Romeo! - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Friends and Lovers
    Friends and Lovers
    Episode 20
    Romeo has trouble getting a date for the school dance because of Myra; Percy's cousin Bubba comes to visit, so the Miller family has to be out on alert because everytime "Bubba" visits it means at least a week of bad luck.
  • Oh What a Tangled Website

    Myra creates a web page for the band, however as things don't go each of their way things backfire. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers becomes a pet psychic.

  • Field Trippin'
    Field Trippin'
    Episode 18
    Romeo and Gary discover that their favorite pro wrestling star, Insane Johnny Blame, is in town to accept an award. The boys slip away from a class field trip and sneak into Johnny's hotel room in an attempt to meet their idol. The wrestler goes ballistic when he finds them in his room and, in the ensuing chaos, the boys accidentally break his award. Ro and Gary manage to escape, but are stunned to learn that Percy has brought Johnny home for dinner. Also, Louis helps Jodie get ready for a date.moreless
  • Right Place/Wrong Rhyme
    Jodi becomes a model and quits the group. Romeo and Louis search for a new lead singer. They go through a lot of people, but then find Myra. Myra is unhappy with the song Romeo picks for the contest they are performing for, and Romeo quits unless the band will play his song. Meanwhile Jodi's manager is too happy with himself and doesn't treat Jodi with respect.moreless
  • Hip-Ro-Tize
    Episode 16
    Romeo tries to learn hypnosis so he he can hypnotize Percy. Accidentally, he hypnotizes Mrs. Rogers into thinking she's a dog and causes a big riot at the park. Meanwhile, Jodie is having trouble making her sculpture for her art class.
  • Your Cheatin' Heart
    Your Cheatin' Heart
    Episode 15
    Romeo and Louis attempt to expose Jodi's new baseball-playing boyfriend for the cheat they know he is, but it takes calling up all his girlfriends to do so. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers helps Gary find the perfect science experiment to win a blue ribbon at school.
  • Write Me A Hit
    Write Me A Hit
    Episode 14
    Rather than write his book report, Romeo tries to snag a gig at rich girl Sable Fox's Sweet 13 party. He figures a way out of his dilemma by enlisting Myra to write his report for him, but his scheme backfires when Myra gets jealous of the attention Sable's receiving from Ro. Meanwhile, Percy thinks the kids are spending too much money, so Mrs. Rogers gives Jodi driving lessons.moreless
  • Water, Water, Everywhere!
    Romeo discovers that Gary's swim coach is related to a famous record producer, so he and Louis hesitantly try out for the swim team in an attempt to hustle a connection for the band. The only problem is that Romeo can't swim! Louis' tryout efforts gain him a spot on the team, and the coach offers Romeo an irresistible deal – if he takes lessons from her, she will present their band's demo to her uncle, the record producer. Will a record deal help him overcome his fear? Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers goes on a spending spree, using Percy's money to buy useless household gadgets, and Jodi must utilize her recently obtained knowledge of Psychology 101 to figure out why.moreless
  • The April Fools
    The April Fools
    Episode 12

    Romeo and Louis' attempt to become the school's number one prankster backfires when they accidentally destroy a precious school trophy. Myra uses her evidence-collecting abilities to find the vandals, and when she discovers it was Romeo, she blackmails him into being her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers attempts to prove herself able to cornrow Gary's hair, despite her race.

  • Playin' Favorites
    Playin' Favorites
    Episode 11

    After Mrs. Rogers accidentally wins a contest to meet the Rock, Romeo and Jodi compete to be her guest. Meanwhile, Gary tries to impress the young sister of Louis's friend while trying to understand his feelings about her.

  • A Little So'em So'em for Christmas
    It's shaping up to be a blue Christmas in the Miller household, with Percy unable to catch a flight home, while Romeo and Louis are sweating his arrival because Gary inadvertently donated to the River Creek House (where Louis lived for a year until he was adopted by the Millers) their dad's most prized possession: the watch his wife gave him before she died, which Romeo and Louis intended to give their father for Christmas. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers can't find her Christmas spirit away from the circus.moreless
  • Da New Hotness
    Da New Hotness
    Episode 9
    Romeo has some competition from the new boy at school. Meanwhile, Percy has trouble accepting Jodi's new boyfriend.
  • The Faking of the President
    Louis runs to be school president but doesn't win, and he finds out someone nominated Romeo to be president. Romeo and Louis find out it was Myra! But when Romeo actually wins, he doesn't want to resign for presidency because of all the perks, even after he promised to step down. Meanwhile, Gary and Jodi plan Mrs. Rogers a surprise party, but the surprise is on them when Mrs. Rogers tells them something unexpected.moreless
  • Yugs, Not Thugs
    Yugs, Not Thugs
    Episode 7
    Louis gets accepted to be a Young Upstanding Gentlemen (YUG) and starts snitching on everyone in the house since that's the YUG way. To get back at him, Romeo, Jodi, and Gary pull a number of pranks on him. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers's old circus buddies come to town to visit her.moreless
  • Man of the Hizzouse
    Romeo experiences what life is like for Percy when he acts as the man of the house for one hectic day, which includes balancing the pressures of work with his responsibilities as caregiver to four demanding kids. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers is desperate to repair her broken-down circus car, which she calls "Betty."moreless
  • Slam Dunk
    Slam Dunk
    Episode 5
    Romeo tries to impress a girl, but when he messes up and thinks he has lost his mojo, his father tells him he should simply introduce himself to her. However, Romeo, determined to give his method another chance, pays no mind to his father's advice. So he takes matters into his own hands and makes an even bigger fool of himself trying to impress her. In another story, Mr. Miller tries to kill a mouse running around in the house, but Gary and Mrs. Rogers want to catch it and release it outside.moreless
  • Minimum Cool
    Minimum Cool
    Episode 4
    Romeo and Louis gets hassled by a bully after performing at school. When Jodi sees the bully messing with her brothers she comes and helps them, and makes fun of the bully. So to get his reputation back, the bully asks for a favor: a date with Jodi. Meanwhile, Jodi makes fun of Gary for being short and he quits the group.moreless
  • Let's Make a Deal
    Let's Make a Deal
    Episode 3
    Romeo and Louis send $100 to "Jive Hive Enterprises", who promise to play their song on the radio within 48 hours. But when they realize its a scam, they need to get the money back, which they got from selling their bikes, before the family bike ride with Percy. Meanwhile, Percy sets out to fix all the problems in the house.moreless
  • He Got Blame
    He Got Blame
    Episode 2
    Romeo joins Louis's team for a big video game competition. When other two other members of the team realize they won't be able to win with Louis on the team, Romeo has a tough decision to make: his brother or the championship. Meanwhile, Jodi and Mrs. Rogers sign up for a charity race.moreless
  • Attack of the Nannies
    Romeo and Louis sneak into a radio station to get some airtime for their band's song. Meanwhile, the kids scare off another nanny, so Percy tries to find another one. After having trouble finding one, Mrs. Rogers suddenly shows up and is hired.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1