Season 2 Episode 5

Heroes of the Republic

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on HBO
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Despite Pullo's advice, Vorenus and his family return to the Collegium with his family who is reunited, and cleansed of their ordeal. Octavian is denied a triumph and urges Cicero to endorse his bid to be made Consul in exchange for an agreement to allow Cicero to veto his actions. Octavian and Atia and Octavia are reunited. although Octavia disapproves of what her brother has become. Octavian takes both Cicero and the Senate by surprise with his first Consular act. Vorenus attempts' to make peace with Memmio and Cotta create suspicions that he has gone soft. Two adversaries patch up their differences in order to deal with Brutus and Cassius's armymoreless

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  • Heroes of the Republic

    Heroes of the Republic was another perfect and entertaining episode of Rome and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character depth and development as well as plot development. It was great watching Octavian and Mark Antony make up in efforts to over come Brutus and his allies. It was also nice to see Atia and both her children reunited. Octavia has picked up some bad habits which was funny, and Servilia has high hopes for her own son. It was interesting to see Vorenus interact with the children and his oldest daughter holding a grudge against him, though she knows not the whole story it seems. I was very intrigued and engaged by the story telling and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Octavian is portrayed yet again like a brilliant thinker in the art of strategy!!!

    I enjoyed this episode a lot...not only was it adventurous and unpredictable, it continues in the general line of this show...Octavian and Anthony are portrayed very different then expected...The show's perception of things is different...Octavian is yet again shown as a brilliant strategist who dupes Cicero into underestimating him and into believing that he can control him...After obtaining what he wants he simply forgets all promises...some would call it an unscrupulous behaviour, but i think this is a a classic said it it's healthier to act this way for you and those around you...Realising that he is in great dangers, Octavian develops a plan to use Anthony so as to defeat the armies of Brutus and Cassius...The next episodes will i think be great, in the sense of adventure and attractiveness.moreless
  • Rome is an orgasmic experience for me every time I watch it. It is always getting better and better!

    I would have never thought that Rome could get any better up to this point. fortunately I was wrong. This episode had me shouting YES MORE with every scene. At first I thought I would not like it because of the new Octavian and his arrogant behavior, but I got over that and I like him now. When Vorenus found his children and killed the slave master I was shaking with excitement. I was so happy he found them, but mad at the fact that they do not want to be with him. But I was really shocked when Vorenus took another woman to his bed and I was half expecting one of his children to catch him in the act. I loved the fact that Octavia was getting high! At an orgy! And I want to see how the story line works out with her new admirer. I was a bit upset when Atia went to go see Antony because I didn's know her motive, but when Octavian and Antony united, I could not stop from shouting out YESS! lol

    All in all, i loved it and I remember why I was so addicted to the first series.moreless
  • More of the same Rome goodness.

    This show, my friends, is the best show on television, if simply for the fact that it's never let me down. True enough, I know what's going to happen in the historical context, so barring a surprise move in which Caesar's corpse is re-animated to wreak vengeance, bloody vengeance, upon his murderers, I don't think I can be surprised, but taken in context of the support characters (historically speaking, of course) I continue to be surprised and moved. Verenus' story this season has been fanstastic. After losing everything, he hit rock bottom, and truthfully, he hasn't come that far up from there as of yet. The majority of his scenes with Pullo really bring out a great character dynamic that keeps this show interesting past the point of history.

    This is evident more so in the last two episodes than any others. Rescuing the children, killing anyone in their way, and bringing the children home for good, both characters have shown their colors and the simplicity of why they have the perfect friendship. Augustus, or soon to be anyhow, was, likewise, fantastic in this outing. His triumphant (in a manner of speaking) return to Rome, armies in tow, was well received on my end, and on the verge of chilling when he spoke before the senate. And when he and Antony met in Gaul, embracing each other for show as much as anything else, knowing full well what it would come to down the line... that moment summarizes the life of a Roman politician to me more than any other.

    His generals continue to amuse, and the impending relationship between his second in command and Octavia has been a fun ride thus far. And Atia, dearly scandalous Atia... What would this show be without her? And would have Octavian ever grown up to become Augustus without so fickle a mother? Hard to say. I can't wait for the next episode and, though it pains me to think of an end, I can't wait for the finale to find where we're going to be left off in this series (the defeat and demise of Antony, perhaps?).moreless
  • Wonderful character and plot development. . . as usual they've got me on "can't wait to see what happens next" mode when I pretty much already know! If is, after all, historically based. My schedule is quite topsy-turvey, but I have to watch ROME live!moreless

    This episode definitely lived up to the very reason why I watch Rome. My schedule is quite topsy-turvy, and I usually watch cable shows "on-demand." But I usually watch Rome live and then again "on-demand. More than anything, the characters are so well developed. From the Roman nobles to the plebs, the actors and actresses are superb.

    Polly Walker has definitely become my favorite. No one can toss off a cruel comment in the most nonchalant way that she does. The "new" Octavian is superb. . .I loved the younger actor and was a bit concerned about the switch although I totally understand it. Octavian's "pimping" out his mother to Marc Antony was soooo bizarre and at the same time so dead-on. He's at his wits-end and then Atia walks into the room and you see the little wheels in his head just spinning away! I mean, you can't really blame him, that is definitely what Atia's good at. I also loved the scene with Pullo and Eirene when she accused him of loving Vorenus more than her. His "joke" about saving her first if Eirene and Vorenus were drowning was hilarious. "I'd save you first. . .you're half his weight."

    The scences with Vorenus and his children were bittersweet. He's trying so hard and the oldest daughter just can't get past her anger and hatred. By the way, did anybody else catch the sign she made behind her back. . . I LOVE ROCK & ROLL!!moreless
Guy Henry

Guy Henry


Guest Star

Nigel Lindsay

Nigel Lindsay


Guest Star

Simon Woods

Simon Woods

Gaius Caesar Octavian

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Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson


Recurring Role

Allen Leech

Allen Leech

Marcus Agrippa

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Camilla Rutherford

Camilla Rutherford


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    • Vorenus: These are my daughters, redeemed from slavery. The eldest has been prostituted, the boy is my wife's child by another man, and you will treat them with respect them with respect and kindness... or I will know the reason why.

    • Atia: Thank you, daughter. I really appreciate these little chats that we have between your drug binges.

    • Cicero: My dear boy, you are a hero of the Republic. Caesar himself could not have cajoled a finer victory.

      Octavian: I am Caesar himself... technically speaking.

    • Antony: How on Earth did you manage to get here all alone?

      Atia: Oh, I'm not alone.

    • Atia: How do you think it looks that while your brother, the Counsul of Rome, is preaching Piety and Virtue you are out sucking slave cock!
      Octavia: I hadn't gotten to the slave cock... yet.

    • Octavia: I was at a perfectly fine party.
      Atia: Where was she?
      Agrippa: I think you should tell her the truth Octavia.
      Octavia: (sigh) I was at an Orgy Mother...

  • NOTES (1)

    • Joseph Bennett, Anthony Pratt, Carlo Serafin and Christina Onori won the 2007 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series" for this episode.