Season 3 Episode 4

Baby on Board!

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 07, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • The New Baby is Here.

    The Romeo! show is great for it's comedy and this episode had a lot of it. Natasha was great throughout the episode and very funny. The pre-natal class instructor was kinda loony and the guy that was talking to Romeo was hilarious. I guess Ro didn't really know what a big deal this actually was. I bet the others wish it would've stayed that way because he was over preparing and being a real nuisance. Louis asks Myra out in this episode and they had great chemistry. I wonder why she had a crush on Ro in the first place because her a Lou make a good couple. When Angeline was actually about to have the baby, those were the best moments. All Ro's preparing had fell through and they even left Angeline at the house at first. I hope I don't act that way whenever my wife has a baby. But I probably will. They named the baby Bobby and I guess that's an okay name. The thing I didn't like about this episode is the serious scenes because Master P can't really act too well. He sounded illiterate when he tried to comfort Ro or be sympathetic. But overall the episode was good.