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  • What wasn't there to like about RollerJam!

    Back in the '80s professional wrestling was all about fun. We had American Gladiators in the early '90s, which gave us back some fun. Then there was WSL RollerJam.

    RollerJam was a bit of WWF (now WWE) and a bit of American Gladiators all rolled up into one. In fact, one of the members of the New York Enforcers was once an American Gladiator.

    The show was literally "hell on wheels", only these wheels were on in-line skates.

    Between all the action on the banked track and the personalities of the skaters, this was one show you didn't want to miss. It had everything. Heroes, villains, hot guys, sexy ladies, and don't forget Lee "Hawk" Reherman giving you all the play-by-play.

    The roller derby is still around; maybe someday it will come back to television and give us the fun we're missing.
  • Awesome, Rough, Violent, Fun, Sexy, Fierce, Caliente, Hott Sport!!!

    Man in Jan 1999 When i first saw Roller Jam i said to myself "What the f*** is this? This sport is Awesome then...i saw Heather Gunnin taunting Megan Mobley and Debbie Rice i said to myself "I love this girl" Thats the reason why i kept watching Rollerjam i wanted to see more of this Heather Gunnin. The bad girl of Skating, Heather the gun Gunnin, The Trashtalker, Leather The best and fastest Jammer on the whole WSL. The Enforcers, Quakes, Riots and Hotdice where my favorite Teams. I wish i can see Roller jam Again i wish they would bring it back that would be Awesome. And something that would be great too is if they brought the Awesome, Rough, Violent, Fun, Sexy, Fierce, Caliente, Hott Sport in DVD!!!

    Bambi from CT