Ronin Warriors

(ended 1995)


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  • Season 1
    • Triumphant Warriors
    • Lady Evil Sees the Light
    • Anubis' Armor Revived
    • Cheap Tricks
      Cheap Tricks
      Episode 36
    • The Warriors Return
    • Strata's Defiant Stand
    • In Search of Secret Treasures
    • Strategies of the Nether World
      Talpa attempts to control the white armor using control dust and the armor power of the dark warlords.
    • Legend of the White Armor
    • Talpa Turns the Tide
    • Anubis Is Reborn
      Anubis Is Reborn
      Episode 29
    • Lady Kayura and the Dark Realm
    • Sand Blasted
      Sand Blasted
      Episode 27
    • The Armor Must Be Destroyed
    • Torrent's Evil Twin
    • Sun Devil: Ambassador of Evil
    • White Blaze's Sacrifice
    • Saber Stryke's Deadly Challenge
    • Ryo's Mega Armor
      Ryo's Mega Armor
      Episode 21
    • Ronin vs. Saranbo
      Ronin vs. Saranbo
      Episode 20
    • Wildfire's Fight Against Fate
    • Talpa's Triumph
      Talpa's Triumph
      Episode 18
    • The Legend of the Armor
    • Raid on Talpa's Castle
      The Ronin Warriors are finally able to make it to the castle of their enemy, Talpa. After crossing through the front gate, they are confronted by many Dynasty Soldiers and are forced to get into their armors.

      After destroying the attack soldiers, the Ronin Warriors step into the front area of Talpa's castle, but fall right into a trap. The Ronin Warriors are separated again.

      Sage finds himself confronted by Cale, and fights it out with him eventually forcing the fight back to the outside area of Talpa's castle.

      Ryo and Cye are confronted by Sekhmet in a room with a pool filled with poison. Cye uses his Super Wave Smasher, and forces Ryo out of the room, allowing him to find and defeat Talpa. Cye then fights Sekhmet head on, eventually ending up in the outside area of Talpa's castle.

      Rowen and Kento find themselves stuck on a big spider web, surrounded by statues. Dais reveals himself to the pair, and taunts them into finding the real Dais. Kento finds him, and rushes towards him telling Rowen to find and kill Talpa.

      Ryo finds Talpa, showing up seconds before Rowen. Talpa, using his power, forces Ryo out of the room.moreless
    • The Ancient's Battle
      The Ancient and the Ronin Warriors finally meet face to face. The Ancient tells them about their armors, revealing to Kento that the armor is not good or evil, but reflects the soul of the person wearing it. he also reveals that the armor once belonged to Talpa, and that he must never get it back. The Ancient then speaks with Anubis alone, telling him that he does not have to be loyal to Talpa. He reveals Anubis's armor spirit to be "Loyalty", meaning that he is loyal to his master but he has the option to choose his own master. Cale, Dais, and Sekhmet appear in an attempt to reclaim Anubis. After a skirmish with the Ronin Warriors, they are able to bring Anubis back to Talpa. The Ancient then takes the Ronin Warriors back to the city, in order to become the "Bridge" to Talpa's castle. The Ronin Warriors don't know what he means. The Ancient confronts Talpa, and Talpa is able to destroy the Ancient. The Ancient is able to create a pathway to the castle with his last energy. Leaving Mia, White Blaze, and Yuli behind, the Ronin Warriors use the bridge to get to Talpa's castle.moreless
    • Armor of Life
      Armor of Life
      Episode 14
      Talpa, after pumping Anubis full of dark energy, decides to let him have another chance to destroy the Ronin Warriors.

      Meanwhile, Sage, Mia, and Yuli are resting at an abandoned amusement park. Suddenly Dynasty soldiers appear, and Sage attempts to fight them off. Ryo and Cye appear midway through the battle, to Sage's surprise.

      The four Ronin Warriors fight the soldiers, effectively pushing them down into the subway below the park.

      In the subway, Rowen and Kento show up. The Ronin Warriors are reunited once again.

      Suddenly, Anubis appears. Ryo orders the Ronin Warriors to armor up. Each of them do, except for Kento. Kento, not wanting to give into his hate, decides that he can fight effectively without his armor.

      Anubis is too strong for the Ronin Warriors however, and soon all but Kento are knocked unconscious.

