Rookie Blue

Season 2 Episode 11

A Little Faith

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 01, 2011 on ABC

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  • thou it be a good episode till....


    So for some reason the undercover episodes are the ones ilike the best, with andy, dov and tracy taking a .. idk what was it.? a test? to see who could get the most drugs off the street, andy and tracy work together to make some cash on pool, when a pair of challenging guys team up and one of them was Swarek, yes!! that guy that broke andys heart.. and i thou he was GONNE for at least the season, man well it seemed that it was just a coincidence that they run into eachother but andy knew about the place and well its was not that much of coincidence.

    Kinda got boring in the end thou... i mean while dov its working his ass off getting in danger this chicks specially andy its.. banging with an undercover guy... seriously... i just hope she doesnt go for seconds...

    "how was it? ..heavenly" like wtf andy.

  • Finally...But really?


    I was not impressed with how the long awaited Swarek/Andy relationship finally came to a climax. No pun intended. I felt as if it was rushed since they are coming to the end of the season. And I certainly didn't like that it was undercover the way that it was. I would much rather have waited for there to be different circumstances.

    I love Miss Peregrym but for some reason she felt very awkward with her love scene. I'm not really sure I can put into words what I felt was off. But it was in my opinion. I still love the show and look forward to watching where everything goes...