Romantically Challenged

ABC (ended 2010)


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    cant believe ABC has cancelled this show! its great! never fails to make me laugh. the cast is just amazing, so talented and they all put so much effort into there work. im really sad there isnt going to be a season 2 of the show, it deserved a season 2. ABC dont know what there missing!!? Alyssa Milano, Kelly Stables, Josh Law and Kyle Bornheimer! you cant go wrong with a cast like that!! and we cant forget Ricky Blitt the wonderful creator of Romantically Challenged he's such a brilliant and creative writer. im so sad to hear that the show is no more :/ i love Ramantically Challenged.
  • Has potential, but is missing something...

    After watching 2 episodes, my forecast for this show is not good. My problem is with the characters. The episode plots themselves aren't terrible and would be great if the actors were given a chance to show more depth and personality. The show seems centered on Alyssa Milano's character Rebecca, a newly divorced mom. With her character being a divorcee, her son is rarely present. You'd think having a teenaged son, she would be ever-present in his life. I can't even sum up a word to describle her personality and as for her presence, she's just there. I also can't even say she's 2-dimensional because she has no dimension at all. Her character is outshined by the younger sister, Lisa. Her character has potential and is interesting. She's the elementary school teacher with a kinky side. She's comical at the right moments. She's the only character I can say needs no adjustment. As for the other characters, Shawn, the ladies man is a great idea, but I find his dialogue flimsy and his character not entirely convincing. A ladies man would be much more suave and charming. Perry, the unexperienced and uptight friend is so boring he could put you to sleep. Heighten the traits he's supposed to be all about! Add little shocks that are out of character! (Like nice Perry who likes to get even and NOT in a nice way.) These are just some of the examples of what this show is missing most: personality! If the writers could incorporate more personality into their characters, I'm sure the actors would play them off well. Give the actors a chance to show what they can do!!!
  • Uninspired

    the first reaction was: bleh :P. the most annoying thing is probably the laugh track ( waaaaay overused ). The whole episosed felt uninspired ( hence the title ), unoriginal ( a group of friends who hang out at a bar? really? to pull that one off you got to have a very talented cast). I'm sorry but I didn't like any of the actors, especially Alyssa Milano ( frankly I was expecting a bit more from her, being hot is not enough), the guy from Worst week ? thumbs down ( I never watched that show, but if the general acting was on par with his I can understand why it was canceled). Sorry ABC, looks like you missed with this one.
  • The problem with sitcoms is people don't give them the chance they deserve. This show has huge potential ...

    I watched this show for the pure fact I'm a fan of Alyssa Milano - but I have to say I didn't really have high hopes but I am extremely surprised. This show is really funny, it makes me laugh just as much as Friends or Will & Grace ever did.

    The show is fast, witty and original. I think Alyssa needs the season to grow into her character - I really hope she gets the chance. This kind of show is like Cougar Town ... it needs time to find its feet so to speak.

    I'm really looking forward to next week and I do hope the show gets the viewers it deserves!