Roman Holidays

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Father Of The Year
      Father Of The Year
      Episode 13
      Gus and Mr. Evictus compete for Father Of The Year. If Gus wins Mr. Evictus will kick the Holidays out of their apartment.
    • Cyrano De Happius
      Cyrano De Happius
      Episode 12

      Tremulus is shy around girls and Happius lends a hand to match him up to a cheerleader he has been oogling.

    • Buried Treasure
      Buried Treasure
      Episode 11

      Gus finds a treasure map hidden under a drawer in some furniture Laurie found in a garage sale.

    • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Chariot
    • Double Dilemma
      Double Dilemma
      Episode 9
      Precocia takes up playing the drum, which drives the family crazy. Gus decides to head over to the bowling alley for some peace & quiet.

      At the bowling alley, his co-workers are impressed that he's a great bowler. Mr. Tycoonius wants him on the company bowling team for the big tournament Saturday night.

      However, Precocia has a musical recital that same night as the bowling tournament.

      So Gus tries to attend both functions, with Happy & Brutus carrying him back & forth to both events, while Mr. Evictus chases them along the way!moreless
    • That's Show Biz
      That's Show Biz
      Episode 8
    • Switch Is Which
      Switch Is Which
      Episode 7

      Gus spends the entire night working on blueprints for a new branch of the Roman bank.  When he's too tired to meet with an important client to deliver the plans, Laurie attempts to take his place to save his job.

    • Hectic Holiday
      Hectic Holiday
      Episode 6

      It's a national holiday and Gus, complaining of the expense of a vacation, falls for a house swapping scam

    • The Big Split Up
      The Big Split Up
      Episode 5

      Brutus is romancing a lion at the zoo and Precocia tries to help by calling the zookeeper to set up a date. Groovia overhears the phone call and thinks the date is for Hap.

    • Hero Sandwich
      Hero Sandwich
      Episode 4
    • Star For A Day
      Star For A Day
      Episode 3

      Happy (who had a cold) invites Groovia to catch "The Davey Cassius Show". Happy doesn't think he's that hot, but Groovia, Brutus & Precosia like that Roman idol. Augustus comes home telling the family that he's got tickets for the upcoming Davey Cassius concert! The family goes to the stadium for the concert, but Happy decides to pass on going to the concert since he still has a cold. He & Brutus were heading back to the chariot until some girls screamed & chased him all over the arena. They duck into a dressing room to find that Davey Cassius looks exactly like Happy Holiday (without the black wig). Davey tells his manager that he's going on a vacation & wants Happy to cover for him. The manager thought it's a great idea until Happy told him he couldn't sing. So @ the concert, the manager plays a phonograph of Davey's singing while Happy pulls a Milli Vanilli, faking the performance. Davey is spotted by the family (who think he's Happy) & has him come home with them. Davey pretends to go along with the charade. Meanwhile, Happy didn't like being in Davey's sandals with the photo sessions, autograph signings & performances. So he & Brutus leave his manager. When they arrive back home, the family was confused to find two Happys until the real Davey Cassius confessed the whole charade (to the delight of the girls). And on The Davey Cassius Show, they see the manager dressed in rock star gear

    • The Lion's Share
      The Lion's Share
      Episode 2

      Brutus runs away from home and gets captured by the local pound.

    • Double Date
      Double Date
      Episode 1

      The Holidays are threatened with eviction by Mr. Evictus unless they can find a date for his daughter Snobia for the upcoming prom.