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  • One of the best shows that made my childhood.

    I really love the series. Since the series was made by the genius himself: Tom Lynch. I find this show to be one of the best shows ever made.
  • how can I watch all episodes for free

    How come I can't watch it here on my favorite show from back then,I was like five or six when I start watching this show but I want to watch the episodes
  • The Romeo show should be released on DVD.

    I wish they can release this on DVD.
  • I use to love watching this show, a teenage boy name Romeo with good comedy and self-acting it's really awesome and great with storylines 10

    I use to watch this show when I was a little young, at was a house one day and I press to see if there was any shows I could watch and it was this one The Romeo singer lol back in the days I remember my childhood it had good acting good actors and good songs this is one of the best nickelodeon shows in history it's like huh this tv show just Jordan, Andre 3000, or any other show that It could be related to I love this! I will score this as a better family made sitcom but nowadays they don't show the old cartoons or black sitcoms anymore but it's ok I like the new ones like fanboy cum or whatever that is or something like I don't know lol but ya this show was the bomb I do not care who hates this show hate how ever you want it but this is my favorite show ever.
  • good show, good show...

    i remember when i was young, i liked this show, i thought it was decent. every morning, i would make myself cereal and eat while watching this. it's not as funny as drake and josh, or kenan & kel, but still, pretty decent. i kinda miss this show now.
  • This was a nice show!!

    Romeo was a really good show!! It featured the young rapper, Lil Romeo. Him and his sister Jodi, Brother Gary, and Foster brother Louis, would make music. They would often perform in concerts and other places. This show dealt with family issues that other families are forced to deal with. It deals witht the issues of growing up as well and how people change while in the process of growing up. I loved this show sooo much. However, they dont show it anymore. I dont kno why! Nick always has to take out the good shows and put in the bad ones. I hope they bring this back!!!
  • How can anyone enjoy this?

    This is a show about the rapper Romeo, he only has a show because of his father who I never really heard of until this show came on the air. This show is really dumb. In the first season when Mrs. Rogers was there it was terrible. Then the other seasons got better when Mrs. Rogers left, but it still was pretty bad. Also, in one episode when Romeo dates that one girl and her father hates rap Romeo like tries to force rap music on him. Ok, Romeo rap sucks like you. Don't force it on people if they don't like it. I know it was just a show, but still. I'm glad that this show no longer appears on my TV.
  • Romeo! is actually a good show! I don't know why people don't like it..

    Personally, Romeo is one of the most decent shows on television. Most of the news shows coming out these days have a ton of violence in them, guns, all that junk. Romeo isn't like that! Romeo is a great family show, that I even got my mom to watch one time. It provides you with a few laughs, it has no bad parts in it, like the violence I brought up earlier, and there is no bad language in it whatsover. For the show, Romeo is a good actor, and any kid could look up to him. Now, I haven't gotten to see the show lately because it is hardly on television anymore because a lot of people don't like the show! But I did hear it is coming back for a 4th season and I hope so. If it does, I'll watch it!
  • Hey its the Romeo Show!!!!

    The rapper stars in his own show with his father.Which is called "The Romeo Show" all about an family brothers and sister who has their own band.Their father is an manager and all that kind of stuff.Seriously this was an decent show.Altough when it came to its 3rd or 4th season.I stopped watching it.It does sound confusing.Ok Ms.Roger,I never knew what had happened to her after Season 2.For anyone who loves little romeo than enjoy the Romeo show.After it ends than its over as it ment to be over.
  • Three kids plus an adoption form a band. Live life semi-normally. except for the one twist. Their father produces records big time. Join these bandits as they search for the keyhole to success.

    Romeo is one of those shows that you can watch when youre home alone sick, but sometimes the acting is a little poor. The storyline that they follow is very relateable in terms of the teenages going through problems with school and family. But it seems a litte unrealistic that a record producing father wouldnt sign his children. Dont get me wrong, I love Romeo and Gary (Zac) is so tiny and cute. I don\'t get the latest episodes here in Australia but I\'m guessing they get better ? ? ? Overall its a good show but not an addictive show.
  • i wouldnt be caught dead watching this show.

    the show romeo is again the worst show ever showed on nickelodeon. what i think is that no one really likes him and he is just coping bow wow and just using teenick for publicity. and why almost every episode about romeo finding a girl? they barely have a new topic.
  • When you\\\'ve got a rapping, record producing dad, two brothers and a sister to deal with, life can be pretty crazy. But aspiring rapper and middle school b-ball star Romeo Miller never loses his cool. Well, almost never. Music holds the M

    How is it that this show gets such bad ratings but Hannah Montana gets high praise. Embrace the culture, Hannah Montana is a self-indulgent piece of crap. Romeo is very ammusing and a breath of fresh air. Some people will watch it for one episode and rule it a waste of time. Understand culture much different than hannah montana but similar story. In this one Romeo and his band are trying to make it big. On hannah montana she is a star and her secret identity who is miley or lily cant remember. Truthfully black shows always get this typecast as being crap or lame shows, before you judge understand what\\\'s going on behind them.
  • I am sorry.. but this is one of the most stupidest show on nick, no, T.V.!

