Season 2 Episode 9

Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus (No God Can Stop a Hungry Man)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on HBO
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Fresh hostilities break out between Octavian and Mark Antony when Rome's grain supply is threatened.

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  • Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus (No God Can Stop a Hungry Man)

    No God Can Stop a Hungry Man was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Rome and I enjoyed watching as Atia and Octavia go to Egypt where Mark Antony and Cleopatra are hitting the pipe heavily. It was cool to see Titus Pullo see his old friend Vorenus and to see what the children of Vorenus were up to currently. Octavian seems to have chosen his wife well as she seems to have her way with him! It was nice though sad for Pullo to find out the truth about his wife and child. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Well, what a series. I am awaiting the final episode with baited breath. Yet more gruesome violence and, well, sex continues as expected. This is just a fantastic show, ok the storyline is not accurate to history but it is great neverthelessmoreless

    Well, what a series. I am awaiting the final episode with baited breath. Yet more gruesome violence and, well, sex continues as expected. This is just a fantastic show, ok the storyline is not accurate to history (apparently!) but it is great nevertheless. The acting is great (and I think they are all british which is also a bit of a a surprise that they are ALL so good). The sets are not perfect but more than good enough for me, plot is good, diction is good and Italian accents are, well, absent!

    Of course the tongue-in-cheeck english colloquialisms make this great for a british audience but apparently it's gone down well in the states too.

    along with early sopranos (well i guess Rome is a VERY EARLY sopranos really) and BSG, Arested Development and a few very select others this one is up there. If you read this series review and haven't seen the series then get them...providing you don't mind blood gore and naked bodies that is.

    Fantastic....roll on an equally unhistorically accurate series 3!moreless
  • The time gap provided some problems, but it was an overall okay episode.

    Some part of this episode were really great, others suffered from the long time gap between this episode and the previous.

    I get that they had to make a leap in time, in order to cover all the events they want to cover in this season... And for the most part it was done smoothly... But the number of things that had happened since the last episode were a bit disrupting. Like Antony and Cleopatra falling in love, and having the twins, who by the way look too old considering the age Caesarion appears to be. Or the birth of Octavia's daughter. With the big "who's the father" thing in the end of the last episode, it was a bit odd that they didn't bother to adress it in this one. Antonia also looked like she was younger than the twins, even though she was born before them. The relationship between Pullo and Gaia also seemed kind of out of place. When we last saw Pullo he was still mourning Eirene, now he was happy with someone else. It makes sense since several years have passed by, but as aa viewer it seems like he's changed an awful lot in the week that's passed since the last episode aired. Though while we're on the subject of years passing, how come Vorena the Younger and Lucius refuse to age? Vorena the Younger was like six or seven when Caesarion was born, Caesarion is now like eight or nine, which means Vorena should be in her mid-teens. Yet she's still a pre-teen. Get a new actress already!

    It finally seems like Pullo and Vorenus will be getting to actually do something, at least. In season one they were like Roman Forrest Gumps, always present for (or the cause of) the important events in Caesar's last years and the fall of the republic. In this season their storylines have been boring, quite frankly, and they have interacted very little with the patricians.

    I loved the scene where Caesarion and Vorenus talk about Caesarion's father. Caesarion thinks they're talking about Caesar, Vorenus is actually talking about Pullo. We really don't get enough scenes where Vorenus shows how much he appreciates his friend. It is kind of interesting how Vorenus left his children in Pullo's care, and now he's in Egypt baby-sitting Pullo's son. Either way, I liked the scenes between Vorenus and the child, they were kind of sweet and we got to see the gentle side of Vorenus again.

    Antony and Cleopatra was a disappointment however. They didn't really do much with their scenes, they pretty much just smoked opium and had "attack foreplay".

    One couple I do like is Posca and Iocasta. They are really sweet together, and even though I don't exactly sense LOVE they seem to make each other happy. Was Iocasta pregnant in this episode, or did they just manage to make it look like she was?

    The next episode should be a good one... I've been predicting that Octavian will find out that Pullo is probably Caesarion's father, and order him to kill the boy, but Vorenus will end up doing it in Pullo's place. Now I'm beginning to wonder if it might not end with Vorenus fleeing with Caesarion. A lot of fans seem to think season two will end with Vorenus' death, but I don't understand where that idea has come from. Right now I'm kind of wondering if it won't end with Pullo dying. I hope both of them will survive. Next week we'll see...moreless
  • an excellent and well done tragedy. this is an episode where everyone loses something. the strengths and weaknesses of the characters is masterfully portrayed.

    Octavian struggles to not show emotion, knowing the hurt he must cause Atia and Octavia. And then such bitter contrast when his wife must nearly strangle him for him to achieve climax. But where Octavian is known for being heartless, it is Livia who shows the true lack of emotion when she questions him afterwards while he still gasps for air...

    Vorenius dreams of his dead wife only to wake to a pissed off 'gyptian whore he had for the night. And his children still hate him...

