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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on HBO
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When Caeser finds himself outnumbered by Pompey's legions, he asks Antony to join the fight. Marc Antony is having fun in his new political life while he ponders a counter-offer from Pompey. Atia urges Octavian to take another step toward manhood. Vorenus and Niobe try to bring passion back to their marriage.moreless

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  • Egeria

    Egeria was another perfect episode of Rome and I really enjoyed watching this episode because Marc Antony is forced to make an important decision, Octavius is forced to become a man, and Vorenus is forced back into service as the 13th prepares to head for Greece. I enjoyed all the character building and awesome story lines which were full of intrigue and drama. This series is really engaging and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Nice enough to watch.

    Caesar is outmaneuvered by Pompey, he finds himself in the defensive when Pompey gathers enough legions to outnumber his pursuing army. Mark Antony enjoys his life as a politician as he receives an offer from Pompey messenger. Atia urges her son Octavian to lose his virginity. Pullo helps out by bringing him to a brothel. Vorenus and Niobe try to bring back the spark to their lifeless marriage. This episode shows another aspect of the Roman empire. Disagreements between warring factions end up fighting one another, something that can be easily real today. The main characters are fictionalized to make the stories fit in a 50 minute episode.moreless
  • Caesar finds himself outnumbered three to one by Pompey's legions

    When Ceasar finds himself outnumbered by Pompey's army, having sialed the seas to find new allies, he sends word to Mark Anthony to bring the 13th Legion to Greece. Mark Anthony, concerned with Ceasar's possible defeat, does not go to Greece right away but instead hears a plan of Atia's though it involves allying himself with Atia betraying Ceasar's. Anthony will hear none of it calling Atia a snake of sorts and is cast. After a another offer from Pompey to ally himself on his side Anthony makes ready to sail for Greece with the 13th Legion, Vorenus and Pullo included. Meanwhile, Vorenus and Niobe reconnect physicly and all seems to be well despite Pullo's recent information that he heard news of Evander's death and Lyde's unwillingness to speak to Niobe. However, their reconnection is very short lived as Vorenus prepares to be shipped off for Greece.

    In route to Greece the 13th Legion, Vorenus and Pullo included come upon a terrible storm and face a terrile wreck.moreless
  • Rome: After Hours Written by John Milius and Bruno Heller Directed by Alan Poul

    "If I were to desert a friend. A man of your own blood?... I did not realize until now what a wicked old harpy you are."--Mark Antony

    What I really love about HBO's Rome and HBO altogether is that they are not afraid to tell it like it really was. HBO tells it like it is: despite being one of the greatest empires in the history of man, ancient Rome and the people who lived there lived pretty normal lives. Networks try to portray things the best they could yet they are limited due to broader audiences which include children of young ages/young families which shouldn't be really watching this type of program. However for people of a mature age to sit down and watch every Sunday this particular episode I'll definitely agree. The particular theme this week is what the Romans do when everything is dark and locked up. The couples have sex. Sex seems to be on everyone's brain this week because it is normal even in the time of the Romans.

    Now I don't want play Dr. Ruth but I think the episode was needed. And the choice for the episode's director was perfect. Several of Alan Poul's episodes on "Six Feet Under" have been the best ever which include a sex/lifestyle party in a season 2 episode, "The Secret", Ruth's birthday in "Nobody Sleeps", that infamous episode everybody knows about entitled "That's My Dog" and more recently Nate's 40th birthday party where he beats a bird to death in "Time Flies".

    Vorenus and his wife have taken in the slave boy whom Vorena the Elder and Vorena the Younger continue to play with. I can forsee an adoption ensuing if Vorena does take Lucius. Meanwhile, Niobe has taken in her sister Lyde soon after Evander, the butcher's disappearance. Pullo overhears the two talking and puts his input in. He tells Lyde that he overheard someone in a tavern saying that Evander was having serious gambling problems and when he could not pay up he was murdered. Lyde does not believe this but now thinks the worst and believes Niobe had something to do with it. She then confronts Niobe if she had an affair with Evander since she had not wanted children. Niobe confesses and reminds Lyde that if she had been a better wife than maybe their affair would not have happened. Lyde promises to keep her secret about baby Lucius but asks that she will not come and see her ever again.

    That following evening, Niobe plans on seducing Vorenus in order to save the marriage. Her plan goes overwhelmingly successful as they passionately make love into the early hours of the morning. That next day he tells his wife he is off to Greece. So much for happy endings.

    Atia is becoming increasingly controlling to her young son, Octavian. She demands that her son become a man as quickly as possible not only being a good warrior but to be pleased sexually. Octavian feels a little uncomfortable but when his mother threatens that she will burn his "books of knowledge", he agrees to go if Pullo accompanies him. Pullo takes him to a very high class "escort service" or a brothel where he has his choice of some very nice young ladies or even young men. I had actually thought he picked the young man standing next to the girl he had chosen but Octavian has shown pretty good taste. The girl Egeria takes him in the back where she talks of her family and how they were all murdered. Octavian feels sorry for her but then asks her if they should begin. Of course we cannot see the two making love because that would be a little weird even for HBO. The two walk out later where they both seemed to have enjoyed themselves but Octavian would rather go home now. When he arrives home to make matters worse, Atia enrolls Octavian in a military academy which looks pretty scary even for a 15 year old. But no matter, we all know Octavian will grow up to be Caesar Augustus one of the greatest emperors in ancient Rome. I guess Atia was preparing him and I guess she did a pretty good job considering.