      Yuli, out fo anger, jumps onto White Blazes' back and charges Anubis. Anubis knocks him to the ground. This upsets Kento, who decides that he must armor up to protect his friends.

      Kento overcomes his fear, and knocks Anubis unconscious. Talpa, begins to warp Anubis back to his castle, but is interrupted by the Ancient One. The Ancient One grabs Anubis, not allowing Talpa to have him back.

      Talpa is upset, and the Ronin Warriors are confused.moreless
    • Fate of the Ronin Armor
      Talpa has come up with a plan in an attempt to break the Ronin Warriors apart, and he gives Dais the task.

      Meanwhile, Kento wanders around an empty subway track, when he eventually runs into Rowen. Eventually, two subway trains appare from the darkness, and force Kento and Rowen to separate, each jumping on top of one of the subway trains.

      Rowen jumps off his train, and realizes that he wasn't the target.

      Kento fights his way through the subway cars and reaches the end of the train, only to find that the car is on a collision course with debris in the middle of the track. Kento prepares for the impact, but instead of hitting the debris, he is transported to a grassy field, in what appears to be a feudal Japanese battle.

      Dais and Talpa tell Kento that his armor is only meant for destruction, and can only achieve the true power of his armor by giving in to his hate.

      Using an illusion, Dais forces Kento to fight off his friends, eventually forcing Kento to go against what Rowen told him earlier, to not use his Power to destroy the city. Kento uses his "Iron Rock Crusher" to break free of the illusion, but destroys a part of the city in the process.moreless
    • Shallow Darkness
      Shallow Darkness
      Episode 12
      After wandering through the city, the Ronin Warriors arrive in the exact area where they first met.

      Their rest is quickly ended when a massive force of Dynasty soldiers appear from the foggy desolate streets. Mia and Yuli follow the Ronin Warriors into a underground parking area.

      The vehicles left in the parking garage come to life, and just when things look hopeless for Mia and Yuli, Ryo, Kento, and Cye appear and fight back the vehicles. Mia and Yuli are told to run by Ryo.

      Eventually, Mia and Yuli find themselves in an abandoned subway station. They run into Sage down there, who realizes that Talpa more than likely wanted to force the Ronin Warriors apart. In order to escape the Dynasty , Sage, Mia, and Yuli escape through an air vent. Forced to go deeper underground, Sage is eventually confronted by Cale.

      Cale uses his powers of Darkness to beat Sage. Yuli doesn't want Sage to lose, so he grabs the Ancient Staff still possessed by Mia, and flings it at Cale. The light given off by the staff rejuvenates Sage, and he is able to beat Cale.

      Sage realizes that Yuli is not useless after all.moreless
    • Assault on the Dynasty
      Talpa commands his soldiers to cloes the gates to his castle, in order to prevent the Ronin Warriors from intruding in his territory. Out of fear for the lives of Mia and Yuli, Ryo asks them to stay behind. yuli is not too thrilled with this and throws a fit. Ryo slaps him, and tells Whiteblaze to stay with Mia and Yuli. Dais requests that Talpa open the gates once again, as he has something special cooked up for the Ronin Warriors. Talpa agrees, and Kento is able to open one of the gates leading deeper into the territory of the Dynasty. Dais confronts the Ronin Warriors. Prepared for battle, the Ronin Warriors attempt to armor up, but a spell cast by Nether Spirits prevents them from doing so. Dais easily beats the Ronin Warriors. Meanwhile, Mia and Yuli run into the Ancient One. He gives Mia his staff, and disappears. Mia and Yuli rish back to the gate to help the Ronin Warriors. Once there, the staff seals off the spell cast by the Nether Spirits, and Ryo is able to armor up. He beats Dais, frees the other Ronin Warriors. Yuli forgives Ryo for slapping him, and the Ronin Warriors continue their journey to Talpa's castle.moreless
    • In the Sea of the Sky
      Ryo is stuck inside of the Energy Ball, as it drains the power from his armor. Fighting the energy inside the ball, Ryo is able to pull off his Flare Up Now attack, which effectively destroys the ball but sends him floating off into space. Ryo's armor seemingly awakens Rowen, who uses an arror to pull Ryo over to him. Rowen then sends Ryo and himself back down to Earth. Meanwhile, the other three Ronin Warriors are fighting Talpa's forces in the city. Talpa uses the destruction of the energy ball as a way to taunt the Ronins, trying to convince them to give up by saying that their friends have died. Anubis, having been affected by Ryo in their last battle begins to awaken to the virtue of "Loyalty" which concerns Talpa. Anubis goes out on his own to fight Ryo in fair terms. However, he discovers that Ryo is not in fighting shape and as such, cannot bring himself to kill Ryo. Rowen attacks using his "Arrow Shockwave" cracking Anubis's helmet in two. Talpa, obviously angry at Anubis, sends him back to his lair. The Ronin Warriors are finally reunited.moreless
    • Wildfire in the Sky
      After discovering the location of Rowen, Ryo and Kento leave for the city against the wishes of Mia and the other two Ronins. Talpa, in an attempt to destroy Rowen of the Strata, summons forth his Nether Spirits in order to summon a ball of energy that can be fired up into space. Ryo and Kento realize what Talps intends to do, and hurry to the abandoned building where the energy balls are being created and fired from. Once there, Ryo and Kento are confronted by Anubis, whom has been charged with dark energies by the Nether Spirits. Ryo with the aid of Kento, are able to subdue Anubis. Ryo then jumps into the energy ball, in a last attempt to save Rowen. Mia, Yuli, Sage and Cye arrive in the city in time to see the energy ball fly into space, with Kento walking to great them.moreless
    • Friend or Foe
      Friend or Foe
      Episode 8
      In Talpa's throne room, Dais: Warlord of Illusion, mocks and taunts Anubis and Sekhmet on their failure to kill the Ronin Warriors. Then boasts that he alone has the plan that will be their demise, Talpa seems overjoyed and eagerly sends the sadistic one-eyed man off to stalk his prey.