    { Only doing this to bring my reviews up, okay? }

    Well..when i first saw this show..i thought it was one of the most dumbest things ever to hit Nick. What shocks me the most is that they put this show on TEEN nick..

    I am sorry, but what teen would watch this crap? Sorry to all of those who in someway enjoy this show, but i got to be brutally honest with ya.

  • SOOOOOOOO Dumb I dont like its Really Dumb!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate this show so much it makes me sick the nanny is smokin somthin it is really dumb it is one of the dumbest things on tv next to catscratch and camp lazlo I hate it makes me want to burn my tv or throw it out the window or makes me want me to throw up really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is about a boy, who's name is Romeo Miller, who has 3 sibilings, a sister Jodi Miller, 2 brothers Gary Miller, and Louis Testaverde (Romeo's adopted brother). His father is Percy Miller (Master P) and his step mother, Angeline Eckert Miller.

    I LOVE this show!!!!! and is not a waist of time!!!
    I really like it and I haven\'t missed any show since it started \'cauz is the best well the second best (for me) I accually can\'t get enough of it......if there were a Romeo! show marathon for like a whole week I\'ll watch it and still not get tierd of it!!!!! I could evern watch the same episode over and over and over again!!!!!!
    I just hope they never cancel it.....I know they'll cancel it but I really hope is in a really long time!!!!
  • romeo is a teenager.he is like 16 or 15.

    romeo is a teenager .he has three brothers and one sis. the brothers and sis. have a band together .they want to be big stars .romeo goes to high school .he want to be a singer .one brother is a dj .he has a bady brother . they have a good time everyday with his brothers .
  • Who in the right mind would watch this show???

    Why does anybody like this show, its terrible, stupid, and waaaaaay too repetitive. This guys lyrics are even worse than 50 cent's;(We dont go nowhare without toast - 50 Cent's "Wanksta")

    What is that supposed to mean???
    Anyway, the only reason this show is even still on the air is because girls think hes hot. But half of them only think that because hes rich. If you ask me, he should use some of that money to go to acting school. Has anyone noticed how much he looks at the camera. Also, in the show, all he has to do is look at a girl and he has a girlfriend, theres no "Hi, whats your name" like there is be in REAL LIFE!!!
  • sorta good

    this is totally original and classic a cute guy in a band (well not usually in a band) and gets tons of girls classic and boring, I\'m not sure whitch show came first but i declare this show a parody of Drake & Josh. an exact show evept this one is worse. theres nothing funny about this show really little parts are funny andthat why i gave it a rating higher than 2.5, boring show. the music isn\'t bad but take the rap out of it. Drake\'s music is cool and even though it sometims dosen\'t make sense its still better than Romeos
  • Vieff

    I'ts a reall cool show and I watch it whenever I can. I also love Romeo soooooooooo much! He's reall prrfect and he has a great smile....................... xD so i really don't know why people say that its a bad show. Because it's not. I don't want show where people kiss eachother every 5 min. I think its very funny and i just looooooooooooooooooove romeo.
  • its like i hate his music but i cant denie the show is interesing

    i mean he sucks at acting period but whoever writes the scripts should be doing bigger and better things w/ they\'re time i mean like the show is far,far,far,away from my favorite but it gets my attention and the story lines are amazing and nick is 1 of my favorite networks but the guy who writes for the show should be on a much bigger network its an alright show but i think they should do a spin off of one of they\'re older shows so i would\'nt mind if they cancelled it but if i dont have anything to watch one sunday night i tune in but w/ everybody hates chris on sundays now i probally wont see to much of it any more.
  • The show is O.K but the main idea of the show does not seem to exsist

    The story line is a little bit visible, but it is very limited. The show is just about a rap star who is on the baskerball team to me. No other information to help me determine the show exsists. It is also hard to tell somebody's personality(Excpect for Romeo's)Everyone seems to be at random behaviors a lot of the time. The episodes are also totally diffrent and much too all over the place. You would not see me making submissions to this show because i just cannot understand what the real maqin thought is. I will settle to watch the show oftten, and it does contain little humor value, but i wish it were more clear.
  • This is a great example of why I'm an anime fan.

