Season 1 Episode 4

Minimum Cool

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 27, 2003 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Booker: Here, I picked these for you. (Gives Jodi flowers)
      Jodi: I don't wanna here about anything you picked, booger!
      Louis: Aw, they really do make a nice couple.
      Romeo: Y'know what, things have really been looking up since you've been back.
      Gary: Yeah, I saved the day, now its time to pay.
      Romeo: There you go. (Romeo and Louis pay Gary)
      Gary: Do you think 'cause I'm little, I can't count?! We said, $20! Give it up!
      Romeo: Alright little man. Growing up smart just like your big brother.

    • Mrs. Rogers: Flowers from, Jay-Z. And, cookies from WIll Smith.
      Gary: Big Willie, that's my dog!

    • Gary: That's not fair!
      Jodi: You're so tiny, they probably couldn't see you over the turntables.
      Gary: That's not funny!
      Jodi: Actually, it is! I mean, you're the only DJ in the rap-game that needs a booster seat.
      Gary: Cut it out!
      Jodi: OK, I'm sorry. Sorry you're so short!

    • Romeo: If there's one thing we now, its the taste of our audience, right Louis?!
      Kid: (Louis gets hit in the face with food) Food fight!
      Louis: Yeah. Our audience tastes like macaroni and cheese.

    • Louis: So, this is what we've come to, playing empty, middle school lunchrooms. What's the next stop, gas station restrooms?

  • Notes

    • What it said on Gary's contract:


      I, Jodi Miller, promise not to disrespect Gary Miller ever again. And to make up for the cracks I made, I owe you big time, and will do whatever it takes to pay you back.

    • Romeo and Louis go to Hendrix Middle School.

    • Myra (Brittney Wilson) doesn't appear in this episode.

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