Romeo X Juliet

CBC Premiered Apr 04, 2007 Between Seasons




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • ""Prayer" A New World ~The World In Which You Exist~"
      As Romeo goes to stop Juliet from being absorbed by Escalus, he recieves help from Tybalt, Fransisco, and Curio. Romeo saves Juliet from being absorbed by the tree, but Ophelia gets angry and attacks him for interferring. Romeo destroys Ophelia in one blow, but a tree branch from her goes right through him, armor and all. Juliet sees Romeo dying on the ground, and they share his last moment together in each other's arms. Romeo tells Juliet how she was his first love and how happy he was to have ever met her. He says he knows he won't be able to say her name again or see her anymore, and as he gives her one final kiss, he dies in her arms. Juliet, grieving over the loss of her true love, realizes that Romeo stuck with their vow until the very end and she decides to follow her destiny and keep their vow, sacrificing herself to save to Escalus for him. Afterwards, Neo Verona lands on the ocean. The credits gives imformation on the other characters, and also shows Romeo and Juliet together in spirit.moreless
    • ""Germination" For My Love ~The Kiss of Death~"
      While Juliet heads to Escalus, Romeo tries to make amends to his departed father. Tybalt shows up and gives Romeo the news that Juliet is sacrificing herself to save Neo Verona, and Romeo dashes to find Juliet before its too late.
    • ""Curse" The End of the Revolution ~Ravaging Passion~"
      Juliet convinces Lord Montague to surrender, the Montague is stabbed and killed by Mercutio, his adopted son. Shortly afterwards Juliet heads to Escalus to accept her destiny.
    • ""Law" To Die ~The Goddess' Embrace~"
      Juliet heads back to the city after visiting her parents' grave, and after learning the fate set before her. Becausde of an earthquake caused by Escalus, the city is falling apart. As the wounded are tended to, Mercutio and begins Montague's plans to burn the city to the ground. Romeo stops him, and then meets up with Juliet again. Benvolio and Cordelia get married, with Juliet's wishes for their happy future, and Willy as the priest. After the wedding, Juliet begins the battle against Montague's defenses.moreless
    • ""Mission" To Uphold Duty ~One Unwavering Step~"
      Juliet rebels against Lord Montague as the Red Whirlwind to free the people of Neo Verona and successfully captures the outer city. Meanwhile the village Romeo is leading has trouble because the soil kills the seeds they keep planting. As Escalus dies, the land dies. News about Juliet is sent to Romeo, with support from everyone in the village, Romeo rushes to meet Juliet. After meeting with her, Romeo asks her to let him reason with his father once more. In the council of dukes Montague suggests burning the entire common grounds to exterminate the Capulets. With only his adopted son Mercutio in favor, the others refused. Montague then kills the chairmen to persuade the others to accept in fear. Romeo arrives to stop his father and orders him to surrender. But instead of surrendering, his father shows him Escalus. Juliet visits her parents' grave, and there she meets with Ophelia, and finds out that she is destined to die to save Escalus and Neo Verona.moreless
    • "Succession" ~Indeed I am~
      After spending some time together, the lovers go their separate ways again, with Juliet leaving for Neo Verona. Willie's play goes underway and during the performance, Juliet revives the Red Whirlwind ego. Rallying the townspeople for the Capulets' rebellion, Juliet and company attack a major hidden fortress that housed the majority of the Montague's Pegasi troops and captured the town gate to Neo Verona. On the top of the gate she rallies the populace against Montague's rule. Her true identity as a Capulet is revealed to the townspeople.moreless
    • "Motive" ~In Their Respective Chests~
      Romeo works to create the village he has promised and it flourishes well. Juliet and company begin rehearsing for a play Willie has composed for Neo Verona reenacting Juliet's tale. Juliet hears news of Romeo's village and with Curio escorting her, they have a sweet reunion.
