Romantically Challenged

Season 1 Episode 3

Perry & Rebecca's High School Reunion

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 03, 2010 on ABC

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    The pilot was good, the second episode was a letdown, and tonight's episode was good. So far Romantically Challenged has been pretty good over all, but the real challenge (see what I did there?) will be getting enough viewers to see a second season.

    "I was amazing." Shawn is already funnier than Barney Stinson (these days at least) and is the best player on Monday nights right now. His pursuit of The Hockey Channel (clearly a take on the Versus/DirecTV issue from this year) was great. We all knew how it would end, but the fun is not always in the ending.

    This was one of the better Kyle Bornheimer performances so far as Perry as well. Bornheimer was great as the lead on Worst Week, but I was a bit worried if the transition to second fiddle would hurt him, and so far it hasn't.

    If you like How I Met Your Mother, give this show a try. Despite what the critics may say, this is a decent show.