    Because fangirls/boys of real life people are scary. Oh, wow Romeo is hot, so I'm going to watch his crappy show and be brainwashed into thinking that they actually like it.

    Unless they do... if bad acting, superficial people, and boring storylines are their thing, they might. I mean no offense, but come on!

    There is nothing worthwhile about the show itself. The people are probably reading off of little note cards while they're still taping, they're so fake.

    Is Nick under new management or something? It must be because they keep dealing us crappy show after crappy show. I remember that there was a time... way back when as a little child that I could watch Nick for the longest time without having to change the channel because of stupid shows. Maybe I was just as naive as everyone else though and Nick really did always have bad shows.

    Wake up and get a good whiff of reality please! There is nothing good about this show.
  • This thing sucks!

    This thing sucks. Why did they keep this dog crap on Nickolodeon. Before your about to watch this show change the channel. I mean its sooooo boring. Nothing happens on it. It flat out sucks. They should of took this mess off of nick the first year it came out. Jeesh I dont know why anyone likes this show . My brother drags me in the living room every time it comes on and when it goes of he says \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" You missed the whole thing. You were knocked out dead.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Onother time was when me and him were at home olone and the cable went out he started crying\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" it was getting to the good part.Whaaaaa!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" I mean god I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m sick of that!!
  • its really fun except 4 the part that they are tooooo artficial,but lil romeo is soooo cut i wish he could be my boyfriend

    It is a show about a teenager`s life...lets say like me i am 13 years old,i dream a lot..just like lil romeo...but they have got to stop acting artificially,let them be natural....the adopted brother should start acting like areal brother,the sister...should get the wannabe type out of herslf coz she makes everything so boring.....the father master p....should put a little bit of reality into it...he is being ridiculous...he should be a real dad....wat happenedd to the wife anyway?the house keeper is fine...she should be kept,the home is rather cute....though the little brother should also be more nateral than he actually is otherwise the show should be acted with care..thank you
  • this show was great to watch and it was very interesting. But each season it had been gotten lamer.

    This is a reality type show about a boy who is raper named
    Romeo. He is student and goes to school and have hard time like average teens and learns lessons. This show is getting worst every season. One of the thing that made the show worst was geting new mom insted of that funny lady with the dog. I think she was funy compare to the new mom who is serious and completely boring.
  • This show is about a kid that like basketball and rapping.

    This show is ok now and then. I think that they have improved thier plots in the new season or I would have gave them a even lower rating. I think that if they keep the show funnier than maybe people might watch it. I rarly ever watch it because some episodes are pointless and waste peoples times.
  • I love this show!

    I love this show. It probably my all-time favorite show. It's a must see for me and if I even think I'm gonna be busy when it comes on I set my television to record it. Some people say Romeo is being fake but come on he is acting. It is a show on nick. But yeah I love this show.
  • It all went downhill from here.

    This show is terrible. I can't even imagine why Nick would have taken it. I can't belive that thi show is coming back, accoring to this site. This is one of the wrost shows ever, and what I like is one of the lowest on Nick itself. The episodes, plots, and camera angles are corny, and the characters can't act. I couldn't stand this show when it first came out, and now I'm mad. How can Nick say it doesn't have any room from the old shows, which were good, but they have enough time to put on this piece of junk. I don't know what to say.
  • The worst show on Teenick!

    Romeo shouldn\\\'t have started his own show. The show makes no sense! What is the plot of the show? I don\\\'t get this show.The show better get better in their next season. This is the lowest ranking I\\\'ve ever givin to a TV show. I could see why it got a 5.3. The first time I saw it was the last time I\\\'ll ever see it again.

    Why does Nick let these dumb shows in?

    Come on Nick, you can do better than that.

    Just cancel this show already. No one in my class likes this show. They only talk about The Suite Life of Zacka and Cody. That show is much better!
  • This is a Personal favorite of mine. On Teenick every Sunday night!

    This show is a good show because it helps me with everyday life dealing with brothers and sisters and going to school and being on a baskteball team. It seems like it is hard to do and that\'s why I like that show. That show is cool because Roemo is a cool guy. So in all, this show is not a complete waste of time! So ever\'body who out there sayin\' this show is a waster of time, well you is a waste of time, becuase this show ain\'t goin\' no were and I like this show.

    Watch the show, it might help you understand everyday life much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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