Romeo X Juliet

Season 1 Episode 24

""Prayer" A New World ~The World In Which You Exist~"

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2007 on CBC
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""Prayer" A New World ~The World In Which You Exist~"
As Romeo goes to stop Juliet from being absorbed by Escalus, he recieves help from Tybalt, Fransisco, and Curio. Romeo saves Juliet from being absorbed by the tree, but Ophelia gets angry and attacks him for interferring. Romeo destroys Ophelia in one blow, but a tree branch from her goes right through him, armor and all. Juliet sees Romeo dying on the ground, and they share his last moment together in each other's arms. Romeo tells Juliet how she was his first love and how happy he was to have ever met her. He says he knows he won't be able to say her name again or see her anymore, and as he gives her one final kiss, he dies in her arms. Juliet, grieving over the loss of her true love, realizes that Romeo stuck with their vow until the very end and she decides to follow her destiny and keep their vow, sacrificing herself to save to Escalus for him. Afterwards, Neo Verona lands on the ocean. The credits gives imformation on the other characters, and also shows Romeo and Juliet together in spirit.moreless
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  • I was so impacted by this finale that I could not stop crying. It was beautifully devastating.

    I don't think I've ever cried harder during a finale. It completely caught me off guard, and I couldn't handle it. This episode crushed my heart and I sobbed after finishing it. I'll never forget that horribly painful moment when Romeo, after being stabbed in the process of freeing Juliet of her dreadful burden, used his last bit of strenth to try and kiss her one last time, only to fall into her arms dead. It utterly killed me. Just thinking about it brings me to tears. And then at the very end as the credits were going by, William made a speech about how the two star-crossed lovers taught them all that love can conquer any emotion, love can bring anyone together no matter what. That quote was so emotionally impacting. Gonzo definitely did the infamous play justice in this version, it will remain one of my favorite series for the rest of my anime-loving life. If haven't seen this series or are getting ready to start it, brace yourself for indescribible beauty, meaning and passion; And the ultimate pain and sorrow. Romeo X Juliet has it all. It's absolutely amazing in every possible way. If you want proof, watch it for yourself and you'll understand completely. True love conquers all.moreless

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