Romeo X Juliet

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  • Romeo X Juliet

    Summary: Although it is a rendition of the classic, this story is 90% different from what William Shakespeare originally wrote ages ago. It keeps the original plot of the star-crossed lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, along with the family feud. That's all that can be said that's been retained from the original story.

    Plot: 10/10

    Arc One: 9.5/10
    Arc Two: 9.5/10

    Characters: 9.0/10

    Voice Acting: 9.0/10

    Music: 10/10

    Animation: 10/10

    Overall: 10/10

    Opinion: I got so addicted to this series that I saw all twenty four episodes in the span of a few days. It is an example of a classic that is changed and made perfect.
  • a reinvented romeo and juliet for the younger generation to hook them on a wonderful shakesphere classic

    romeo and juliet i have no i dea where to start with this wonderful story but it has some traditional sense to it and keeps some faith to the original romeo and juliet script but changes the faimalies up and the timespan is also changed along with the whole situation of how they die is changed to be truthful i actually thought they wouldent die i was so convinced that they wouldent until the end it actually brought me to the verge of tears to see such a wonderful relationship die and in such a shocking way that i wanted them both to come back to life
  • When Romeo met Juliet at the Rose Ball, both of their fates became intertwined through the passion of their love. They vowed to be eternally together in life and death. But with fueding families & Neo Verona in danger, will their love ever be possible?

    It all began in Neo Verona, when 14 years before the main story takes place, the entire royal family of the Capulets were brutally murdered by Montague, in order to gain the title and the power of the Archduke for himself. That is, all of the Capulets except for one, the true Archduke's daughter, Juliet. Hiding her identity, Juliet lived her life in secret, until one day near her 16th birthday, she was mistaken for another girl and taken to the Rose Ball at the palace, where she met her one and only true love, Romeo Montague. It was love at first sight. Romeo X Juliet is by far one of the best, and one of the most heart wrenching anime series I have ever seen. It's definately a personal favorite of mine. This phenomenal show is based on the tear jerking tale of William Shakespeare's classic play, "Romeo & Juliet." Anything written by Shakespeare is nothing short of genius, but the way this series was put together and ever so slightly tweaked to add a little more originality, absolutely amazes me. Each and every character has depth, the plot line is undeniably incredible, and the animation is beautiful in every scene. This action-packed drama is one of a kind, and once you've seen it for yourself, you'll understand exactly what I mean. The romance, the passion, the purity, the tragedy, everything is simply perfect. I gaurentee it will keep you on the edge of your seat. It'll seem as though you're there with the characters, you'll know what they know and you'll feel what they feel. You'll hope and fear along with them. You'll laugh until your sides ache, and you'll cry until your tears run out. I recommend this series to anyone and everyone of all ages. Romeo X Juliet, it's worth watching. It's a show for every hopeless romantic, as well as every thrill-seeker. After you watch this amazing series, you'll just know that there is such a thing as true love. I'm more than positive that you will love it as much as I do. :]
  • Added new depth to the classic William Shakespeare tail Romeo and Juliet.

    I had a few doubt going into this series, but my misgivings were quickly put to rest, I thought it might turn out like the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Romeo and Juliet, the movie was pretty bad. Thankfully the anime series is a whole lot better.

    Romeo X Juliet is a extraordinary anime series. There is the same story of two waring families, and the two children from the families falling in love. There are so many things that make this a great anime series. First the story, sure there's the same classic story, but GONZO added much more and new twists to the story. The world the anime series takes place in is wonderful. A mysterious land floating in the sky, winged horese, and of course the Tree called Escalus. The mystery behind the floating land is the real story. The love story, between Romeo and Juliet is just a added benefit.

    The characters were also amazing. GONZO brought many changes to them, adding more life to them than in the classic play. Characters from Lady Portia(Romeo's Mother), William, Ophelia, and many more.

    Next is the music, which is excellent on par with Fullmetal Alchemist, but a notch below Cowboy Bebop.

    Finally the animation is done by GONZO. The did a stunning job with Romeo X Juliet, it just amazes me how good a job they do.

