Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on HBO
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Pompey attacks an outnumbered Caesar. Vorenus and Pullo are stranded at sea. Atia continues to seek out Servilla's friendship in order to ensure her protection, while Octavia and Servilla's bond grows.

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Eliza Darby

Eliza Darby

Daughter of Pompey

Guest Star

Daren Elliott Holmes

Daren Elliott Holmes


Guest Star

David Kennedy

David Kennedy

Lucius Septimius

Guest Star

Ian McNeice

Ian McNeice


Recurring Role

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    • (While eating)
      Marcus Brutus: Caesar was as a father to me.
      Porcius Cato: I feel for you. When do we strike at him?

    • (talking about Vorenus)
      Mark Antony: He let Pompey go and you let him live?! The man should be made an example of.
      Caesar: Any other man, certainly. But those two, they found my stolen standard. Now they survive a wreck that drowned an army and find Pompey Magnus on a beach. They have powerful gods on their side, and I will not kill any man with friends of that sort.

    • Vorenus: Pompey Magnus is no damn slave to be sold for money.
      Pullo: Don't see why not.
      Vorenus: There's a great deal you don't see.

    • Brutus: Do not! Do not talk to me of the Republic. If I had known what wretched company and rotten food I would endure, if I had known what an old fool is Pompey, I would never have left Rome.

    • Pullo: We could drink their blood.
      Vorenus: Repeat?

    • Mark Antony: We shall just have to fight the wretches here where we stand.
      Caesar: And beat them.
      Mark Antony: Oh, we shall crush them, doubtless. Dinner for worms, the whole damn lot of 'em.
      Caesar: Dinner for worms.

    • Caesar: My poor boy.
      Brutus: I'm sorry. I am so sorry.
      Caesar: No. It is I who am sorry. I presented you with an impossible dilemma. You did only what you thought honourable, I am sure.

    • Pullo: I don't understand it. Something should have turned up by now, I'm not meant to die this way.
      Vorenus: You were misinformed.

    • Posca: (to Julius Caesar) I was not aware irony had military usage.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The Battle of Pharsalus was the turning point in the Civil War. Here Pompey's forces were completely decimated and Caesar was unquestionably the de facto leader of Rome at this point.