      Meanwhile, Mia, Kento, and Sage are driving quickly to meet up with Ryo and Cye so that they can go find Rowen of the Strata, Kento is stuffing his face with burgers in the back seat, while Sage complains about his over confidence from the front passenger seat.

      Ryo, Cye, Yuli, and White Blaze are at a deserted temple, resting, and contemplating strategies to bring Talpa down, when Yuli steps into a room filled with eerie burning candles. He starts to feel calmed by the cnadles, then one by one they go out, and Dais reveals himself, snatching Yuli and taking him to the roof of the temple.

      Ryo and Cye counter attack and rescue Yuli, it seems to be evenly matched at first. Until Dais uses his attack "Web Of Deception" to ensnare the two Ronins. He then boasts that he has taken Rowen of Strata prisoner, and if they want to save him, they're to follow him to the city of Sendai. He then releases them and vanishes.

      Naturally, Ryo and Cye rush off, leaving Yuli and White Blaze to wait for the others. When the arrive at Sendai, they see Rowen chained down by six of Talpa's thugs. They transform and commence their butt kicking. Cye notices that they're going down too easy, but Ryo doesn't catch on until after they're all dead.

      Rowen then fades away, revealing Dais, and after some banter, he casts the illusion that makes Cye thinks Ryo is Dais, and vice versa. Ryo and Cye begin unwittingly attacking each other, beating each other to a pulp before passing out. Dais prepares to deal their death blows, but is interrupted by the approach of Yuli and White Blaze, followed by Sage and Kento.

      Dais tricks Sage and Kento in the same manner, but Sage eventually catches on and drops his weapon begging Kento to stop. Kento, being the hard head that he is, doesn't stop, and pummels Sage until he's black and blue, and almost dead. Kale then reveals himself to Kento and attempts to ensnare him in the "Web of Deception" but the enraged Kento will have nothing of it and blasts Dais into oblivion with "Iron Rock Crusher" ending the battle and Talpa's good mood.

