Season 1 Episode 2

He Got Blame

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 20, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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He Got Blame
Romeo joins Louis's team for a big video game competition. When other two other members of the team realize they won't be able to win with Louis on the team, Romeo has a tough decision to make: his brother or the championship. Meanwhile, Jodi and Mrs. Rogers sign up for a charity race.moreless

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      • Mrs. Rogers: (Talking about what she's bringing with her for the race) My cheese wheel!
        Jodi: What's the cheese wheel for?
        Mrs. Rogers: Never travel without a cheese wheel. Whad'ya think I am, insane? (Mrs. Rogers walks away)
        Jodi: Now why would I think that?

      • Romeo: Dang, Louis! you let the wambat zombie bite of my head!
        Louis: It'll grow back.

      • Jodi: What happened to you?
        Mrs. Rogers: Well, uh, well, I was running along and I was doing really well, and then suddenly my knees got mad at me.
        Jodi: Huh?!
        Mrs. Rogers: Oh yeah. They were so mad, that they caused my thighs to cramp, and then my thighs caught an attitude, and they sent a spasm into my lower back.
        Jodi: Well, why didn't you call me?
        Mrs. Rogers: I tried. But, my lower back got t'd off, and sent a jolting pain, through my body, that constricted my throat, and then I keeled over, in that gentlemen's hedge, and I loaded into his wheelbarrel. (Mrs. Rogers starts to cry)

      • Louis: (Talking about Romeo playing video games) Look at him go!
        Mick: Dude, you're insane!
        Romeo: Yeah, baby. I'm in the zone! I'm the game and the games is the Ro.
        Mick: Aw, you got sick skills man!
        : I'm just warming up.
        : Nothings gonna stop us from winning.
        Romeo: Yeah! (Romeo starts doing dance) Who's bad? I'm bad!

      • Louis: I only got 63,004 points! I guess I should've brought my lucky rock.
        Mick: Better be a pretty big rock to help that score.

      • Romeo: (Playing one-on-one basketball with Louis) Romeo Miller, grabs the rock, fakes left, fakes right, oohhh! Goes by Louis like he's not even there.
        Louis: Man you walked!
        Romeo: Man, I flew!

      • Louis: OK Ro, now I got my lucky rock! So, its time for me, to school you.
        Romeo: School me!? Son, I got a PHD in make you look a fool. I got a master degree, in three pointers. I'm the doctor of dunkology.
        Louis: (Louis scores a layup against Romeo) You were saying, doc.
        Romeo: Hey. You got real skills you don't need no lucky rock.
        Gary: C'mon guys, can I play now?!
        Romeo: Watch and learn peewee. I'm the boss, and this is my office. (Romeo does a slam dunk and breaks the rim)
        Gary: Woah.
        : Way to go, Shaq. Now what're we gonna do?
        Gary: Can I play now?
        Romeo: OK Gary, now you can play. (Gary gets taped to backboard and pretends to be a basket)
        Gary: This is not what I meant!

      • Gary: Hello sir. I came to tryout for the team.
        Louis: You can't be on the team, but, you can watch.
        Gary: But I can really play!
        Louis: Gary, this is my team, and, I say you're too little, so, the answer's no.
        Gary: Man! That stinks! (Jumps on Louis' foot)

      • Mick: That's right, that's right, that's right! Sucka! What! What! Who's your video daddy?! Who's your video daddy, huh?! What?! Who's your video daddy?! Who's your video daddy, huh, huh, huh?! I said who's your video daddy?!
        Romeo and Louis: You!

      • Jodi: But Mrs. Rogers, what about raising money for the charity?
        Mrs. Rogers: Charity schmarity! You're 16! I'm--I'm a couple short years older than that, but I'm way too old for this.

      • Romeo: 'Cause he's my brother. And I can't hurt his feelings like that.
        Mick: Feelings? What are you, a girl?

      • Percy: Mmmm, something sure smells good in this kitchen. You sure I'm in the right house?

      • Percy: (To Mrs. Rogers) You, have the will power of cottage cheese.

      • Mrs. Rogers: (About running in ten mile race) So what, its a good cause. No pain no game. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. You wanna start something, start jumping. Every journey begins with the first step. (Mrs. Rogers starts jump-roping and falls) Ow! Ohh!
        Jodi: Ugh. This is gonna be a long journey.

      • Percy: Is winning more important than your brother's feeling's?
        Romeo: Man, I can't just keep thinking about people's feelings all the time like I'm some kind of girl!
        Percy: And what does being a girl have to do with it? I mean, being sensitive, is a good thing. It's what helped you write good music, right?
        Romeo: I guess so.
        Percy: Trust me son, girls like sensitive guys.
        Romeo: Really? Are you sensitive dad?
        Romeo: Mmmmhhh. (Rubs stomach) Right about here. Ooohhh.
        Romeo: You need to lay off that sweet potato pie!
        Percy: I know son. But sometimes, sensitivity, doesn't guarantee good sense.

      • Romeo: I guess I take the lead on so much stuff, that you want you're chance to shine, huh? Louis: Jodi was right! It's like you can read my feelings!
        Romeo: Put a cap on the feeling talk OK!
        Louis: But Romeo, you're so sensitive!
        Romeo: You looking to get smacked upside the head by a wombat zombie?! (Louis runs away) I didn't think so!

      • Jodi: I would be upset, but that song was tight!
        Romeo: You're complimenting me?!
        Louis: Ro! check this out!
        Romeo: Hold up, Jodi's complimenting me! That's more rare than a big foot sighting. Continue.
        Jodi: All I'm saying is, the words were so true. I mean, it's like, you have the mind of a teenage girl. (Gary and Louis start laughing)
        Romeo: That's a compliment?
        Jodi: Of course! You're sensitive little bro. You have, deep feelings, like us girls. (Gary and Louis start laughing again)
        Gary: Romeo's a girl!
        Louis: With deep feelings!
        Romeo: (To Gary) Keep that up and you'll be taped forever! (To Louis) And I got plenty left for you!
        Jodi: (To Romeo) Let's get together later, and we can have hot chocolate, and talk, and come up with some more songs about how girls really feel. Siya.
        Romeo: I'm only writing songs about basketball from now on!

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