Ronin Warriors

(ended 1995)


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  • i loved this anime was mad when they toke it off the air.

    it is the story about five teenage boys, given mystical armor to protect the world from the evil Arago. The story begun 1000 years ago, when Arago wanted to take over the ningenkai. He almost succeed when Kaosu managed to defeat him. However, although Arago's soul is banished to the Youjakai, his armor is left intact. The armor therefore becomes a link for Arago to come back to Ningenkai.Kaosu divided the armor into nine separate armor suits. Each armor will choose its bearer, and together they will fight Arago. At least that's the original intention. Arago finds out Kaosu's plan, and thus attempts to find the armor himself. He manages to find four suits of armor with their four bearers, and persuaded them to follow (and serve) him. Those four are Shuten, Naaza, Anubisu, and Rajura. After they follow Arago, they become his MaSho (demon general).The rest of the armor, however, is still safe within Kaosu's protection. The bearer of these fives suits of armors are called Samurai Troopers. They are Rekka no Ryo, Korin no Seiji, Kongo no Shuu, Suiko no Shin, and Tenku no Touma. Each represents an element of nature and has a "kanji" that suits their personality