Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Sep 18, 2004 on Nickelodeon



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    • Coach Morgan: We have to reach deep, into that bowling alley inside of us, we call our soul! That's, what champions do! The object of the game, is simple. Like life, stay out of the gutter. OK, lets go over there, meet our opponents, and more importantly, order our pizza.
      Romeo: Wait!
      Coach Morgan: Ro-Bowl! You're late.
      Romeo: I know. And I'm sory I acted lame the other day.
      Milt: So, you know who we are now?
      Romeo: Yeah I do. You're the Kegglers! You're my team. And I'm down to play if you'll take me back.

    • Angeline: So you feel good?
      Romeo: Real good.
      Angeline: You should. Because good people, make good decisions.
      Louis: (Louis runs into the room) Need, more, ice cream!
      Angeline: Sometimes good people, make bad decisions.

    • Louis: And on top of that, now I'm Myra's man servant!
      Romeo: Sweet!
      Myra: (In the garage) Louis!
      Louis: How long am I gonna have to wait on her majesty hand and foot.
      Angeline: Well I could get on the phone right now and tell your daddy everything you did. Louis: Eh, no need. Coming your majesty!

    • Romeo: (Louis makes Romeo lose his arcade game) Aw, Lu! You just vaporized a trillion andromedia! And they're good people!

    • Coach Morgan: Gosh, I'm good!
      Romeo: So am I!
      Louis: I know! Who are you?!

    • Coach Morgan: Kegglers! I want you to meet Romeo Miller! I think he's just what we've been looking for. He's got a, golden arm, and uh, I've got an empty trophy case.

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