Romper Room

CBS (ended 1994)


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Romper Room

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Children's program that was often franchised rather than syndicated (meaning, local television stations could use their own hostesses in lieu of national hosts if they chose). A typical program featured a group of six to 10 children, ages 4-6, in a variety of games, songs and rhymes and simple moral lessons as guided by the hostess and recurring characters. One of those recurring characters was Mr. Do Bee, an oversized bumblebee who helped teach the moral lessons ("Do Bee a good sport when you lose"). The end always featured the hostess using her "Magic Mirror" to help her greet the show's young audience. For example, she might say "Hi Johnny, oh there's Angie! I see you, Chris!"
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  • Wish I could get a copy

    My sister was on the show for a week. We really would love a copy of it. Anyone know how we could do that?
  • was on the show have a pic

    want to find people that whear on it
  • Miss "I Forget Her Name" played with children like on Barney. Show segments included, Do Bee/Don't Bee, Colorforms weather report, hopping around in a circle on horsies, and lastly the magic mirror, to view the audience!moreless

    I remember watching Romper Room in the late fifties. There was a segment in the show where Miss (I Forget Her Name) and all the kids hopped around in a circle riding, those toy horses with the head and a pole attached.

    I think there was another segment where Miss IFHN did an imaginary weather report using a Colorforms board and stickers. The kids were asked for suggestions on how to dress the Colorforms child. Of course if it was raining, the child wore a slicker, sou’ wester, and rubber galoshes; there was a cloud and individual rain drops in the sky.

    There was Do Bee and Don’t Bee segment demonstrating behavior and social situations and lessons…a kind of Goofus and Gallant (from Highlights).

    At the end of the show, Miss IFHN would look into her magic mirror and name the children she saw. At first I really thought she could see me… but then I used to think Midnight the Cat on Andy’s Gang was real. As some primitive swirl effects made the magic mirror ethereal, Miss IFHN used to say the mantra: Romper stomper domper do. Tell me Tell me…(etc.) I see Jimmy, I see Sarah, Jill, Bobby…

    I met Miss IFHN at Newberry’s five and ten on B’way in Long Branch, New Jersey around 1959. We went in the back entrance and waited in line with all the other fans to see her. She sat on a chair in the back of the store near the parakeets and turtles.

  • I am 29 yrs old and I remember this show like it was on this morning. I loved that show and watched it faithfully EVERY morning!I wished they had shows like that on TV was so much better in them days!moreless

    This is one of the best shows for the age groups that it was aired for in it's time! Wished they bring it back! They just dont make TV like that anymore! We wonder why kids are the way they are...bring back good TV and cartoons and make them play outside! Things are going down hill with music and TV now a days. I am afraid to see what's in store! Anyways I think I am done with my complaining for now..WOW trying to get 100 words in is hard sometimes! Have a Good day!! Ok I am done Cya.moreless
  • I remember growing up watching the show everyday on channel 9 in new york, I even had those yellow things with the green straps for walking.

    This show instilled values in us when we were growing up about honesty, taking turns, fairness, and truth, where else could a show like this other than Mister Rogers Neighborhood teach this kind of structure. They need to bring back this program and play the 80's shows because todays kids can relate more to topics of this era than if they went back farther. Plus Parents who used to watch the show when they were kids can laugh and remember the good times they had and share those memories with the children and teach them the same values they learnedwhen they were growing up.moreless