Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on HBO

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  • Philippi

    Philippi was a superb and entertaining episode of Rome and I enjoyed watching though I wish it would have shown more of the gangs taking out the prominent citizens on the lists given to them, and more depth in other scenes as well. It was funny how obvious it was that Agrippa and Octavia were together as they were both late and out of breath. I also thought it was funny how nonchalant Mark Antony was over what was happening on the battle field, as he had no idea, showing how some men waste lives of others on a whim. I thought the ending was great. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Cinnamon makes me sneeze?

    Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus died on different days; both by suicide. I don’t know what Cassius said to Brutus before the first battle, but one’s imagination is soiled by the thought their last conversation turned on a matter as trivial as birthday cake. I can only guess the screenwriters were having a joke on the illiterate audience. Birthday cake is a modern custom, much like televised historical fabrications. “Let’s have some fun?” Does anyone really believe Mark Anthony uttered those childish words? How can the purveyors of this soap opera market this nonsense as historical drama? The long list of deliberate historical errors transforms this fantasy to the level of a Saturday morning cartoon. Anthony and Gaius did not watch the battle together. Cicero was decapitated, not stabbed in the neck. His head and hands were displayed in the forum, not nailed to the Senate door, so on and so on and so on. The image of a Roman solider collecting ripe peaches before he murders Cicero is painfully funny. One last detail, the Romans did not have stirrups on their saddles. This show reminds me of the fractured fairy tales in Rocky and Bullwinkle. The writers must be rolling on the floor, their bellies knotted with laughter.
  • Bloody episode!!!

    I enjoyed a lot this episode especially its finish...the war scene, i found amazing...I see that HBO is very good at creating violent least in "The Sopranos" and "Rome", they did it very well...Also, the scene where Cicero gets killed i liked it, not because it was violent, but because i like the way Cicero behaved...embracing death instead of fleeing...Brutus also behaved wonderful, dying a hero's death, and being stabbed just as he did with Caesar...What i don't understand is why didn't Octavian had any part in the decisions on the war front...Only Anthony decided and succeeded, maybe too easily...kind of a simplest vision on behalf of the writers.
  • This was by far the best episode of both series of Rome. Tobias Menzies and David Bamber were outstanding and made this episode for me.

    What a splendid series this has been. I've never enjoyed a series quite as much and doubt anything will be able to top it. The producers should be applauded for keeping such a tight reign over it (however expensive it was). The directors worked seamlessly together and you never felt you were watching episodes directed by different people.

    The actors have been astounding and some scenes I will never forget. Phlippi was my favoruite episode. David Bamber's death as Cicero was very emotional and beautifully performed and my absolute favourite has been Tobias Menzies as Brutus who was in my view was the hero of the piece. I felt very involved in his journey and his final scenes made me cry and cry. He is a wonderful actor and gave a skilled, subtle performance. I hope he gets an Emmy nomination for best supporting actor.
  • This is why this series ROCKS!

    I thought there was no way to keep the momentum going on this show once we got to the death of Caesar, but how wrong I was!

    I'm sure it's been said before but Pullo and Vorenus are totally the Artoo and Threepio of this show and it is so very entertaining to watch them get themselves caught up in the historic events of the times - especially in this episode, where Pullo is the one who delivers Cicero's hands to the doors of the senate!

    Interesting to see Octavia and Agrippa getting along so well. I always thought he was twice her age and she didn't warm to him until well after they'd had kids but I could be wrong... Either way it makes for an interesting arc for her character and makes him slightly less dull...

    CAN'T WAIT for the next episode in this series - EVERY TIME!
  • The winds of change had blown mightily in Rome as politics are settled on the fields of battle, for now that is.

