Season 2 Episode 14

Art of Deception

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Art of Deception
Angeline is working on an art exhibit with Ponce, a neurotic artist. When the tube containing the band's poster gets mistaken for Angeline's blueprints, Romeo makes the exchange at the museum but accidentally damages Ponce's piece. Not wanting to bother Ang when she's so stressed, Ro, Myra and Louis don disguises, use Angeline's ID, and sneak into the museum to fix the piece. Jodi agrees to baby-sit Marco Fishwick (Gary's former employee), even though Gary doesn't like him. After Jodi encourages Gary to play with Marco and give him another chance, Gary learns that there is more to Marco than he first realized.moreless

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      • Kenneth Reed: Let me grab my spray. We've got ourselves a problem.
        Angeline: Oh. That's supposed to be pepper spray?!
        Kenneth Reed: No, that's my deodorant. I get really nevous at times like this.

      • Romeo: Wow! Myra!
        Myra: Keep a tounge in your mouth, and let's get this thing over with.
        Romeo : You look like a, lady!
        Myra: Romeo, I may be a bit of a outcast in high school, but you have no idea what I have planned for the next phase of my life.
        Romeo: I predict pretty good things!
        Myra: Hang on to my business card kid.

      • Kenneth Reed: Halt!
        Romeo: I'm sorry.
        Kenneth Reed: What are you sorry about?
        Romeo: For whatever you're stoping me for.

      • Jodi: I thought you liked Marco! Wasn't he one one of your paper routes?
        Gary: Yeah. 'Till he borke Mrs. Freston's window. Then he was my personal assistant. 'Till he annoyed me!
        Jodi: How did he annoy you?
        Gary: First off, he asks too many dumb questions. (Imitates Marco) What are you doing? Why are you wearing that shirt today? Have you ever swallowed a button?
        Jodi: So.
        Gary: Let me put it to you this way. When I was in kindergarten, I used to eat the white paste. I admit it! We all did! But it was a phase! Eating paste is something you outgrow!
        Jodi: Marco still eats paste?
        Gary: On his toast (Jodi pretends to throwup)

      • Angeline: Wait, wha, what did you need?
        Louis: Escape from Krypton leval six. I can't find the escape pad.
        Romeo: Guys! Our poster is here!
        Louis, Jodi, Gary: Shhhhh!
        Angeline: Try using your turbo force after you get the cold coin.

      • Jodi: My fucia top is not here. And it did not just get up and walk away.
        Romeo: That's right! It saw you coming and ran away!

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      • Myra: "Wait a second! Lucy, Ethel."
        When Myra says that to Romeo and Lousi that is a reference to the characters Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz from the hit 50s sitcom "I Love Lucy."