      Afterwards, The warriors apologize to each other for falling prey to Dais's illusion, that's when Ryo discovers that the catch phrase for Rowen's location "Unlord in the stream of the sky" means that Rowen is floating through space.moreless
    • Splitting the Stone
      Sage and Mia drive as far up the mountain as they can go, in search of Kento of Hardrock, bu eventually have to walk, Sage tells Mia to go back, but, being the stubborn one that she is, Mia refuses and follows after Sage. Mia meets up with Sage while he's being attacked by a pack of feral wolves. He quickly dispatches of them, but they just keep coming, Sage and Mia run for it, but Cale, Warlord of Corruption, causes an avalanche with the intention of hitting Sage. However, Sage grabs Mia and jumps clear of it's path, letting it take out the wolves instead. They continue up the mountain until they reach "The Throne of the gods", an enormous boulder that Mia believes Kento is resting inside of. Cale appears, thanking them for leading him to Kento. Sage panics and attempts to hastily revive Hardrock, but fails, Cale engages him, then stops long enough to stab his sword of darkness into the boulder, which then begins magically crawling deeper into the rock, it's tip searching for Kento's heart. Cale attacks Sage and Mia knocking them off the cliff and into the waterfall beneath it, believing them to be dead, he returns to observing Kento's demise. Sage and Mia wake up on a cavern floor hidden by the waterfall though, both of them having heard 'The Ancient' telling Sage to unlock the true power of his armor. After a short argument, Mia runs off to distract Cale, while Sage meditates, in hopes of unlocking his true power. However, Mia is captured by Cale and suspended from the waterfall in the middle of it's spout. After not getting any results from that, Cale then freezes her inside the waterfall's spout, causing Sage to go into a ferocious rage and bust out, releasing Mia, and splitting open the Boulder in which Kento resides. Kento, being as lazy as he is, doesn't respond immediately and Kale boasts that he's already dead. However, Kento then explodes from the boulder, taking Cale in power and shrapnel from the blast, then complains about Sage waking him up before the three of them leave together.moreless
    • The Counter Attack
      The key phrase "Churns beneath the Swirling Salt" leads Ryo, Sage, and the gang to a river where three whirlpools mark Cye of the Torrent's under water resting place.

      Sage and Mia rush to the north to find Kento, while Ryo, Yuli, and White Blaze stay behind to revive Cye. Ryo boasts that the rescue mission will be "completely routine" (a good example of his cockiness in the early episodes) but Sekhmet stands by and watches from a safe distance, plotting to destroy Ryo and Cye with one swoop.

      Ryo dives into the water, and runs into several of Talpa's spear throwing goons. After a while, he transforms into his armor and quickly dispatches them, before continuing on to Cye's resting place.

      Meanwhile, Cye senses Ryo's presence, but is unable to wake himself up from the suspended animation. He's surrounded by three whirlpools, several hundred fish, and an orca more commonly known as a killer whale, all seem intent on keeping him safe.

      Ryo begins to feel sharp pains and his armor begins spouting off pinkish colored sparks as if some invisible force is striking him. Shortly afterwards, Sekhmet appears, revealing that the water only amplifies his poison's effect, Ryo attempts to stand against him, but his armor begins scarring where Sekhemet had struck him earlier in the Pinnacle Caverns. Sekhmet unleashes his "Snake Fang Strike" and seemingly finishes Ryo off before going after Cye.

      Upon reaching Cye's resting place, the fish that had been guarding him form a barrier and refuse to let Sekhmet through. He poisons the lot of them and continues, but the killer whale begins pummeling him as well.

      About this time, Ryo's katanas begin circling Cye's prison, glowing red, and finally release him. Sekhmet attacks Cye, but much to his surprise, his poison has no effect. Cye unleashes "Super Wave Smasher" and stuns Sekhmet long enough to snatch the KOed Ryo and take him to safety before returning to finish Sekhmet off.

      Sekhmet, after getting pummeled lightly by Cye, gets smarter and pulls Cye out of the water, weakening his armor, before continuing to thrash him. White Blaze and Yuli drag Ryo to the fire of an exploded truck to revive him. Sekhemet tries to take on both the warriors at once, but Cye unleashes "Super Wave Smasher" and Ryo compliments it with "Flare Up Now" the combined attacks send Sekhmet a whole new definition of pain and defeat him for good.moreless
    • Halo's Prison
      Halo's Prison
      Episode 5
      Ryo, Mia, and Yuli, have deciphered the poem to reveal the key phrase in finding Sage of the Halo. "The Darkest Prison sheds the Light". This leads Mia to believe that Sage is buried deep within the Pinnacle Cavern System (wouldn't ya know it, she was right too!)

      Ryo and the gang go to Pinnacle to find Sage, but instead find a rather irritated Sekhmet. Sekhemet reveals that he let Ryo believe that he had killed Sekhmet, so that Ryo would lead him straight to Sage (a trend that follows through the next five or six episodes, that conveniently, none of the warriors ever catch onto). Ryo engages the warlord, telling Mia and Yuli to run, he immediately notices a difference in the strength and speed of his armor. He seems to have the upper hand, until Sekhmet threw six katanas, all six dripping with poison, at Ryo. Ryo dodged them all, but one came too close and dripped the poison into Ryo's wide open eyes, blinding him. Sekhemet was about to deal the final blow, when White Blaze rushed in and snatched Ryo out of harms way, dragging him into the cavern and to safety.