    This show has been one of the finest shows done on HBO. They not only capture the feel of the day but they present it a no holds barred kind of delivery that put you right there. This week delivers again as history plays out, and the fate of Roman politics is being settled on the fields of battle. Octavian & Marc Antony joined together to face off with Brutus and Cassius's who until now aren't aware of Antony and Octavian's alliance. Brutus feeling good about the upcoming battle against Octavian's legions isn't happy to hear of the alliance which now puts him at a clear disadvantage. Nonetheless Brutus against the advice of Cassius as well as others is ready to get this fight on, and save the republic or die in the process. Octavian & Marc Antony uses the Aventide namely Vorenus & Pullo to implement a list of wealthy affluent Roman citizens to be assassinated, those who would be problems as well as those with plenty of wealth to go to Octavian & Antony to finance there legions. One of those citizens on the list would be Cicero who is giving support to Brutus & Cassius, and is responsible for giving them the tip of Antony & Octavian's alliance taking away the element of surprise. Pullo pays a visit to Cicero in what turns out to be one of the most respectful assassinations for the assassin, Pullo, and the soon to be assassinated, Cicero. The kindness shown towards one another, such as Pullo asking Cicero’s permission to take peaches from his trees, and Pullo allowing Cicero time to prepare for his death. Then when Cicero is ready Pullo gives him instruction as to the best position to be in to allow for a quicker, easier death. Then Pullo executes him quickly as stated, and then goes about his way back to his wife, who is waiting with Vorenus and Vorenus’s children. Upon Pullo’s arrival they enjoy a picnic as if it’s just an ordinary day. Another underlying story played out in this episode is with Marcus Agrippa, one of Octavian's Generals & friend, and his feelings for Octavian's sister which is finally realized in this episode between the two. It will be interesting to see how this will play out over the next episode or two, and how Octavian will respond to this relationship. But, the greatest part of this episode though was the epic battle scene of these two Roman Armies as they fall upon each other in this epic battle for control of Rome, a winner takes all battle that was spectacular to see on a television series. The quality of this scene is exactly why this series is one of the finest on TV. The battle scene was so well done, and the feeling of what this battle meant could be felt from the outset, though judging by the ease in which Marc Antony engaged in the battle you knew he was in his element. He goes into battle with a smile, and joking as well, whereas Octavian seems a bit out of his element still new to it all though not brand new obviously, but certainly not having the experience of battle that Antony had.. But Octavian shines where it's most important and that's at political leadership, smart a great leader in the making, and politics was something that Marc Antony wasn’t as good at. But that's a whole other episode or two that that'll get worked out in, and we know what history says about that. Brutus and Cassius legions having been defeated, Cassius manages to make it back to Brutus to tell him all is lost as the legions of Octavian & Antony press toward them. Cassius shortly thereafter succumb to his wounds, and all the while Brutus is now being told he must fall back to escape the on coming legions. Yet Brutus who has been haunted by the death of Julius Caesar, the assassination in which he took part in, and conspired to after Caesar extending friendship and forgiveness to Brutus for fighting against him with Pompey, decides to die in battle then run. Brutus’s death is reminiscent to the death of Caesar, as Brutus is taken down by a group of soldiers repeatedly stabbing him with their swords over, and over reminiscent of Julius Caesar’s murder which Brutus took part in. A victory for Octavian & Antony, a new government in Rome, Vorenus & Pullo’s lives seemingly well, and now we shall see. All in all this was absolutely one of the finest episodes of the series, and I for one have been thoroughly entertained by this fine production, cast, as well as the story that's being told, and I’m looking forward to the next episode. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • Cinnamon makes me sneeze, but in the end we're all dust in the wind...

    The alliance between Antony and Octavian is wonderful; neither comfortable with the other or even pretending there's a great deal of trust. Atia's position as one's mother and the other's lover looks even more dangerous, especially when she mentions marriage to Antony. It's clear he's not as enthusiastic about the idea as she is. As Vorenus and Pullo deal with the executions, there's plotting and planning and the way Vorenus is oblivious to what's going on with his children is both great and awful. Pullo's task of killing Cicero was well executed (pun definitely not intended) and couldn't help feeling bad for both of them. Cicero's death, while gory, didn't seem disgusting with gratuitous violence. Also, Pullo's attitude towards the whole mission seemed very in character. It's intriguing to watch Octavian grow; his grasp of the reality of politics is good, and he seems to be able to command the loyalty of his people. I'm still wondering if they'll have him marry his sister to Antony soon or if they'll keep going somewhere with the Atia storyline. :D Pullo's existential dilemma was heartwrenching, especially remembering how well he dealt with idleness and peace well... Eirene's pregnancy will definitely complicate matters. But the look on Pullo's face when she told him... Priceless!

    I liked the way Atia didn't miss the whole Octavia and Agrippa thing. The contrast between an almost cruelly realist mother and her romantic daughter was excellent.

    The battle of the Philippi... I'm still totally in love with the details and the fact that this is probably the only series/movie about Rome where the legionnairs actually wear their sword on the right side. :D The ghastly combination of ruthless butchering and perfetcly organized battle was awesome.

    Cassius' death and Brutus' reaction to it were touching; far from the usual treatment of those two. Brutus walking towards his death gave me shivers, and his ending was truly an example of poetic justice. The ending with the looting seemed somehow very appropriate.

    This show is just getting better and better. Am definitely looking forward to next week's episode!
  • wow this episode was amazing, all the drama, all the coincidences, the betrayal, the loyalty.

    I dont know how else to put it but this episode was exciting. i love the battle scenes, i loved Marc Antony, i love how they killed Brutus the way he had Ceasar murdered. i just couldnt stop watching this episode. My fav is Titus. hes incredible. i really cant believe how deceitful the criminals were in those times. and then the making of a paper hat with sisiroes letter to Brutus. lol. that was hilarious. Attia has to be another fav. i wouldnt want to cross her path. having that girls family murdered for her being a little of a bad influence, thats so evil but funny. i just have to say watch the show and youll be mezmorized.