Romeo X Juliet

CBC Premiered Apr 04, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • Added new depth to the classic William Shakespeare tail Romeo and Juliet.

    I had a few doubt going into this series, but my misgivings were quickly put to rest, I thought it might turn out like the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Romeo and Juliet, the movie was pretty bad. Thankfully the anime series is a whole lot better.

    Romeo X Juliet is a extraordinary anime series. There is the same story of two waring families, and the two children from the families falling in love. There are so many things that make this a great anime series. First the story, sure there's the same classic story, but GONZO added much more and new twists to the story. The world the anime series takes place in is wonderful. A mysterious land floating in the sky, winged horese, and of course the Tree called Escalus. The mystery behind the floating land is the real story. The love story, between Romeo and Juliet is just a added benefit.

    The characters were also amazing. GONZO brought many changes to them, adding more life to them than in the classic play. Characters from Lady Portia(Romeo's Mother), William, Ophelia, and many more.

    Next is the music, which is excellent on par with Fullmetal Alchemist, but a notch below Cowboy Bebop.

    Finally the animation is done by GONZO. The did a stunning job with Romeo X Juliet, it just amazes me how good a job they do.

    Overall Romeo and Juliet is a classic anime series, and is in my top 5 anime series I've seen.