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  • dis show sucks

    I can't believe this show even got more than 1.0. Like when i first watched it, it was way corny. it is so unoriginal and the star of the show doesn't fit in as the 'STAR'. Why do Nickelodeon even make this junk. It is way unoriginal. i hate it.
  • Stick to rappin' dude.

    We know that Romeo is a rapper, but we don't need to see him in a tv show showing his rappin' skills off. This is pathetic and pitiful to Nick's ratings & the timeslot that was taken up to be replaced with this. Just take this off to make everyone happy.
  • this show sucks

    I cant believe Nick is even considering another season. I get more fun watching the discovery channel. This show is basically one of the worst shows in the history of Nick. Romeo tries to act all cool but he cant even sing or ACT! I would never suggest this show to anyone! Not even the people I dont like!
  • I like This Show...

    I like This Show and I think its Underappreciated. This Show deserves Better then a 5.4. It my not be the best show But it Defitly does NOT deserve a 5.4... Romeo Is Funny, cool, and kinda cute. I named my cat after him... His song was in my head and I needed a name 4 my cat... but thats not the point.The Romeo Show Is Good and Deserves Better.
  • How can anyone go above a 2 for this show.

    I'd like to say first that I gave actor Lil Romeo a 0 before reviewing this pierce of show because he one of the main reasons I don't watch this garbage.

    I don't get how anyone can acctually give this show above 2 mark since the show is stupid. The actors are the worst lineup in TV history. This show leads me to questions like; What have you done Nickelodeon?
  • This show is borring!

    A family strats a band and their dad owns a record company! You'd think that they already made it big, right? Wrong! The show is so gay, that if you tried to pay attention, you couldn't! The star, Romeo, is totally big on his ego! He thinks he's the coolest, when he doesn't rap very well! The dad is doing a good thing not giving them a contrack, cause anr't we all sick of family bands? I am!
  • "Romeo!" is basically about aspiring rapper Lil' Romeo and his fictional struggle with school, music and growing up. In Season 1, the Miller family (Louis, Jodi, Gary, Mrs. Rogers, and Mr. Miller aka Master P) have a nanny called Mrs. Rogers. In the secon

    I used to love this show until Mrs. Rogers left and Angeline came on. Angeline is too strict; I'm getting bad vibes from her. Mrs. Rogers is sooooo funny! She gave the show some oomph while Angeline is... bleh. Also, is the second season, Romeo is too grown up. On each episode, it's always about him dating Peyton or some other girl. He has a new girlfriend every week! Blech.
  • romeo is better than perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is sooooo freakin' FYNE!!!!!!

    i love romeo !!!!!!!!!! he is so freakin' FYNE !!!!! when he was 15 he had his own house , 3 cars and 3 albums this kid is rich !!!!!!! him and his dad are like the richest people in the world !!!!! i'm sure's there's richer but !!!!!! anyways i love him !!!!!!
  • It smells like a dumb show.

    So it must be a dumb show. I can't this mild The Nanny rip-off. Kids get a new nanny after scaring off the others, like the new one. That was on the Nanny, by the was a good show. This crap is not, why it's a teen show. The only teen show that should not be sent to a landfill, is that 70's show. That 70's show should go in with the all time classic shows. This junk, Romeo, should not see the light of day again.
  • He's Rapping because of his Father Grand Master.P,I'd Agree with schynzofroggy. So he's showing off on T.V.

    I don't like this show it just about him showing off his rapping skills to everyone BOOOOOOOOO! Nick has made yet another Dumb mistake of putting this Garbadge on air just to show off his raps.Whats the Freaking Point of this show i'll tell you Crap! Please don't watch this show.
  • Seriously, how has this show lasted so long.

    Before I start, I personally have nothing againts kids show. I'm a fan of Danny Phantom, Ned's Declassified, and Avatar, I just really hate this show.

    Let the record state tha Romeo can't act to save his life. Everyone's acting skills in this show is mediocre at best. Even though they try so hard, none of them are funny. None of the characters are interesting or worth mentioning. The worst part is they don't put any emotion into their work. It's like they're readding directly from their script.

