Romeo! - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Choices
    Episode 20
    Romeo's basketball team makes it to the finals. With the increased team practices and band rehearsals, Ro decides to make a minute-by-minute schedule of his life. As a result, he ends up falling behind in everything. Ro decides that something has to give and chooses to quit the team. He later explodes at his band members because he's trying to be the best he could be, and it feels like no one is on his side helping him out. Off their guilt, Jodi, Lou, and Gary get Ro back on the team. The family has learned the importance of sacrifice and compromise while Ro learned that it's okay to ask for help. Angeline's niece Stormy comes to visit. Every time she's around Gary, Gary winds up getting hurt, leading him to believe that Stormy is jinxed. Lou overhears some odd phone conversations that Ang is having with a doctor, and in the end, the family learns that she's pregnant. Percy and crew are ecstatic for their new family member to arrive.moreless
  • Louis ... Miller
    Louis ... Miller
    Episode 19
    Louis's only family, his aunt and his cousin Ryan, come for a visit. Romeo is jealous of Ryan's constant speak of how popular he is, and how he's going to Hollywood. His jealousy keeps increasing, that is, until he finds out Ryan is a Grade A liar. He tries to tell Louis, who in turn tells Romeo he knows but he doesn't care. Romeo decides that Louis needs a real family. Meanwhile, Gary joins the boy scouts.moreless
  • Who Let The Dogs Out
    Romeo asks Riley to baby-sit Gary while he sneaks out to the fair with Peyton. On his way home, Romeo finds a lost dog and puts it in his backpack. Angeline suspects something's up when she gets home so Riley pretends the dog is his. When Riley claims the reward for the dog and gains notoriety, it's up to Ro and Riley to keep the truth from reporter Myra. Ro is tired of lying and full of guilt, confesses what happened to Angeline. Jodi gets a tattoo at the fair on impulse, but later regrets it. When Angeline and Jodi go back to the tattoo artist to remove the tattoo, they find out that it wasn't even real.moreless
  • Peyton's Place
    Peyton's Place
    Episode 17
    Romeo and Peyton break up when Peyton's dad, Mr. Cruz, forbids them to see each other because Romeo's a rapper. After Mr. Cruz catches Peyton and Ro skipping school together, he tells Romeo to stay away from his daughter. But now in order for Romeo to stay with Peyton, he must win over her father.moreless
  • Hits and Misses
    Hits and Misses
    Episode 16
    Romeo pretends to be a bat-boy for a nearby minor league team in order to meet his idol, Mike Shamsky, but is dissapointed when he meets him. Back at the house, Percy spends quality time with Gary.
  • Loose Lips
    Loose Lips
    Episode 15
    A boy at Romeos school, Ferug, looks up to Romeo and wants advice on how to get a date with his crush, Penny Sanders.
  • Art of Deception
    Art of Deception
    Episode 14
    Angeline is working on an art exhibit with Ponce, a neurotic artist. When the tube containing the band's poster gets mistaken for Angeline's blueprints, Romeo makes the exchange at the museum but accidentally damages Ponce's piece. Not wanting to bother Ang when she's so stressed, Ro, Myra and Louis don disguises, use Angeline's ID, and sneak into the museum to fix the piece. Jodi agrees to baby-sit Marco Fishwick (Gary's former employee), even though Gary doesn't like him. After Jodi encourages Gary to play with Marco and give him another chance, Gary learns that there is more to Marco than he first realized.moreless
  • Good Press
    Good Press
    Episode 13
    Romeo denies having a girlfriend in a radio interview; Jodi borrows an outfit from Angeline without asking.
  • Blowing Up
    Blowing Up
    Episode 12
    Hacksaw gets the band a gig at The Place, a big venue, and decides that it's time to enter phase two of their career. He brings in backup dancers and a choreographer for Jodi, a former rock keyboardist for Louis and sets up press for Romeo. With all of the extra work and time that phase two requires, the kids are burning out and each begin to believe that they should be the star of the group. Ro uses a TV interview to bring the band back together to where they should be - enjoying themselves and remembering that first and foremost, they're a family.moreless
  • My Blues Brother
    My Blues Brother
    Episode 11
    Romeo learns that his new crush, Peyton, is in Louis' fencing club; Gary hides in the backseat when Jodi sneaks out with a date.
  • Rap Off
    Rap Off
    Episode 10
    Romeo lies to the family in order to compete solo in a rap-off, and Pieces think he's quiting the band! Meanwhile, Louis tries to set a new world record.
  • Tag Along
    Tag Along
    Episode 9
    Gary emulates Romeo's dress and behavior; Louis consults a Web site for style tips.
  • Hack Came, Hacksaw, Hack Conquered
    Hacksaw approaches Pieces with a two-year contract; Gary is cast in a commercial.
  • Nothin' But Net
    Nothin' But Net
    Episode 7
    Romeo makes the varsity basketball team; Gary decides to have a garage sale to earn some money.
  • Speechless In Seattle
    Romeo falls for a girl in his drama class; Gary starts a paper route business.
  • If I Had a Hacksaw
    If I Had a Hacksaw
    Episode 5
    The band signs with their first manager; Jodi stands up Gary for a night at the movies.
  • Pinhead
    Episode 4
    Romeo is asked to join the school's bowling team, but when everyone at school makes fun of them, he has other opinions about joining; Louis takes credit for Myra's ceramics project.
  • Rules Of Engagement
    Percy decides to propose to Angeline but is worried that Angeline will turn him down. Percy asks the kids to help him out by keeping the house super clean for Angeline's visit for dinner where Percy will pop the question. Percy decides to hide the ring in the dessert for the ultimate surprise. However a few mishaps occur when the kids are trying to clean the house and when the ring goes missing, the Pizza boy is the first suspect of stealing it. Jodi and Louis go out to find him, but while they're gone, Percy gets stricken by the scared sickness and hides in the bathroom. After all this Percy finally asks Angeline to marry him.moreless
  • A Matter Of Principal
    Romeo is now a freshman at highschool but his first impression on the school principal is not a good one. Romeo has been accused of paintballing the principal's house, even though he left before his friends actually did it. But if Romeo tells who really did it, they promise to make his life miserable.

    Louis is having problems of his own when he wants to be a writer on the school's newspaper, but the head editor is not very nice, and took Louis's piece on the cafeteria and re-wrote it. Louis gave up and decided to make his own "Zine" with the help of Myra.moreless
  • When The Cat's Away
    After failing an algebra test, Romeo gets the opportunity to re-take it. He enlists Gary's help in helping distract Percy's new girlfriend, Angie, so he can watch a basketball game with his friends on TV instead of studying for the re-take. Meanwhile, Jodi visits a college fair to widen her choices, all turned down by Percy for unorthodox reasons.moreless