    When Atia and Octavia arive in Alexandria, it is so beautiful and yet painful: they hate it, it is hot, they are thirsty, and to their utter horror, they aren't even allowed inside. Pullo is ordered to accompany Octavian to battle knowing that he'll be on the opposite side from his best friend Vorenius. And then he finally learns the truth about how his wife died...

    We see a terrified slave die simply for the amusement of Cleopatra.

    Ceasarion is a right brat of a royal kid, abusing the courts advisor, but at least he doesn't whine when Vorenius gives hime back in kind. It's almost funny when he insists on knowing more about his father from him, given that Vorenius is the only one who knows who his real father is. And then he's condemned to death by Octavian just because everyone thinks he's the son of Caesar...

    And throughout, the people of Rome suffer from a simple shortage of food, thanks to the ambitious, proud and besotted Antony.moreless
  • I really like this show, and this episode sets the stage for what should be a great series finale.

    Hello, and here we are with the next to last episode before the series finale, hard to believe yet here we are. Once again we get a leap forward in time from last week’s episode to this episode, so it would appear that several years have gone by and things are where we left them for the most part, but with some important changes. We have Marc Antony in Egypt with Cleopatra, and some children of his own now since he’s been in Egypt. Vorenus is still in Egypt with Marc Antony, and as loyal as ever. Antony and Cleopatra are undoubtedly enjoying themselves, and though Cleopatra may be having her fun with Marc Antony one important dynamic now stands out in their relationship and that is Cleopatra seems to have sway over Antony’s decision making as asserts herself at will. Rome is under duress due to a shortage of grain from Antony, and has sent emissary’s to bargain with him. Antony asks triple the price for the grain, at Cleopatra’s demand, and control of Carthage handed over to Antony for annexation under his rule. While the emissaries are willing to pay triple, and looks to deal on Carthage, Antony makes one more demand and that is for Spain. Emissaries flatly refuse Spain, and thus the deal is off which is what Antony really wants. His purpose is to provoke Octavian too war, and that Octavian be the one to start it. Antony surmises that his own popularity with The Roman citizens would allow him be seen as a savior of the people if Octavian were to go to war with him. Therefore he attempts to set the stage for his triumphant return to Rome as the hero of the people, but as always Antony underestimates Octavian and as history would prove to his end. Unfortunately as well for Antony he’s given himself over to the Egyptian lifestyle and to Cleopatra’s suggestions. Vorenus for his part is found with Caesars son playing catch with him and attempting to answer the boy’s questions about his father as a person, and not just what history says about him. Vorenus attempts to give him a little insight about his father. Back in Rome we find the people in mass for more food supply’s, and rally about demanding more. Pullo is now head of the Aventide, as well as caretaker and surrogate father to Vorenus’s children as well as in a relationship with Gaia, the woman who secretly poisoned his wife causing the death of her and their unborn child. Pullo addresses the crowd and calms them down for the time being. Octavian solicits his mother Atia, and his sister Octavia who is the wife of Marc Antony, to go to Egypt and attempt to negotiate in the grain matter. Atia of course still angered at Octavian makes demands for her services so she wants money and villas for her and Octavia. Octavian agrees of course as he knows that sending them will work in his favor either by Marc Antony accepting them and thus sending the grain or by Antony publicly turning away his wife, and mother of his child Octavia. Thus in doing so would be seen as despicable among the Roman people thereby turning the support of the people in favor of Octavian. Octavian’s wife shows herself to be quite perceptive in her husband’s plans as she relays in private to him her understanding of the matter and speculating correctly on his tactics. Needless to say Octavia and Atia’s trip would prove to be even more fruitful then what Octavian could have hoped for. Antony has Atia, and Octavia sent away without seeing them thus publicly disgracing his wife, and privately breaking Atia’s heart thereby turning her completely against Antony. Sailing back with Atia and Antony is none other then Posca, aid to Antony, and his wife Jocasta. Vorenus caught them leaving and was kind enough to permit them to leave without informing Antony, but when asked too leave with them Vorenus refused to go back. Posca carried with him the authentic will of Marc Antony that would seal his fate with Roman citizenry and cause his fall from a place of great honor. His act of publicly humiliating his wife and mother of his child Octavia by turning her away was one thing, but his will was a whole list of things that the Roman citizens wouldn’t stand for, and Octavian has this will made public information as it was declared to the people thus destroying Antony’s reputation. Antony wants to be buried in Alexandria, he has declared Cleopatra his wife and that they are living gods Isis & Osiris. He further claims The Eastern Provinces left to his and Cleopatra’s children, as well as Rome and The West left to her son by Caeser. Therefore he is looked upon as promising the Egyptian Queen dominion of Rome as she, Cleopatra, is publicly declared as a sorceress as well. He was further declared as a worshiper of dog, and reptiles thus implying that Antony worships the Egyptian gods, and this being viewed disgraceful to the Romans to worship foreign gods. Also declared to the people was Antony darkening his eyes with soot like a prostitute, which again is implied by the boos of the crowd as unseemly for a Roman to do, let alone a dignitary of Rome. It was further stated that he partake in the what was referred to as Nilotic Rites by dancing, and playing symbols as this was viewed gauging the reaction of the people as unacceptable behavior. This allowed Octavian to go to the Senate and declare Marc Antony as having abandoned not only his wife and child but his country as well. That his behavior is unexplainable as if he’d been bewitched or gone mad, and that he no longer is viewed as a Roman but an Egyptian. Octavian declared that as hard as it may be to accept these things and though they may weep for Marc Antony that they must do their duty to fight him, and destroy him. Thus Octavian receives a thunderous applause of approval from The Senate, as he’d gained approval from the people, and therefore has outmaneuvered Marc Antony thus sealing his fate. Antony ever so many times has underestimated Octavian, and yet Octavian has always proved most capable, and does so once again. This sets in motion the eventual showdown that will bring this rivalry to an end once and for all. Octavian enlist Pullo’s help in the up coming confrontation with Marc Antony as he hope to use Pullo’s friendship with Vorenus as a way to mediate for him if needed to do so as Vorenus stays by Antony’s side for now. Pullo agrees to help Octavian, as it’s evident that Octavian has a soft spot for Pullo and considers him his friend. Pullo as well has a loyalty to Octavian and considers Octavian his friend as well, but always remain respectful to Octavian’s position as ruler. Pullo preparing for duty that evening goes down to his kitchen and finds that Memmio has escaped from his cage. Memmio has been kept in that cage after having his tongue ripped out by Pullo in the previous episode in which he was also defeated. Pullo had kept Memmio in the cage as a reminder to others that would aspire to fall out of line and betray their loyalty. So, while Pullo looks for him, Memmio sneaks up behind him and knocks Pullo out. Memmio then gets ready to stab him when Pullo is saved by Gaia who is stabbed several times before she finally kills Memmio. As she lays on her death bed she confesses to Pullo the treachery of her heart, and that she poisoned his wife thus causing the miscarriage of Pullo and Eirene’s child, as well as the death of Eirene. Though a few years have passed from last episode to this episode, and that Gaia & Pullo have been in a relationship since, Pullo would not allow their relationship to soften his anger and thus finished taking Gaia’s life by choking her. Pullo then took Gaia’s body and dumped it in a water hole which showed the complete indifference for his feelings for her compared to Eirene. Although it’s odd looking back on things Pullo as you may or may not remember killed the slave that Eirene was in love with. Pullo’s jealousy enraged him to the point that he killed him, and although Eirene found out immediately about it she eventually came to forgive him, and fell in love with him only to eventually die at the hands of a jealous woman who wanted Pullo. So it’s as if it came full circle for Pullo, and that he would lose his love as well to a jealous woman who wanted him. Well with one episode left I’m excited yet a bit sad that the series ends with the next episode. This has been a wonderful series and this episode has lived up to the standard of the series overall, a great episode that sets the stage for the final act. Take care. Peace To Allmoreless
Simon Woods