    • "Tyrant" ~The Pitch-Black Origin~
      While Romeo reassesses where the workers will live, Juliet and Co. hears news of Camio in town and move to engage him. Surprisingly, they meet up with Tybalt who has taken residence there. He then recounts to Juliet his and Montague's pasts, explaining to her why he hates Montague so much, and how Montague came to become the leader of his clan.moreless
    • "Alone" ~Beloved~
      "Alone" ~Beloved~
      Episode 16
      Her patience and mental stability waning, Hermione runs away from home to try and see Romeo. After several setbacks, she unexpectedly runs into Juliet and Co. Embittered and jealous, she attacks Juliet before fainting in exhaustion. The two girls reconcile their differences slightly when she awakens, and Hermione returns home afterwards.moreless
    • "Self" ~The Road that I Must Advance on~
      Juliet and Co. are resting, when she remembers the moments linked with the great tree of Neo Verona. At the same moment, an earthquake happens, causing a major cave-in at Gradisca Mines and injuring a majority of the workers. Romeo declares that all the laborers have done enough work to allow themselves to be free, and goes off to rescue some of the workers trapped by the cave-in. He rescues the remaining workers, and the other workers who distrusted him for being a noble, now do trust him.moreless
    • ""Great Responsibility" ~In These Arms~"
      Romeo is banished from the keep by Lord Montague, and gives him authority over the Gradisca Mines. He is not allowed to return until the mine doubles its production. He arrives to find the mines filled with small-time criminals, and decides to work in the mines himself to increase production. He befriends a sickly worker, Petruchio. Over a small period of time, Petruchio gets sick, and dies. Romeo then learns the truth of how Petruchio was imprisoned, another worker tells him the real difference between Nobles and Commoners, and Romeo cries over Petruchio's grave.moreless
    • ""Pulsation" ~Being Guided~"
      The news about the capture of the last Capulet survivor reaches Francisco and Curio. They start making plans on how they will free Juliet. Can these two succeed on what they are planning?
    • ""Repose" ~While Like This~"
      The search for Romeo and Juliet continues, as they both hide in an abandoned village. They stumble upon the Escalus tree, and find that its roots are dying. Duke Montague's personal guards are sent to look for Romeo and Juliet. As Romeo and Juliet set out to stop the soldiers from destroying a nearby town, they find themselves greatly outnumbered. After both Romeo and Juliet show their true identities to the guards, Juliet is taken prisoner.moreless
    • ""Vow" ~The Morning Sun's Blessing~"
      After leaving the convent, Romeo and Juliet flies around and heads for a place where noone knows their identity. They ended up in a forest beyond the mountains. There, they found an injured pegasus and they encounter poachers. Will Romeo and Juliet defeat the poachers and save the injured Pegasus?
    • ""Tears" Tears ~Being Able to Meet You~"
      Juliet was able to safely escape the guards of the Grand Duke with the help of Tybalt. Now, he leaves her behind saying that she is not ready to overthrow Montague. With these words, Juliet becomes depressed and starts to wonder around the city and collapses in front of the convent where Portia lives. Portia sends a messenger to Romeo and Romeo goes over to the convent. There Romeo and Juliet are again reunited.moreless
    • Rise to Action - Hesitation Quelled
      Juliet emerges as the Capulet heir, but obstacles remain which must be overcome. Before the uprising can begin, an army must be gathered to follow the crimson savior.
    • ""Uprising" The Crossroads ~Severing the Confusion~"
      Romeo is agonized by the sight of Juliet and another man hugging under the moonlight. Meanwhile, Juliet is distressed due to her inability to kill another person. While all of this is happening, the Capulet followers have found a base of operations and are going to start making plans to overtake the Montague.moreless
    • ""Indulgence" The easiest path ~Justice is~"
      After their kiss, Juliet handed Romeo an embroidery that she made and says her farewell. The next day, Romeo revealed to Hermoine that he is in love with another woman. Then, Romeo received a letter from the supposedly dead Benvolio. He wished for them to meet. What will be revealed in the meeting between the two? Meanwhile, Juliet has started to carry the Capulet sword. Suddenly, an unknown man showed up and revealed to Juliet that the Friar is fooling the townspeople. He might seem good during the day but at night, he gives information over to the guards in exchange for money. What will Juliet do after hearing the information?moreless
    • Naivete: What Justice Is
      The mysterious Tybalt protects Juliet at her most vulnerable hour and forces her to confront the dire truth. Either she ascends to her rightful position - or her beloved city falls.
