Season 2 Episode 3

These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2007 on HBO

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  • These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero

    These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero was another perfect and entertaining episode full of action, intrigue and character development. It has been a long road for Vorenus and Pullo, and they have some ups and downs in this episode. In the end Pullo gets some good news and rushes to tell his friend. I found the happenings in this episode interesting and engaging as Servilia has a boy in Atia's house and he fulfills his obligations to an unknown end. I like how the show doesn't hold back from some of the gritty sides of Roman society. Cicero's letter to Marc Anthony was funny. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • An important episode with some unneeded extras

    Look, I really love this show.. its up there with the wire as one of my favorite shows, but this episode really irked me. I understand the premise for man love, and there was plenty going on during this time period, but did we really need to see and hear about 3 times in one episode? I mean, they have gone an entire season without including it once, now 3 in one.. thats a little overboard, at least to me. And how about the Brutus acting like Jesus getting baptized? Was I the only one confused with that?
  • More blood, sex and violence, as both Mark Antony and Vorenus struggle to maintain their positions and Servilla's plans for Atia take a new turn.

    Already just 3 episodes in, and Rome, this season has a very different feel to it. The family stories of season 1 are gone as internal fanily wars take precedent and Rome falls into ruin.

    At the heart of the show is Vorenus and Pullo, once surrounded by family it is now just the two of them plus Eirene. Vorenus has been utterly consumed by his grief and struggles to control the Aventine by any means other then violence. His decision that will ultimately set off a gang war shows how deep Vorenus has gone. His soldier mentality returns to him with a vengeance and he no longer thinks of anything else but blood and violence.
    The revelation that Pullo knew about Niobe's unfaithfulness is shocking and incredibly well portrayed. Vorenus' anger swells and leads to an all out bloody fight between the once friends.

    Atia, again continues with her schemeing after an amusing scene with Octavia and Jocasta during which all 3 smoke hemp. The candidness of this amused me though it was probably very accurate to the day.
    Atia's schemeing however sparks off Antony's descent. He backs Cicero into a difficult corner and forces revelations in the Senate house. Mark Antony's downfall ending with further more blood on the senate floor is spectacular and shocking especially given his calm about the matter beforehand.

    This would've been the perfect place to end the episode but more scenes continue taking place 3 months later and these scenes add perfectly to the episode. Pullo returns to make peace with Vorenus but instead finds that the gang war has destoryed the Aventine and Vorenus has left with Antony. He also by shear luck, or maybe the intervention of the gods, Lyde who has escaped. This will surely send Pullo off to Vorenus to tell him that his children are alive allowing for the emotional reunion and most likely bloody freeing of his children who who he has mourned for so long. More interestingly is Atia who has been left in Rome while Antony goes off to Gaul to do who knows what. Her loneliness is further exemplified by the fact that Octavia is off with her friends and this leaves her very vulnerable to Servilla's plotting with an even more schemeing male servant, who uses his looks to charm both another male servant to get into the palace, a female slave to get the poison into Atia's food and Sservilla who deigns herself to kiss him in what proves to be an odd and unsettling scene.

    It is surprising that Atia doesn't decide at this point to align herslef with her son. He is obviously willing to care for her as his messenger friend hinted at earlier in the episode and with Mark Antony's position looking increasingly more unstable she would do well to affiliate herself with her blood kin.

    Also in the episode:

    Timon becomes a main character and not just Atia's lackey as his family troubles become greater explored. A good choice on the part of the writers to introduce more characters but his troubles along with the whole new host of characters seems a little forced. Still with so many of last seasons characters dead, this influx of new character is badly needed. Brutus is obviously suffering away from Rome. His Jesus baptism- esuqe scene was a little odd and strange, though with that hair and beard the actor would make a very good Jesus should the opportunity come up in another show.

    The scene with Antony and Cicero is hilarious. Mark Antony lacks all the manner of a consul but he brings much needed comedy into this dark show.

