Romantically Challenged

Season 1 Episode 4

Rebecca's One Night Stand

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 17, 2010 on ABC
Rebecca's One Night Stand
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Rebecca has her first one night stand with Leo, but complicates things when she calls him the next morning. Her sister Lisa will have to help her get rid of Leo. Perry decides to take a break from work but this only irritates his unemployed roommate Shawn.moreless

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    In what very well could be the last episode to air for this show, Romantically Challenged did little to convince me that ABC executives made a mistake in canceling the show. I feel bad because this is a good cast, but the program is just too keen to the idea of replicating Friends' success by simply replicating Friends. Shows need to evolve over time to grow, and do you think if this show got a second season it would be any different? I doubt it.

    Romantically Challenged had some promise, but I don't think I will miss this show too much.moreless
  • It can only get better...

    I really wanted to like this pilot, I really did. I am a massive fan of Alyssa Milano – she's incredibly beautiful, as well as a very down to earth person, with some great comedic timing. So colour me confused when this pilot, advertised as an Alyssa centric comedy, allowed very little time for the star. She's a single mother, but you'd hardly know it (her son has a bit-part at best). There's not enough here to introduce us into her life. What we do get, though, is far too much information on all of their sex lives. Can we get to know these characters first before we learn about their preferred sexual positions…or in this case, their partners' entirely un-funny, oh-so-hilarious S&M situations.

    It's not just the lack of Alyssa. This ensemble piece does nothing to differentiate these characters from one another. They're all equally sitcom-y witty. They are all sexually driven to the point of overkill. The puerile script does nothing to help matters. If it's not sex they're worrying about, then it's sex talk…and more sex. It feels like a sit-com from the early 90s, trying to be funny by attempting to be racy. It's just not working. This is 2010, people, I'd like to we've evolved beyond forced sex jokes.

    This is Friends meets HIMYM meets Big Bang Theory…without any of the funny. Lisa is portrayed as a kind of Lilly-esq-Monica Gellar type (she's tough and happens to be a kindergarten teacher), without any of the charm. I thought Perry was gay…but it turns out he's kind of a Ross Gellar-y type, with Monica's penchant for cooking. Admittedly, he gets the best storyline, but that's not saying much. Shawn, meanwhile, is the Chandler Bing of the group ('big kid'), only he's a bit of jerk. (Ok, he's a total jerk.) Rebecca (played competently by Milano) is…well…not given enough screen time to make an all round impression. A few keywords do come to mind: desperate, ditzy, and self-effacing (she also feels like a guest-star).

    Overall, it's definitely a limp pilot. While the cast tackle the script with some gusto, there's very little here to latch onto. There's nothing in this pilot to invite us into these 30-somethings lives (unless you wanna listen to seemingly endless discussions of sex). I'll give this 4 episodes to see if things will improve (I didn't fall for HIMYM straight away). Disappointing, to say the least.moreless

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