Season 2 Episode 13

Good Press

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • If Peyton's locker is across the hall from Romeo's, then it wouldn't make much of a difference if her foil was in Romeo's locker.

  • Quotes

    • Romeo: Do you need something?
      Jodi: Yeah. I need you to turn on your cell phone. Hacksaw's been trying to call you all morning.
      Romeo: How do you know?
      Jodi: Because he called and told me to tell you to turn on your phone.

    • Romeo: What if I did something like this? (Kisses Peyton on her cheek)
      Peyton: That's ok. Just don't call me your girlfriend!

    • Louis: Dude! Have I ever let you down?! (Silence) ... Recently?!
      Romeo: I guess not.

    • Louis: Man, if you're girlriend knew you were a raging sock stealer, I don't know how she'd take that.

    • Officier Bisner: I was on my way to Dolly's Donuts, for a box of jelly and chocolate sprinkles, not a care in the world. Then I come upon this. Alarms blazin', wires out the wazzu. Pretty fishy. Wanna tell me who's car owns this car?
      Romeo: My, little brother.
      Officier Bisner: Your little brother!

    • Jodi: Well, you do have a little Austin Powers type of thing going on.
      Gary: (Austin Powers impersonation) Oh behave!

    • Louis: Dude! You know I take my feet seriously! I always leave a nice, cushy white pair on Fridays to get the weekend off to a nice start.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Gary: Austin Powers
      When Gary is talking to Angeline and Jodi near the end of the episode, he impersonates Austin Powers and says one of his famous phrases "Oh behave." That is a reference to Austin Powers, of the three Austin Powers movies.