Romeo X Juliet

Season 1 Episode 20

""Mission" To Uphold Duty ~One Unwavering Step~"


Full Episode: ""Mission" To Uphold Duty ~One Unwavering Step~"


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Juliet rebels against Lord Montague as the Red Whirlwind to free the people of Neo Verona and successfully captures the outer city. Meanwhile the village Romeo is leading has trouble because the soil kills the seeds they keep planting. As Escalus dies, the land dies. News about Juliet is sent to Romeo, with support from everyone in the village, Romeo rushes to meet Juliet. After meeting with her, Romeo asks her to let him reason with his father once more. In the council of dukes Montague suggests burning the entire common grounds to exterminate the Capulets. With only his adopted son Mercutio in favor, the others refused. Montague then kills the chairmen to persuade the others to accept in fear. Romeo arrives to stop his father and orders him to surrender. But instead of surrendering, his father shows him Escalus. Juliet visits her parents' grave, and there she meets with Ophelia, and finds out that she is destined to die to save Escalus and Neo Verona.moreless
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