Ronin Warriors

(ended 1995)


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  • Amazing Show!

    Probably one of my favorite animes ever!!! I've actually bought the boxed set several for to loan out and then when that copy was never returned to me I bought a new loan copy. I'm obsessed with this show but I have to say as much as I loved it on Toonami back in the I MUCH prefer the Japanese subbed version...although Ryo's english voice actor was cool most of the changes made actually peeved me.
  • Ronin Warriors is a classic, probably not the most perfected anime: but it indefinitely is a fun show to watch.

    Ronin Warriors came to me ages ago as a kid when Toonami first premiered. Its one show that caught my eyes and apparently has never let go. I current own this in my library of DVDs and I love watching it over and over.

    The concept was great, and the characters and master plot were molded well and so full of fluidity. When the first plot device occurs in about... episode 2 or 3, I'm not quite positive -- is when the show starts to blossom, and it envelopes into something greater and far more interesting as we see battle after battle. It was a brilliant show for its time, and I'm glad it caught my eye.

    If it did, I would indefinitely be missing out on something special.
  • Ronin Warriors will always entertain.

    Sure, it's kinda old, It was made in the eighties, so the animation was a bit off. But you can't get past the great story and Characters. Besides, a few little (okay...not so little) Flaws are what make this show so fun to watch! Every body loves Sage's Physics defying hair, Ryo's odd dialoge, and Mia's clown car.... er.... I mean Jeep.^^ I loved every colorful character (even Sehkmet). I love how they are all redeemed too. And the OVA's were very good with the animation being far better (the animation just got better as they went along anyway). I still prefur the manga, but the show was just as fun.^^
  • best anime show EVER

    This was one of my favorite shows to ever air on TV and it is excellent in so many ways. great action, story, and animation.The day they took it off the air i was pretty upset. I own alot of the DVD's and i watch them frequently. This show should return to the air and by return i dont mean cheap spin off i mean actuall return. I loved the ancient japanese era and the concept of the magic armor. Also the characters (and villans) were just generally awesome. So I really hope with my wildest dreams that this show returns.
  • i loved this anime was mad when they toke it off the air.

    it is the story about five teenage boys, given mystical armor to protect the world from the evil Arago. The story begun 1000 years ago, when Arago wanted to take over the ningenkai. He almost succeed when Kaosu managed to defeat him. However, although Arago's soul is banished to the Youjakai, his armor is left intact. The armor therefore becomes a link for Arago to come back to Ningenkai.Kaosu divided the armor into nine separate armor suits. Each armor will choose its bearer, and together they will fight Arago. At least that's the original intention. Arago finds out Kaosu's plan, and thus attempts to find the armor himself. He manages to find four suits of armor with their four bearers, and persuaded them to follow (and serve) him. Those four are Shuten, Naaza, Anubisu, and Rajura. After they follow Arago, they become his MaSho (demon general).The rest of the armor, however, is still safe within Kaosu's protection. The bearer of these fives suits of armors are called Samurai Troopers. They are Rekka no Ryo, Korin no Seiji, Kongo no Shuu, Suiko no Shin, and Tenku no Touma. Each represents an element of nature and has a "kanji" that suits their personality

  • The best anime cartoon ever!

    I usually don't like anime cartoons and practically never watch any of them. Ronin Warriors, however, is something entirely different. Ronin Warriors first aired in the U.S. back in the summer of 1995. The first time I watched the show, I got completely hooked on it. I'm not sure exactly why, I just found it to be interesting. It was probably the plot and the action that got me hooked. It had a great story and lots of action. The show only lasted two seasons with 39 episodes and has been on and off the air. Right now, it is off the air and has been for some time. Hopefully they bring it back soon. It is the best anime ever!