    Overall Romeo and Juliet is a classic anime series, and is in my top 5 anime series I've seen.
  • An classic love story,based on the well known play "Romeo and Juliet"

    If you love reading Shakesphere plays "Romeo and Juliet" than you would love the anime.This is the best anime ever.Juliet is the only capulet left as she lives pretending to be an man name "Odin" and there is Romeo heir to the throne.Well this is sorta similer to the classic shakesphere story about Romeo and Juliet.This is an awsome show.I hadn't seen the rest of the episode yet.I only had seen one episode.But I am telling you that is anime does look promising for anyone.Who really liked romance anime type thing.I mean I liked the anime because I enjoy reading Romeo and Juliet the play.
  • This show rocks my hypothetical socks off!

    I've laughed, I've cried, and I've attempted to murder Romeo's dad in my dreams. The show has its soft and fluffy points, but also addresses important social issues. And has hard-core action sequences. Romeo's character is a very gentle and loveable one, but there isn't much depth to him at first. Later on he gets some major character development, making his character much more complicated and... backbone-y.

    Juliet's character is very deep from the start: she takes on the role of the masked hero of Neo Verona. Though when behind the mask she is bold and courageous, when she is just being herself or her male alter ego, she is rather timid and shy.

    The artworkn is gorgeous, and I greatly reccoment this show!
  • Romeo×Juliet is a TV anime series, loosely based on William Shakespeare's classic play, Romeo and Juliet.

    On one stormy night, the Montagues of Neo Verona begin a mutiny against the ruling Capulets and murder all of Juliet's parents and siblings. Before they manage to kill her, Juliet is rescued by her father's servants, thus becoming the sole survivor of the Capulet family. Fourteen years later, she encounters the son of the Montague family, Romeo, by chance and the two fall in love. However, only a cruel fate awaits them.....
  • I was expecting a decent adaptation of the Shakespearian play, and was pleasantly surprised that it was so much more.

    I've seen a lot of anime that has sounded impressive, but couldn't live up to its expectations. Romeo X Juliet is one of the few anime shows that has exceeded my expectations. I expected it to be the classic Shakespearian story, maybe with a twist or two, but with this new fantasy take on it, I've found that it is a challenge to predict. The only thing that appears to be "for sure" is that Romeo and Juliet love each other. The rest of the story is literally up for grabs.

    The background music is absolutely amazing, along with the opening and ending themes, and is honestly one of my favorite parts of the show.

    The voice actors are perfect for the roles, and coney the characters and their emotions quite stunningly.

    The animation is beautiful, and the colour palette sets the emotion and "feel" for the series naturally.

    The show also takes on some of the darker aspects of the now-aerial Neo Verona, and not just the Montague's reign.

    I shouldn't say any more, as if you haven't watched the series, I'll be spoiling it for you.

    I highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys anime or twists on classic stories.
  • All you need is Love, Love, Love

    Guess what this anime is about? Thats right its a romance that takes the Shakespearan story and puts it in anime form which was excellently done by the makers of the show.

    Well, we all know the story by now but the creators of the show are doing a great job of making every episode interesting even though we know what is going to happen. Also, there seems to be a revelation of some sort in every episode which makes it great. They also end every episode with a climactic event which makes you want to see the next episode even more. Overall, every episode is very fun to watch. The characters are just truly amazing. They are superbly drawn and their movements are quite fluid, IMO. Their personalities differ greatly from one another which gives variety to the viewers. The voices fits perfectly to the characters which makes the interaction between the characters more realistic. The voices also hold a certain feeling that makes you believe the love between the characters. The show also has one of the most beautiful intro's I've ever seen. The song sounds like the song "you raise me up" and its in Japanese. The singer's voice is beautiful and I cant get enough listening to it over and over again.
    This show is one of the better ones out there. I love every episode but the problem is that the series is still pretty knew. There's not a lot of subbed episodes out there so my viewing is quite limited. Everyone should definitely check it out. You'll fall in love with it the moment you start watching it.