    As a peace offering, Atia sends her daughter Octavia to deliver a sex slave with a very large penis to Servilia as an apology for exposing her and Caesar from last week. While Servilia is not very fond about her gift she accepts the offering and agrees to forgive. She also sees that Octavia is a good woman unlike her mother and asks if she will come visit her again. Octavia accepts her offer and goes on her way.

    Mark Antony is currently the head of Rome since Caesar has gone out to pursue Pompey in Greece. While in charge, Antony tries to get less slavery and more jobs for the Roman people. Antony then tries to convince the remaining senators to make him a co-consul and to let him decide what is good for the people. Caesar then sends word that he is the person being pursued and that he had hoped he would not have to be in such a quagmire. He asks that Antony follow him to Greece with the 13th legion. That same day, Pompey offers him a land and riches if he decides to betray Caesar. Antony needs time to ponder and will return with his answer the following day. After sex, Atia proposes the idea of marriage so that if Antony decides to betray Caesar that they may become the King and Queen. Antony thinks it is a bad idea and is really a cruel thing to do of someone of the same blood. She slaps him and then he slaps her. The two break it off and Antony decides not to accept Pompey's offer and throws his messenger in the water. He then gathers the 13th legion together and travels to Greece. On the way there the ship they are in crashes and the fates of our heroes is sealed... at least for now.

    Other important events in "Egeria"...

    *Title reference: While Egeria was the name of the woman who deflowered Octavian. Egeria is also a story of Roman mythology known as "of the black polar" who presided over childbirth and shared wisdom with another idol Diana.

    *How old is Octavian that he had to suddenly develop into a man so quickly. I would say he is around 14, 15 and even in these days 14 and 15 is a bit to young to mature and have sex.

    *Atia is becoming more and more like a snake: taking what she wants and if she doesn't get her way, she uses force. This is probably one of the reasons why Atia is one of my favorite characters.

    *I am really enjoying how the relationships are slowly building. It is always good to show factual events the way they happened and even how the real-life people were but it is also important to focus on fictious characters which is what this episode shows.

    "Egeria" was truly an excellent episode. I loved its distinctiveness from the other prior installments. Alan Poul did a wonderful job directing and Bruno Heller and John Milius' script was very well written. The cliffhanger at the end made me want for more and was certainly unexpected. Bravo!moreless
  • Hail Caesar. Quick!

    Yes, this episode was mostly about filling in some character sketches, particularly with Marc Antony. And Caesar was too little seen and too little heard, being off in his quest to corner Pompey. Because of this set of circumstances, I realized, with Egeria, just how strong and central has been Ciaran Hinds' Julius Caesar. The meandering nature of last night's plot, without Caesar to hew the viewer to the storyline, was a wee bit disappointing. Surprisingly weak, moreover, is the portrayal of Marc Antony. So weak is it, I find myself wishing him off the screen as soon as possible. Otherwise, continued excellence from Polly Walker and her ever evil role as Atia, who, it appears, knows no depths to which she will not descend to gain momentary advantage. Too, Max Pirkis has been superb in depicting the fussy, puritanical Octavian, in what might be the most historically accurate representation in the entire series.moreless
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    • Battle of Dyrrhachium

      While it is not referred to in detail in the series, Caesar's response to Pompey's armies fleeing to Greece was swift military action.

      His legions moved against Pompey's forces in the province of Hispania (modern day Spain), while forces under his lieutenants harried Pompey's forces elsewhere - but with limited success.

      Victorious in Hispania, Caesar's main forces - 15,000 troops, including the legions of the IX Hispana and IV Macedonica - fell on the main concentration of Pompey's forces in Greece. Caesar and his troops landed at Epirus on January 4, 48 B.C.E. occupying Oricum and Apollonia.

      Caesar's legions moved north, against Pompey's forces near Dyrrhachium - some 45,000 troops.

      Pompey refused to engage Caesar - as his fleets (under Gaius Cassius Longinus) had cut off Caesar's supplies, and he could afford to wait for Caesar's legions to weaken.

      Faced with a situation that would only get worse over time, Caesar tried to encircle the forces of Pompey on July, 10th 48 B.C.E.. The engagement did not go well for Caesar, and Pompeian forces managed to break Caesar's lines, and he lost over 1,000 veteran troops. Caesar withdrew from the battle, retreating towards Thessaly, with Popmey's legions in pursuit.

      These events would be occuring during the events shown in this episode.

      Caesers's forces would make their stand at Battle of Pharsalus, which occurs in the next episode.

    • Egeria

      The title of the episode "Egeria" is a reference to the Roman Goddess of fountains and childbirth (she is sometimes portrayed as a water-nymph).

      Niobe can be seen praying at her temple and making an offering during the episode.

      Egeria is also the name of the young "lady of the evening:" to whom Octavian loses his virginity.


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