    There isn't much to say about the show. The only reason I can fathom why they show has lasted so long is just to boost Romeo's cred with the kids.
  • Possibly the worst show to ever be broadcast on TV.

    I hate this show. Here's what I hate about it, in a nutshell. The laugh track sounds exactly the same every !@#$ time. And the jokes aren't funny (Or at least if they have the potential to be funny the "Actors" deliver them badly). It's like the writers got a book of clichés out of the library. The wacky nanny who says "wacky" things (Que laugh track), the nauseatingly cute little brother (Que awwww), the main character Romeo who's purpose in this show is to rap badly and talk ghetto, the resident adopted white kid who we're supposed to feel sorry for because he's an orphan (Que Aaaaww) and the dad, played by himself. I hate this show.
  • It time for the Romeo Show!!

    This show is one of my personal favourites. If your wondering why then let me tell you. It has comedy, romance and lots more. Romeo the famous young rap star now stars in his own show. Of course i like the cast. Mrs Rogers is my most favourite character. Master P who happens to be Romeo's dad in real life stars as himself with his son. Characters like Louis, Jodi and Gary also cool. This show is one of Nickelodeon's best live action shows along with Drake & Josh, All That and The Brothers Garcia. Romeo is a true star and having a series of his own makes him even more coller. Peace Out!!!
  • romeo is a rapper

    this show is the best show around,it is the best hip-pop show ever this show and in the show masterp is his real life dad,this show is the best show around cause romeo is a rapper in the show and he also a rapper in real life too,this show is awesome.
  • The Romeo show, is a poorly written, poorly acted Nickelodeon show. When I saw that Romeo won the Kid's choice award for best lead actor, I was disgusted. What's next Keanu Reeves get's an Oscar? The worse Nickelodeon show ever.

    The worse Nickelodeon show ever.The jokes fall flat on their faces and Lil Romeo and Master P can't act at all. The storylines are predictable and the plot of the series is lame. This is the worse Nickelodeon show ever, if you want to watch better Nickelodeon show's that actually are entertaining watch Nick's declassified. I was digusted when in the Kid's choice awards they gave Romeo the best actor. Best actor? He can't act at all. What are they going to do next give Keanu Reeves an oscar? Just horrible to watch. Nickelodeon totaly flopped on this project. Lame idea, lame show. The reason people like Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents is because they are funny and the plot's are good. This show has a bad plot.
  • I have to agree with schyzofroggy, he is a rapper only cause his dad is Master P., and the show is a waste of time. Read to find out why.

    Okay, it's another teen show. And all of you that have read a few of my reviews can tell that I hate teen shows. I mean seriously, it's a show about a teen's life, do we want to watch someone else's life, well not me for sure. Anyways it's a show about Romeo's mostly fictional life, and nothings funny and it's boring!!! The only reason he has a show is pretty much to comercial his CDs and songs, waste of time! Hence, it's a 30min. commercial for Romeo's songs and boring as Rugrats, mabye even mor boring. :O
  • I hate this show

    Okay, the only reason Romeo is any where in the rap world today is because his dad's Master P. He has not talent what so ever. This show was basically only created so he can show off his rapping skills, cause it seems to me thats all he ever does on the show.
  • The Romeo Show is my personal favorite and my best friend!

    I have got to say that Romeo! is my all time favortie and no one can take that away from me! He is really cool on there! That show is tight! My mom cracks me up when she says,"Romeo be over acting on there!" But I think it's cute when they over act. Like Raven Symone! I think its funny when they over act!!! I love his show and him!!!
  • Yo this is a review for the romeo show. This is a very tight show and it is one of my favorites

    Yo im Brandan Bonds.Im 13 and Ilive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Yo dis is the tightest show on Nick other than Danny Phantom, Anyway that show is a very tight show, it deals with comedy, drama and lots of other things so you know this show is one of my favborites and its tight so just keep doing good. Peace.
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