Simon Woods

Gaius Caesar Octavian

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Nicholas Woodeson


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Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson


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Ian McNeice

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Historically, by the time Octavian and Mark Anthony headed for war, Lepidus had been forced by Octavian to retire (in 36 BC) and give up his provinces after Octavian defeated an attempted coup led by Lepidus.

      There was no need for Posca to steal Antony's last will and testament. Antony made public his intentions about the future of Selene and Helios, his daughter and son with Cleopatra, as rulers of Egypt and about Caesarion as "king of Rome" in the so-called Donations of Alexandria.

      This episode gives the impression that Octavian had the entire support of the Senate, however in reality over half the Senators left Rome to go East and join Antony.

    • Vorenus' daughters are still portrayed by adolescents, even though the characters are in their mid and late 20's by now.

    • Although her character died at the end of season 1, Indira Varma returns briefly as Niobe at the beginning of this episode. The scene is part of one of Vorenus's dream. In it, he wakes up next to a very much alive and very much in love Niobe. But, when he finally wakes up for real, he realizes the woman lying next to him is in fact an Egyptian prostitute he had hired for the night.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Octavia: You are joking?!

      Octavian: I cannot remember the last time I made a joke.

      Livia: Last market day - you said something about fishes which made me laugh quite distinct.. ( cut off by Octavian).

      Octavian: I was speaking figuratively.

    • Jocasta: What are you doing here? Have you come for Crocodile Day?

    • Caesarion: Tell me more about my father.
      Vorenus: I've told you all that I know.
      Caesarion: You've told me only what every fool knows. He was a great soldier, the people loved him, bla bla bla...

    • Pullo: (to Lucius) Off with you. Go learn to read, or something.

    • Atia: You've become very mean, you know... Mean and bitter.
      Octavia: You've become girlish and sentimental. It's disgusting. Frankly.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Joseph Bennett, Anthony Pratt, Carlo Serafin and Christina Onori won the 2007 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series" for this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: April 4, 2007 on SBS 6
      Finland: October 15, 2008 on Nelonen