    • ""Warmth" The Touch of Your Hands ~Just For Now~"
      A new character named Tybalt have saved the day and surprisingly knows Juliet's real name. Who is this Tybalt and how does he know that information? Meanwhile, its the Flower Fair and everyone is having fun. Romeo is walking around when he suddenly sees Juliet. She runs away and Romeo follows her. The two ended up on a bridge where they kissed for the very first time.moreless
    • ""Hope" Hope ~The Entrusted Tomorrow~"
      The Red Whirlwind has arrived but underneath the costume is not Juliet. Instead the Doctor took her place. Suddenly, a stray arrow hit the doctor and instead of running away, he gave up his life to save the men captured by the guards. Meanwhile, the nobles are discussing ways in order to keep the peace in the city. One noble defended the people and was stripped of his rank. This noble was Benvolio's father and they left for the city's outskirts. On their way, they were attacked by the Archduke's guards. Will Benvolio survive to tell this event to Romeo?moreless
    • ""Whirlwind" The Wind Rises ~Blazing Determination~"
      The Red Whirlwind, Neo Verona's only hope, is being hunted by the Archduke's guards. The Archduke also ordered martial law and cutting off the people's food supply in order to hasten the process. With the lack of food, the townspeople have resorted to informing the guards in order to obtain food. The ones who are caught were put into a cage and the guards are planning on burning them to death. Will the Red Whirlwind show up in order to save these people's lives.moreless
    • ""Shyness" One Timid Maiden ~Beaten Down by the Rain~"
      Juliet is still feeling depressed about the true identity of Romeo. She stays in her room for a while then suddenly goes out as Odin(herself but disguised as a boy). She visited the grave of her parents but finds Romeo in a field of irises. Romeo and Cielo notice her presence and Romeo asked her if she would like to ride Cielo. They got on the pegasus and rode off but it immediately started to rain. They found an abandoned house and stayed there. Once inside Romeo finds out Odin's true identity.moreless
    • ""Love" Attraction ~The Cruel Mischief~"
      Juliet is feeling depressed about the revelation of her true identity. This makes her feel ill and makes her unable to meet Romeo. Cordelia wanted to go and realizes that Juliet is meeting with a Noble. She then tells Juliet to not meet that Noble again. In the town, the doctor was arrested and tortured so that he could reveal the true identity of the Red Whirlwind. Juliet hears the news and decided to rescue him. Everything was going well until they were cornered. Suddenly, Romeo arrives and with the scent of Iris coming out of the Red Whirlwind, he decided to help them.moreless
    • ""Promise" The Secret ~The Fragrance of Memories~"
      Romeo is now interested in Juliet. Though he doesnt know her name yet, he is seemed very happy to be able to meet her. Meanwhile, in the Royal Ball, it was announced that Romeo will be wed to Hermoine. How will this announcement affect Romeo? Also, Juliet is celebrating her 16th birthday. Everything was going well until a secret was revealed about Juliet. What is this secret?moreless
    • ""Two of Us" Destiny ~If We Didn't Meet~"
      The Capulet House ruled over Neo Verona. One day the house was attacked and every inhabitant was killed. A sole survivor, Lady Juliet, was able to escape. Years later, Neo Verona is under the rule of the Montague family and Lady Juliet has no recollection of the event in her past. She hides her true identity by living as a boy named Odin. One day, a friend asked her to join her in a royal ball. There, she meets, the young man named Romeo and fell in love with him at that moment.moreless