Season 2 Episode 9

Tag Along

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 28, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Near the end of the episode, when Lou is talking to Myra one shot has her shirt off to the left, and in the next shot its straight up.

  • Quotes

    • Jodi: And I'll tell you something else. I think it's you Myra likes, not Johnny Depp.
      Louis: No way! (Pause) Really?
      Jodi: Deal with it playa. She ain't doing her homework over Johnny's house, now is she?!

    • Angeline: Gee, I wonder why he would do something like that?
      Romeo: I wish I knew. (Pause) Wait a minute, is this one of those deals where you know the answer already, and you're just asking the question so I can learn something?
      Angeline: Pretty much.

    • Romeo: So, are you into him?
      Marnie: Maybe.
      Romeo: Maybe. You girls like keeping guys guessing all the time, don't you?!
      Peyton: Maybe.

    • Louis: It was pretty good.
      Professor Perry Perrotis: If you're like most people you probably said it was good.
      Louis: I said it was pretty good.
      Professor Perry Perrotis: Why say good, when you can say, fantasmagorical.
      Louis: Good! I mean, fantasmagorical.

    • Riley: Angeline, let me cut to the chase. We're going to meet some, "special friends," from high school.
      Angeline: Oh, hmm, well I'm sure your "special friends" would love to meet Gary.

    • Romeo: What were you doing spying on them?
      Riley: What do you mean by spying?!
      Romeo: Spying, listening to someone elses conversation.
      Riley: Yeah, I was spying.

    • Louis: Even I've got style.
      Myra: (Laughs) You've got !
      Louis: Well, yeah.
      Myra: Having is a lot more than coloring your hair and wearing lots of jewelry.
      Louis: But you like it, right?
      Myra: Louis, my grandma dies her hair and wears lots of jewelry!

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