      Meanwhile, Mia and Yuli are running through the caverns like chickens with their heads cut off when they are found and captured by Sekhmet and Talpa's forces. Ryo uses his katanas to sense out Sage and finds him, but he's frozen inside of a massive stalactite and Ryo can't bust him out before Sekhmet shows up. After sustaining several more injuries, Ryo turns and punches the stalactite in desperation, finally causing a crack to snake up and with the weakened pressure point in the stalactite, Sage is able to use his power to bust out of the prison and defeat Sekhemet using a potent "Thunder Bolt Cut"

      Outside, after the battle, Sage reflects the sunlight of his Nodachi and into Ryo's eyes, magically healing the damage done by Sekhmet's poison.moreless
    • The Search Begins
      Ryo, Mia, and Yuli decide it best to head back to the University in hopes that Mia's grandfather will have some kind of clue as to the location of the other four Ronin Warriors.

      Meanwhile, Talpa, still a little miffed at Anubis for failing to destroy Ryo, sends Sekhmet to try his hand at defeating the Ronins. Sekhmet arrives at the university before Ryo and sets a trap, possessing Mia's grandfather with a shadow demon.

      They make a pit stop at Yuli's house, where he finds his parents still missing, and vows to not only help Ryo defeat Talpa and the Dynasty, but to take care of his mother's garden as well.

      Ryo, Mia, and Yuli arrive, and Yuli finds a Polaroid camera and starts taking pictures. Mia tries to coax some info from her grandfather, but all he keeps talking about is the end of the world and mankind. White Blaze spots Sekhmet on a nearby rooftop and growls, stalking out of the room. Yuli turns to snap a picture of some armor in the room and the armor's eyes light up red. Ryo jumps into action as the four suits of armor bust from their display cases. With a little help from Yuli, Ryo defeats the four wraith armors, and turns just in time to catch Mia's grandfather wielding a katana and aiming it for Mia. He disarms the old man and brings the edge of his blade a fraction of an inch from the man's forehead, dissolving the wraith within him, but also killing him. With his last breath, Mia's grandfather reveals the legend that will lead them to the four Ronin Warriors.

