Season 2 Episode 12

Blowing Up

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon



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    • Romeo: Man! I look like a dork on TV!
      Jodi: No you didn't. You looked handsome.

    • Angeline: You guys were awesome.
      Romeo: Well you know how the Millers do it!

    • Hacksaw: Alright people! It's showtime! Everybody comfortable?
      Romeo, Gary, Jodi & Angeline: Yeah.
      Louis: Uh, I gotta teency little cut on the inside of my mouth that's killing me (Everybody's silent and stares at him) ... But, proceed.

    • DJ: It must be, alot of responsibility, fronting the band. Do ya, ever find yourself overwhelmed?
      Jodi: (Listening to the interview on the radio) I'm finding myself overwhelmed.
      : Well, you know like I said, I just love doing what I do. But, you know, rehearsing, writing all the lyrics, coming up with the beats, it can get kinda crazy.
      DJ: I can dig that, I can dig that!
      Jodi: Well excuse me for livin' rhymemaster!

    • DJ: (To Romeo) Look at you, the rhymemaster!

    • Lefty: You don't just, ask for a solo man, you take it. And when you get it, you sell it. Otherwise, you'll always be in the back, sorta to the left.

    • Romeo: Hacksaw, we say Phase 2, how do you do!

    • Gary: What about me?! What about me?!
      Hacksaw: ... You ... mister ... are the cutest kid in the galaxy! Let me see you smile! Yeah, see! You just keep doing that! (Gary doesn't stop smiling)

    • Hacksaw: Yeah! There's the man I know and love!
      Gary: Well take a picture, 'cause you ain't gonna be seeing too much of the from here on out!
      Hacksaw: What's gotten into him?!
      Jodi: Maybe he's tired of carrying Romeo's groceries!

    • Romeo: Well, both my brothers and sister, bring something unique to the group. My sister energy is like a constant motavation. My brother Louis, boy he's great on the keyboards, and keeps us laughing. And believe it or not, Gary, my little brother, he's rock solid on the turntables. He's, sorta like the, glue of our group. He holds everything together.
      Cheryl: So you're headlining show at The Place this weekend marks another step in the development of your group. Any suprises so far?
      Romeo: Well, just one. I realize as we keep making process we need to rely on each other more not less. In the end, I think wherever our music career takes us, it'll bring us closer together. At least I think so.

    • Gary: That show was slammin'!
      Jodi: How would you know? You weren't even born yet!
      Gary: Was it slammin'?
      Jodi: Yeah.
      Gary: So don't bother me with details.

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