Season 2 Episode 6

Speechless In Seattle

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 16, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Speechless In Seattle
Romeo falls for a girl in his drama class; Gary starts a paper route business.

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  • This episode is about Romeo taking a drama class and falling for the girl he is paired with.

    I absolutely looove this episode because this is the only time Romeo can't talk to a girl. All the other times he can speak to a girl without any problems, but now it's like he met his match. I guess Romeo finally gets tongue-tied and can't work his Ro-magic like he would want to. He just looks sooooo cute not being able to express his true feeling for Denise. Then he is forced to come to terms with his feelings after Louis decides to do their project on "Romeo and Juliet". He purposely choose for them to do the kissing scene. He has trouble doing the scene with Denise. So he asks the drama teacher for advice. At first, he dismisses the advice and asks his sister and she tells him to listen to the drama teacher because he knows what he's talking about. So he goes back and asks again and the drama teacher forces him to reveal his true feelings for Denise. She overhears him and rather surprised. She knows and she decided for them to become just friends.moreless

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    • Louis: Man its good to be a genius!
      Romeo: I think your genius is what got me into this.

    • Denise: Louis, he has no lines!
      Romeo: (Pretending to be in a coma) It's okay, I'm emotionally honest!

    • Mr. Pleasant: I want you to put yourself in Romeo's dumplet.
      Romeo: His what-let?
      Mr. Pleasant: Forget it.

    • Romeo: Man! How much honesty do you want?! Do you want me to tell ya that the first thing I think about in the morning when I wak-up is Denise Cruz?! Or that I love the way she tips her hair when she's thinking?! Or that I'm crazy about the way she hold her french fries on the tip! How about this, Denise, I think I love you! Happy?!
      Mr. Pleasant: I am very happy.

    • Romeo: And now, our relationship is about to change.
      Louis: You two don't have a relationship.
      Romeo: That's whats about to change son.

    • Denise: But no one edits Shakespeare!
      Louis: Well, yeah, that's why he's so boring!

    • Gary: (Imitates Donald Trump) And so, you're fired!

    • Gary: I tell you, good paper-slingers are hard to find!

    • Romeo: I've lost it. I really lost it!
      Jodi: Lost what?
      Romeo: You know, my my spice, my Ro-Magic.
      Jodi: Ok, first of all, do yourself and everyone else a favor, and let the Ro-Magic routine stay lost. It's obnoxious! Secondly, this, is a very good thing.
      Romeo: Good?! You didn't see me tryin' to talk to her today!
      Jodi: It's good because the only your gonna impress a girl like Denise Cruz is to be emotionally honest with her.
      Romeo: You sound like Mr. Pleasant!
      Jodi: Hey, I took Pleasant's too. He knows what he's talking about.

    • Louis: What just happened?
      Romeo: I'm not sure.
      Louis: Then why are you smiling?
      Romeo: I'm not sure.

    • Louis: So, Mr. Pleasant gave all three of us an A. Said he was "Moved by your performance!"
      Romeo: What can I say? It must be the "emotional honesty!"

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