Romantically Challenged

Season 1 Episode 1

Don't Be Yourself

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2010 on ABC

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  • Rebecca finds out her ex-husband of five months is getting married so she goes on a first date since her marriage. Taking bad advice she lies messing up her chances with this first date. Perry dates a gorgeous freak who really throws him for a loop.

    This was obviously not the first episode planned originally. Some interesting dynamics involved with this show. First of all. How can you have a show starring Alyssa Milano that is mediocre at best? Is it the writing? Yes, for the most part. Is it the characterization. Yes, somewhat.

    Perry, Rebecca's best friend says things like "you're three of my favorite Disney princesses rolled into one" and then he goes out with a gorgeous girl who likes him and he likes her, but she is into some semi-kinky stuff. He's unbelievably nice and can't adjust even though he likes the girl. Is he gay Maybe... Sorry, but this is a very strange occurrence and not believable at all. The one funny thing that happens is when she yells out "let your roommate come in" when Perry refuses to give in to her wishes!

    As far as Rebecca goes, she freaks out for no reason and has she looked at herself in the mirror lately? She thinks someone is going to dump her for being a tough attorney and having a fifteen year old son. Again, not believable. So in summation we have four OK characters that don't really even dabble in reality. I won't even go into the writing thing! Lisa seems the only sane one of the bunch and that's because other than trying to help her sister and Perry she was pretty normal. Whatever that is? Matter of fact she seems pretty cool overall.

    We'll see how things go as they have ordered thirteen episodes of this show and it will run for at least the next three months. The pieces are there, but will it deliver? Thanks for reading...