      That's when the rooftop next door explodes with White Blaze and Sekhmet's battle. Ryo intervenes, but has difficulty keeping up with Sekhmet's six armed "snake fang strike". That is until Yuli snaps a Polaroid of Sekhmet revealing that there isn't six arms, just two, moving really fast. Ryo defeats him with "flare up now" and Sekhmet vows revenge, same old stuff different day...moreless
    • Secret of Wildfire
      Yulie and Mia climb out of the rubble they have taken refuge in to sleep through the night as the city crumbles around them. Then Jun notices a growing glow not far away -- it is one of Ryo's katana's, the one he lost in his battle with Anubis. Mia grabs it up as White Blaze arrives. In "tiger talk" he makes it obvious he wants them to follow him. Deep inside Fuji, Ryo slumbers in the middle of a lava pit -- then slowly begins to wake. In the audience chamber of Talpa's castle, Anubis is looking at the view screen/magic mirror ("Mirror of Youja") down at the city below. The other Demon Generals arrive and twit him about the fact he didn't really win his first battle -- Talpa did it for him. Talpa interrupts them angrily, as it seems the Troopers are still alive, if dormant. Talpa cannot touch their yoroi and twist them to his own use until the present wearers are dead -- or have been converted to his side. Further, it seems Ryo of Wildfire is beginning to wake. The scene on the mirror changes, and it shows them White Blaze, Yulie, and Mia all in route to Fuji with Ryo's missing katana. Anubis is given the change to redeem himself by eliminating this danger to Talpa's plans. Next we know, Mia, Yulie and White Blaze (Mia riding White Blaze, and Yulie following close behind by the expedient of standing on his skateboard and holding onto the tiger's) are attacked by Anubis and members of Talpa's Demon Army. They are saved by the intervention of the Ancient who uses his staff to create a rift between them and Talpa's forces. Mia finds her jeep -- and this time the engine starts! They leave once more. However, Anubis now knows where they are going. At Fuji, Ryo painfully climbs to the lip of the volcano's mouth, only to discover Anubis waiting for him. As they battle, White Blaze delivers Ryo's second katana to him. The battle continues, and Anubis makes the mistake of knocking Wildfire back into the lava. Ryo emerges, stronger than ever, having gained power and strength from the lava's heat. In desperation, Anubis grabs Mia and Yulie as hostages (despite their attempt to escape), then throws the two into the volcano. Ryo saves them, but must discard his super-hot armor to do so. He collapses on the lip of the volcano where he has carried them. Before he can call it back, a chain whips around his throat and Anubis yanks him within range of his scythe, the chain preventing Ryo from calling his armor. Beating him near unconscious, Anubis drops Ryo back into the volcano -- but Ryo has been playing possum. He grabs Anubis and the two both fall toward the lava. Anubis saves himself by finding some rocks to land on, while Ryo calls his armor in time to save his own skin. Then Ryo breaks Anubis' scythe with his two katana (NEVER attack someone whose element is fire in the middle of a volcano -- that's the center of their power!) and the Demon General falls as another eruption occurs. Talpa pulls a rather singed Anubis back to the audience chamber in disgrace, and chews him out, to the unconcealed glee of the other Demon Generals. Ryo, watching the volcano erupt, says they've got to find his companions -- he cannot stand against Talpa by himself. Mia suggests that perhaps her grandfather can help. Not knowing what else to do, and acknowledging that Mia's information has been most helpful, Ryo agrees... Elsewhere, the Ancient watches, both worried and approving.moreless
    • Glory for Anubis
      Glory for Anubis
      Episode 2
      Photographs from a photo-reconnaissance satellite reveal a small circle of nothingness, where the camera refuses to pick up an image, in the area of Shinjuku. Japanese Defense Force helicopters try and move in, reporting the prescence of Talpa's Dark Castle, but their motors shut down when they reach Talpa's area of influence. When one tries to autorotate down, one of Talpa's warriors splits its fuel tank open with a spear, and it explodes. Technology does not work where the Demon Lord's power holds sway, and Talpa seems to actually absorb power from such sources. Inside the castle, the warlords are getting orders from Talpa. It rapidly becomes clear that Anubis is disliked by his fellow warlords, and Talpa's selection of him as the first to go against the Ronin Warriors is greeted with a mixture of rage, irritation and frustration as the others argue that he is too junior for the honor. Talpa shows Anubis where the Ronins, Mia and Yuli are hiding -- in the subway -- and dispatches Anubis after them. Below, White Blaze is curious about the cats trying to find food in the scattered garbage of an alley. Rowen and Sage watch him with some amusement, each commenting on the emptiness of the streets. They also introduce themselves to each other. Below, Mia is telling the three other Ronins about her grandfather and his studies; and they also introduce themselves to each other as well as Yuli and Mia, trying to cheer Yuli up. Above, jet aircraft attack Talpa's castle, but Talpa turns their missiles around so they end up shooting down each other instead. Further proof that it will take magic, not science, to defeat the Demon Lord. White Blaze senses danger and warns them -- as Anubis arrives on the street above. His search does not take long as he tears up the street above the subway to reveal their hiding place. The five Ronin Warriors call their armor, but use the armor's power to set a shield around Mia and Yuli. They then attack Anubis without their armor -- and predictably, Anubis easily ignores their attacks and inflicts quite a bit of damage on them. Next we