    Gaia (the dark female in the Aventine) seems sure to make her way into the inner circle of characters. I would be surprised if she doesn't strike up a relationship with Vorenus later in the series.
  • just read the synopsis on HBO's Rome site, so I just wondered

    what happened in Episode 3, because the synopsis doesn't explain everything. Also, I thought the reason for this episode is what happens to Cicero at the hands of Antony ( if you know the history, you know what I mean), but as far as I know that wasn't shown. I'm really looking forward to this scene, I guess it will be in the next episode. I'm thinking that Atia will probably die, seeing as she dies around about this time (43bc) anyway, but it will be a shame, I wouldnt mind if they scrapped the historical accuracy and kept her on for a few more episodes. Lastly, what happened with Agrippa?, I'm really looking forward to seeing him in action whenever it comes to Britain (probably about 201.
  • The drum beats of civil war loom on the horizon while Vorenus has gone over the edge, and Pullo receives revealing news that could pull Vorenous back from the Abyss. Great TV.

    Ok, what is there to be said for a show that leaves you salivating week in and week out wanting more. Like a starved person to the banquet table, Rome gives you that desire to feast week in and week out for this story that delivers, and this episode doesn't fail you at all. The great underlying story now coming to the forefront is Rome as an Empire and the direction it will go in. This being the time that will deliver Rome on of its greatest Emperors, and a time of restored glory for Rome as an Empire. What plays out in the aftermath of Julius Caesar's assassination is all but peaceful change, and a restoration of the glorious Republic. What we see now is the challenge for power, and the breakdown of those in power. Brutus one of the leaders in the up rise against Caesar, and partaker in the assassination is struggling to raise an army and gain the alliances needed. His personal struggle is felt this week and the despair is felt. Marc Anthony rides off to raise his Army too oppose Octavian after he looses his support in the Senate by Cicero whom he had coerced into support, or so he thought, and now we learn that support is given to Octavian soon to be Augustus Caesar. The mother of the future Emperor Augustus, Atia, faces a rather life threatening situation in another chapter of her rivalry with the mother of Brutus, Servilia. Of course the every man story of Pullo, and Vorenus is always one of the more heart felt storyline of the show. Pullo again attempts to keep his friend from going over the edge yet Vorenus seemingly too far gone may be a lost cause. Pullo's loyalty and friendship with Vorenus won't allow him too give up though, and that is the heart of the show that brings the big things happening in The Empire to a personal level. This episode brought great advancement to the storyline and again delivers with all the drama as well as excitement as we've come to expect from this most excellent series. As we watch this season play out the historical aspect of the show as well as it's fictional characters experience during this time each episode delivering one on top of the other this episode has more than held its own. Great episode, with an ending that leaves more to be desired next episode. Pullo gains information that just may bring Vorenous back from the brink, but must set out to find him to do so. Atia, and Servillia rivalry comes to a potentially life threatening head left to play out next episode. Of course the main theme of The Roman Empire's fate is to be decided on the fields of battle it seems in the episodes to come as Marc Anthony sets out to confront Octavian and his alliances. Marc Anthony's being disgraced before the Senate has set him with new purpose and vigor even more so now to prove himself and gain control as well as regain the respect denied him in The Senate this episode. Great show, great episode, great season season so far with more to come. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • the end of mark antoni's consol ship and his beginings of a reble the continueation of octavans plan to rule rome the end of the avantine and the knolage that vorinuses chldren are alive this is why i watch i loved when in the senate ad sll other seans

    the end of mark antoni's consol ship and his beginings of a reble the continueation of octavans plan to rule rome the end of the avantine and the knolage that vorinuses chldren are alive this is why i watch i loved when in the senate where cicaro calles mark a drinkan chiald and gives his suport to octavain i think that is a big coup we see atia being poisnd i want to see how they curor her and we are introdused to revengs in the avantine this will affect octaveans rual and beond thisis why i watch this show