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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2007 on HBO
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Things pick up shortly after Caesar's murder. Octavian wants to keep his family from fleeing the city so he devises a plan. News of this makes Antony happy so he tells Brutus. Vorenus mourns Niobe's death but casts aspersions upon his children.

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  • Passover

    Passover was a perfect beginning and first episode of the second season of Rome. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of shocking moments and dealt with some major character deaths. It was funny to watch Atia scared of Servillia. This was a dark and sad episode. I look forward to watching the next episode to see how things will play out!!!!!!!!!
  • I loved this episode!!

    I loved this episode!!

    Excellent return!! 2 funerals, more conspiracy, an excelent strategy drawn by Octavian.. -----------------------------------------------------------

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  • 2 funerals occupies most of this episode!!!

    This episode was OK, tough I did expected it to bea lot better...It continues from where the last episode of the first season left off...Caesar is dead, and also Niobe...Realising that they are in danger, Atia decides to take her family and flee with Marc Anthony...They go to the house of Calpurnia to take her with them and they witness the reading of the will, where Julius Caesar appoints Octavian as his successor...So they devise a plan in order to prevent Brutus and his followers from capturing the power...What I liked in all these episodes most, was the fact that Octavian is presented as a very smart lad...Titus Pullo on hearing of the news of Caesars death, returns to the city and helps Lucius Vorenus to bury Niobe and to take revenge on the man that had kidnapped Vorenus's children...moreless
  • A very good season opening.

    Picking up only minutes after we left off last season, this episode deals with the aftermath of Caesar's death. It can't have been an easy episode to write, since it needs to remind the viewer of what happened last season, needs to get a whole lot of information in and needs to move the plot forward. It manages pretty well.

    The first of the two main storylines, Octavius' first steps towards becoming Augustus, is handled best. He is the driving force behind keeping peace in Rome and proves himself worthy of being Caesar's heir by forcing the hands of all the powerful men in Rome without making any threats of voilence. Octavius's shines in the few scenes he has in this episode, and I will be very sad to see Max Pirkis leave when they age the character. The scenes with Antony and Brutus' team of murderers were very good as well. Antony wants to kill them, yet does his best to negotiate a peace. It's very interesting to see these characters trying to reach a common ground which neither side really wants.

    The storyline with Pullo and Vorenus was not as good. The actors offered some of their best performances throughout the show, but they weren't given much good material to work with. Pullo's sudden engagement to Eirene felt odd, especially considering she hated him the previous day. Vorenus' anxiety was well handled but got a bit one-sided after a while. He didn't have to say "I shouldn't have cursed my children" like nine times throughout the episode, once would have been enough. The strong point of this storyline was allowing the bond between Pullo and Vorenus to grow stronger, and also to let the viewers get a better glimpse of it. Pullo knows Vorenus by now, and knows how to talk to him and how to handle him when he's in that state. Vorenus leans fully on Pullo, knowing that he can and that Pullo won't abandon him even though he knows his mistakes. Though it was odd that Pullo kept calling Vorenus "Brother Vorenus". The first time it was a nice nod to their bond, but after a while it just felt strange. He's never called him "Brother Vorenus" before, now that's suddenly the only thing he calls him.

    All in all this looks like it's going to be a promising season. I just hope that they won't choose to lead Vorenus down the angry and bitter road, we've seen that enough by now. I hope they'll instead focus on him trying to find his way back again.moreless
  • They could not have started the series a better way!

    WOW! I stood up until 2 in the morning to watch this because I missed it the first day. It was definitely worth every minute! The storyline picked up exactly where it left off in Season 1 and it was action packed from the jump! Already Titus and Vorenus are on another quest to find his children (if they are still alive, which they should be) and Antony has manipulated Caeser's murderers and now they have left. Young Octavian has stepped up and taken his role as leader and new Caeser, in my eyes. This episode was on point and could not have been any better!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: Near the end of the episode, when Erastes is talking to his men in the bar, in the background we see a woman performing oral sex to a man. The next moment, when Erastes is leaving, there's no woman.

    • When Caesar was killed in 44 BC, Octavius was studying in Apollonia, Illyria and was not actually in Rome to receive the reading of Caesars will.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Gaius Octavian: You heard what Servilia said, she wants you to run away.
      Atia of the Julii: More fool her, she'll have to find me first.
      Gaius Octavian: She will find you, you have no talent for hiding.

    • Cassius: Our men at arms have secured the city. We've recieved representitives from all the best elements. The senate is with us, the knights are with us.
      Brutus: The pontifs, the urban cohorts, the lictors guild...
      Antony: Oh, the lictors guild, very good. Only rally the bakers and the flute players and you can put on a festival.

    • Cicero: Mark Antony is alive... An error... I think... A deep error.
      Brutus: We are senators, not hired thugs. Kill him yourself if you want it so.

    • Posca: They will declare his death a rightful tyrannicide, his will and all his acts become null and void. His property will be intestate.
      Octavian: They cannot take the name.
      Antony: Oh no, that's all yours. Much good may it do you.

    • Antony: We shall be taking Calpurnia with us so we must leave via the suburba.
      Atia: Calpurnia? Why do we need to take her?
      Antony: We must be sure that she is safe.
      Atia: Well I don't see her rushing to see that we're safe.
      Antony: My dear, we cannot leave Caesar's widow behind. It would look ill with the people, as if we'd abandoned her.
      Atia: What a bore.

    • Cicero: It's not too late to kill Antony. He's here, in your hands. I'm simply stating the facts. I do not urge you to any particular course of action.
      Brutus: Nor will I take the action you do not urge.

    • Mark Antonty: I shall serve out the rest of my term as Consul, and then retire quietly to the provinces where I will plough my fields and fuck my slaves - just like old Cincinnatus.

    • Mark Antony: I am not rising from this bed until I've fucked someone.
      Atia: Fine, fine, Merula, fetch that German slut from the kitchen.

    • "Good morning, Consul. How goes your day?"

  • NOTES (2)

    • Alik Sakharov won the 2007 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series" for this episode.

    • The episode's non-depiction of Antony's speech at Caesar's funeral is true to modern historiography. Despite William Shakespeare's famous recreation in the play Julius Shakespeare, records of the text of Anthony's speech have not survived into modern times.

      What has survived are accounts that the speech was highly emotional and histrionic, that Anthony was able to turn the mob against the Conspirators, that the citizens of Rome became so worked up that they rioted, and the the Conspirators were then forced to leave Rome. This is all depicted within the episode.


    • Mark Antony makes reference to "Cincinnatus", who is Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (c.519 BC).

      Cincinnatus is semi-legendary figure from Roman history. He was - apparently - a Patrician in the early days of the Republic, noted for his leadership, civic virtue, and modesty.

      According to Roman historians, he was a simple country nobleman, who put aside his personal needs as a simple country squire, assumed military and dictatorial command of the entire Roman Republic, defeated her enemies, restored the Republic to safety, and then voluntarily divested himself of his extraordinary powers and returned to quiet country life. He is said to have done this not only once, but twice, having dealt with an invasion by the Aequi and the Volscians, and again later with a plebeian revolt.


    • "Passover" is a Jewish holiday commemorating a time, during their Egyptian captivity, that the angel of death sent by God "passed over" the homes of the Hebrew slaves' while taking the first-born of every other Egyptian household (See Exodus, 12:5-14)