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  • Season 3
    • Ro Trip (2)
      Ro Trip (2)
      Episode 13
      The Season 3 ends with Romeo, Louis and Gary that is on an adventure-filled road trip to Los Angeles, where the boys receive news of a potentially career-making gig, but yet there is a catch.
    • Ro Trip (1)
      Ro Trip (1)
      Episode 12
      Romeo, Louis and Gary go on an adventure-filled road trip to Los Angeles, where the boys receive news of a potentially career-making gig, but there's a catch.
    • Tee'd Off
      Tee'd Off
      Episode 11
      Romeo tries to meet a record producer on the golf course. Gary doesn't like a boy that Jodi brings home.
    • Sell Out
      Sell Out
      Episode 10
      Romeo and Luis take a career test. Romeo's results say his career is in car sales. Romeo knows his real passion is music. Luis feels upset when his results say hes not inclined to do anything. Meanwhile, Angeline has not gotten any sleep because of Bobby so Jodi agrees to take care of him for her. Bobby still won't stop crying until Luis holds him. Luis then discovers he has the magic touch.moreless
    • Double Dating
      Double Dating
      Episode 9
      A story: Romeo has turned on the charm a little too much. He's got two different dates for the same night. After sinking a big three pointer to win the school basketball game, a cheerleader named Pamela becomes interested in Romeo. But Ro has his eye on a shy girl from one of his classes named Jessica. Pamela, popular and a little pushy, convinces Romeo to take her out on the same night he already has a date scheduled with Jessica. With the help of Louis, Romeo manages to make it through both dates, but he learns that two girls are too much to handle and finally decides to come clean with both of them.

      B story: Angeline's estranged sister, Olivia, arrives out of nowhere and takes up residence at the Miller household. While Jodi and Gary are taken in by Olivia, Angeline is steadily losing patience with her sister's made up stories and adolescent behavior.moreless
    • The Price Of Fame
      A guy who works for the Seattle Music Beat Magazine, Hal Campo starts to follow Romeo around and take his picture. Romeo doesn't know why he keeps taking his picture. Hal offers Riley money to give him info on Romeo. Romeo can't take it anymore and wants his privacy. Riley and Romeo then come up with a plan with Luis and Myras help to get Hal to leave Romeo alone. They tell Hal Romeo joined a boy band called Bassline. They tell him where Romeo and his band is but it is really an alien party. After Hal fails to get in, Romeo, Luis, Myra, and Riley call and tell him it was an alien party and hes in Mars.moreless
    • The Shot-put Heard ‘Round the World
      Much to everyone’s amazement, Louis breaks the school record for shot-put. Romeo couldn’t be prouder of his brother. People begin to question how he did it and Romeo has to defend his brother. Romeo becomes suspicious after Louis tries to downplay his accomplishment during dinner with the family. Later, Romeo learns that Louis cheated when he finds a shot-put in their room that weighs less than a pound. Lou convinces Ro that he didn’t mean to cheat and thinks everyone will forget about it by tomorrow. When Stanley, the previous record holder confronts Romeo, he tells him that Louis will prove he broke your record fair and square. They decide to have a “Put off.” Romeo takes the roll of Lou’s trainer and makes him believe in himself. Although Stanley kills Louis in the contest, Louis and Romeo are ecstatic because Louis broke his own record for personal best – this time, for real.moreless
    • The Tipping Point
      After a performance, a goofy looking guy named Omar comes up to Ashley and Ro at the club and reveals that he is Ashley's boyfriend. Romeo can't believe it - he's never heard her mention having a boyfriend. What else is she hiding from him? Later, she admits that she's been thinking about ending it with Omar because she has started to have feelings for Romeo. Romeo convinces Ashley to be honest with Omar and break it off now if she doesn't think they are right for each other. Meanwhile, Club Scrape is having a '70s style disco dance contest with the winner getting $500. Ashley convinces Ro to accompany her to the dance. When Omar shows up with a beautiful girl on his arm, Romeo sees Ashley's reaction and realizes that Ashley still has feelings for Omar. He convinces Ashley that they wouldn't make a good couple and patches things up between her and Omar.moreless
    • The Mrs. Landers Incident
      A new student, Stacy-Marie, has moved to Romeo's school and joined his class. Stacy-Marie seems to spend most of her time correcting Romeo in everything from his class work to his basketball game, leading him to see her as an annoying know-it-all. To make things worse, Romeo gets detention from Mrs. Landers after he's caught calling Stacy a suck-up during class. Trying to make Ro feel better, Louis makes Romeo a photo-shopped picture of Mrs. Landers as a witch. Romeo, in turn, attempts to e-mail the image to Jodi as a joke, but accidentally emails it to Mrs. Landers instead. At Ro's insistence, Louis attempts to hack into the school's computer system and delete the e-mail before Mrs. Landers sees it, but Louis is unable to get in. Louis tells Romeo there is only one person who can accomplish the task, Stacy-Marie, the computer expert. In his attempt to try and convince Stacy-Marie to help him out, Romeo gets to know her a little better and realizes that he misjudged her. The two finally become friends as Ro heads for detention.moreless
    • Baby on Board!
      Baby on Board!
      Episode 4
      With Angeline's labor imminent and Percy out of town on a business trip, Romeo is in charge. Romeo sets up a "baby drill" where everyone practices getting Angeline to the hospital quickly. The whole family performs superbly. Of course when the real thing happens, everyone panics and forgets their duties. When Romeo gets lost on the way to the hospital and the car gets a flat tire, the family ends up just barely arriving on time. When complications arise in the delivery, Romeo blames himself. Percy arrives and convinces Romeo that he did a great job acting as the man of the house. We end with the family holding the new Miller baby.moreless
    • Fraternity Ro
      Fraternity Ro
      Episode 3
      Jodi books the band for a frat house gig on campus. Everyone in the band is excited except Romeo. Romeo hasn’t told Jodi that Ashley has replaced her in the band, and when the band arrives to rehearse on campus, the two girls lash out at Ro for not mentioning each other and storm off. Ro and Ashley patch things up right away, but Jodi refuses to forgive Romeo. Only when Jodi sees a video Louis made showing Romeo emphasizing how great Jodi is does she decide to forgive him. Jodi realizes that the reason Romeo didn’t tell her about Ashley is because he is having a hard time accepting the fact that she moved out and is away at school.moreless
    • The Razor's Edge
      The Razor's Edge
      Episode 2
      While at the go-cart track with Romeo, Riley spots a girl (Lainey) from school he has a little crush on. Ro convinces Riley to go talk to her and they hit it off. Unfortunately for Ro, Riley falls head over heels for her and totally changes his personality. He has no time for Romeo and takes up yoga and health foods. Romeo feels like he lost his best friend. After Lainey dumps him, Riley realizes he’s been a bad friend and apologizes to Romeo.moreless
    • Driving Me Crazy
      Driving Me Crazy
      Episode 1
      The streets are a little less safe, Romeo gets his driver’s license! Good thing too, as he needs to drive to a church to meet the band’s potential new singer, Ashley. With Jodi off to college, The Romeo Show needs a replacement for her. Ashley would be perfect – she’s beautiful and has an amazing voice - but she’s not interested in joining Ro’s band. On the way to see Ashley, trouble ensues when Romeo and Lou wreck Gary’s car. Fortunately, they convince someone to fix it cheaply – and he pimps it out, too. When they finally get to the church to hear Ashley sing, Romeo uses his smooth-talking ways and convinces her to join the band for their new weekly gig at Club Scrape.moreless
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