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  • When you\\\'ve got a rapping, record producing dad, two brothers and a sister to deal with, life can be pretty crazy. But aspiring rapper and middle school b-ball star Romeo Miller never loses his cool. Well, almost never. Music holds the M

    How is it that this show gets such bad ratings but Hannah Montana gets high praise. Embrace the culture, Hannah Montana is a self-indulgent piece of crap. Romeo is very ammusing and a breath of fresh air. Some people will watch it for one episode and rule it a waste of time. Understand culture much different than hannah montana but similar story. In this one Romeo and his band are trying to make it big. On hannah montana she is a star and her secret identity who is miley or lily cant remember. Truthfully black shows always get this typecast as being crap or lame shows, before you judge understand what\\\'s going on behind them.