation system when the Ajax trax are unveiled. However, when Phaze gets involved, things get complicated quickly.
    • The Broken
      The Broken
      Episode 21
      A new maintenance robot built by the Tensai threatens to make life extremely hard for various tribes around town. When it's hijacked by Vertex's henchmen, things get tricky for Spin and the FCPD too!
    • The Cathedral
      The Cathedral
      Episode 20
      Botch launches his own attack on the Zogensha, trying to steal another artifact before Vertex can claim it. When Spin follows him in, he discovers the ancient rule forbidding Kei'zatsu inside the Cathedral is still very much in force!
    • The Bazaar
      The Bazaar
      Episode 19
      All of Flip City is at the Koppa Festival, including Penny and Lance, which means Spin and Tinny are forced to stay behind and run the board at the FCPD. When Vertex attacks the festival with a weapon that shifts bots into another dimension, it's up to Spin to save the day before Manx can steal another artifact!moreless
    • The Pirate Bay
      The Pirate Bay
      Episode 18
      The infamous pirate Tamaki bursts back onto the scene, and it's clear she wants to do more than just throw the city into chaos. When Tinny is kidnapped, Spin has to work twice as hard to save his friend and keep the pirates from laying waste to Anakata Tower!
    • Inferno
      Episode 17
      Tensions between the Kei'zatsu and Zoboshi tribes are complicated when Spin gets in the way of Chief Cable's bots. Things really heat up when Vertex sends his henchbots out to blast Flip City with fire!
    • The Whole Truth
      The Whole Truth
      Episode 16
      It's race time as the city prepares for the Flip City Grand Prix! Unfortunately for Spin, Kei'zatsu can't participate! But being stuck on guard duty isn't as boring as it sounds when the racetrack is threatened and he and Pounder have to find out how to save the day before the racers cross the finish line!moreless
    • 09:F9:11
      Episode 15
      Spin's mysterious comm messages become a matter of public safety when it appears he may be causing Flip City to tear itself apart in a series of time-bomb disasters. Can Penny help him figure out the cause of the malfunction before it's too late?
    • Teacher's Pet
      Teacher's Pet
      Episode 14
      When Tinny accidentally lets his teacher's robo-dog eat a special invisibility botmod, it draws the attention of Vertex, who plans to steal the device to make himself all-powerful.
    • Nonlinear
      Episode 13
      The grand opening of Octo's newest masterpiece is interrupted when Vertex sends his henchbots to steal a medallion from the top of City Hall.
    • Goooooal!
      Episode 12
      Botball's biggest star, Roboto, is abducted by Manx and his evil henchmen in the middle of the championship match.
    • #044
      Episode 11
      Spin and Lance's boring guard duty of a construction site turns interesting when the Zurasho workers go crazy and lure them into a booby-trapped house!
    • Do The Right Module
      Mayor Aria's new modchip causes problems for the FCPD when Spin and Penny discover they prevent them from doing their jobs!
    • Two Left Feet
      Two Left Feet
      Episode 9
      Spin discovers a Hai'bu named Oddball walking in circles, and quickly becomes involved in a bizarre plot to steal the limbs from random bots around the city.
    • Crontab Trouble
      Crontab Trouble
      Episode 8
      Spin is stuck reliving a pocket of history when an experimental botmod called the Crontab is unleashed by Vertex.
    • House Call
      House Call
      Episode 7
      When Spin suffers a sudden burst of uncontrollable speed, he's rushed to the Hub to be checked out by Koto. Meanwhile, Vertex plans to harness Spin's new powers for his own purposes.
    • Inside Outside Upside Down
      Vertex frees Manx's old nemesis Phaze from prison and forces them to work together to take over Pengi Park... and only Spin and Tinny are able to stop them!
    • The Koto Protocol
      When Lance gets smashed into Safe Mode by the henchbots, his only hope is a full repair at the Hub... but as Spin realizes, something in Penny's past may stand in the way of saving Lance's circuits!
    • Scorched
      Episode 4
      Things around Flip City get crazy when Vertex's goons use a special botmod to freeze the Kei'zatsu in mid-transformation, letting criminals overrun the city!
    • Wipeout
      Episode 3
      Spin and Tinny end up trapped on the Safety Net with Manx while trying to deliver a mysterious package to the mayor. Their only way out is to work together!
    • Breakpoint
      Episode 2
      When Captain Pounder and the Kei'zatsu fall prey to a trap set by Manx and the henchbots, it's up to Spin to save the day.
    • Training Day
      Training Day
      Episode 1
      Enter the world of Flip City, where Spin and the rest of the Flip City Police Department must deal with a bank robbery on Spin's first day on the job.