get a glimpse of a man in Shinto monk's garb, a staff in one hand, his face hidden by a straw hat. The smoothness of his features belies the long white hair This is our first view of the Ancient One -- who throws down the staff, disrupting the armors' shield. The armor go to their owners. Anubis still shows no hesitation in attacking (whether this habit of his of taking them on all at the same time is courage, arrogance, or a mixture of both is debatable!). He and Ryo go at each other. Anubis is damaged in the exchange. Ryo is knocked unconscious, and one of his katana falls to the ground below. The other Ronin Warriors arrive to defend Ryo, who obviously is already on his way to being their leader. Talpa has watched with amusement at Anubis's success, but becomes alarmed as each Ronin Warrior begins to glow, their energy beginning to unite. Talpa intervenes -- sending down a black tornado to kill them. All five are drawn into the funnel cloud. Each becomes a glowing ball of energy, and they shoot away from the tornado in five different directions, the tornado torn apart by the result. One of the energy spheres, red-colored, lands in Mount Fuji, an active volcano, which erupts under the impact.moreless
    • Shadowland
      Episode 1
      It seems to be a normal, nice day in Touyama, when a cloud gathers overhead and casts a strangely shaped shadow on the buildings below. Demonic laughter resounds. In a room at a university nearby, Mia Koji is busy with a computer, working for her grandfather, Doctor Koji. Her grandfather is worried. The armor of the Ronin Warriors have disappeared, which could mean that the Demon Lord Tulpa -- whom he has researched for years as a folklorist -- may be ready to manifest once again. (Unfortunately, the symbols which show up on the computer screen are so much garbage, not a real readout even in Japanese...) In Touyama's shopping district, Yuli and his parents are window-shopping when Yuli almost runs into White Blaze -- and gets a wet lick as a greeting from the huge white tiger. Then the tiger's human companion (partner more than master), Ryo, speaks with him. Yuli's parents then pull him away, fearful for his life, as Ryo and White Blaze continue about their business. But someone has called the police about the appearance of the tiger, and the media arrive, too. Mia and Doctor Koji see a news broadcast about the young man and his "pet." Doctor Koji identifies Ryo as a Samurai Trooper. He sends Mia off to bring Ryo to him. Dark clouds suddenly appear, traveling too fast to be natural. Mia's "Samurai" (jeep look-alike) dies, as do all the cars around her. She steals a policeman's bike to continue her mission. A helicopter falls from the sky, its motor quitting. Ryo and the police surrounding them watch in horror.
      Lightning strikes around them, breaking windows as people panic -and Yuli loses his parents in the crowd. Behind Ryo, a deadly-looking suit of samurai armor materializes. It's a warrior of Tulpa's demon army. White Blaze senses it and responds, giving Ryo enough warning to leap out of the way of its first blow. The demon soldier's scythe cuts open the back of his shirt, and we see the red body armor he wears through the slit. Ryo turns and challenges the warrior, discarding the rest of his civies to display the body armor that was concealed underneath them. "I'm Ryo of the Wildfire," he declares. The warrior merely laughs, twirling the chain that is part of his weapon and then striking at Ryo. Ryo's own attacks have little effect on this opponent.
      Buildings and roads begin to crumble around them. Yuli stumbles into the battle zone, looking for his parents (everyone else is gone -suppose they've all been smart enough to take cover?). Yuli is nearly killed by the warrior (wrong time, wrong place more than by deliberate intent) but Mia arrives in time to save him. Ryo is not doing very well at all in his first battle, and it is the arrival of Rowen of Strata that saves his life. They are then joined by the other three Troopers – Kento of Hardrock, Cye of the Torrent, and Sage of the Halo. The warrior seems unconcerned; he's quite willing to take on all five humans by himself. Mia is telling Yuli a little about Tulpa and the Ronin Warriors as the battle continues. The others have no better luck that Ryo did in affecting Tulpa's warrior. Mia yells at them to put on their armor; the warrior responds by taking her and Jun hostage. Ryo calls the Wildfire armor; and the other four are armored as well. The warrior laughs once more, "So you are the Ronin Warriors!" he gloats. Ryo attacks, but the warrior parries his blows.
      "You don't know how to use your armor yet!" the warrior taunts as he knocks Ryo into the ground. Then he throws Mia and Yuli into a magic "screen" where their image appears -- and demonstrates that whatever is done to him (hitting his armor, for example) the two hostages will feel. (He gets a perverse enjoyment out of the demonstration, too!) Ryo puts his swords away and lets the demon warrior wrap him up in his chains, whereupon which Ryo gets thrown against all sorts of the things... Yuli calls to him, and Ryo discovers how to power up, using his "FLARE UP NOW!!" to destroy his opponent. Mia and Yuli are released, White Blaze catching them before they can be hurt. The others have almost no chance to congratulate Ryo before nasty laughter is heard from the roofs overhead. They look upward to see four men dressed in armor somewhat like their own. The foremost tells them that Tulpa has just been testing his newest foes, and introduces himself as Anubis, warlord of Cruelty -- and sworn to Tulpa's service. The other three also introduce themselves – Cale, warlord of Corruption, Sekhmet, warlord of Venom, and Dais, warlord of Illusion. With a warning that they'll be back, all four teleport skyward as Tulpa's voice is heard. The clouds clear somewhat, and for the first time we see Tulpa's Dark Castle floating above the city.moreless