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  • This is a great example of why I'm an anime fan.

    Because fangirls/boys of real life people are scary. Oh, wow Romeo is hot, so I'm going to watch his crappy show and be brainwashed into thinking that they actually like it.

    Unless they do... if bad acting, superficial people, and boring storylines are their thing, they might. I mean no offense, but come on!

    There is nothing worthwhile about the show itself. The people are probably reading off of little note cards while they're still taping, they're so fake.

    Is Nick under new management or something? It must be because they keep dealing us crappy show after crappy show. I remember that there was a time... way back when as a little child that I could watch Nick for the longest time without having to change the channel because of stupid shows. Maybe I was just as naive as everyone else though and Nick really did always have bad shows.

    Wake up and get a good whiff of reality please! There is nothing good about this show.