Rookie Blue

Season 2 Episode 10

Best Laid Plans

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2011 on ABC
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While working a kidnapping case, Andy and Swarek find themselves on the scene of a car accident. As Swarek and the rest of Division 15 pursue the kidnapper and missing child, Andy remains at the scene with a woman trapped in her car. A transgression involving Gail puts Chris at odds with Dov. Andy concludes that it's time to re-evaluate her life.


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  • not so fast... yet not so slow either.

    I liked this episode better then the previous one, theres alot going on between all the rookies, have a good chase and a sad ending, not talking about the andy and sam situation.

    peck, dov n crhis ... not so cool... i just dont know why dov had to come out of the closet, i just keep thinkin that over all the rookies hes the worst, in the job, friend and role actor.

    Andy and sam, i was shaking my head when they where about to kiss, i seriously prefer them to stay as patrol partners, i dont like them to be on that close and kinda glad for sam to take on the UC mission.moreless
  • So close but yet so far...

    Loved how the episode focused more on the relationship between the characters, mainly sam and andy and chris-gail-dov. They're setting up the next few episodes with this one.

    Chris found out Dov confessed his love to Gail and did not take it well.Andy finally admitted her feelings for Sam and decided to act on it, but it may be too late with Sam's new UC role. It was kinda sad, if only Andy and Sam just kissed already at the car accident scene, he probably wouldn't have agreed to go UC so soon. Anyway, the next few episodes look great!moreless
Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson

Leslie Atkins

Guest Star

Danielle Hampton

Danielle Hampton

Tammy Walker

Guest Star

Peter DaCunha

Peter DaCunha

Elliot Walker

Guest Star

Aaron Abrams

Aaron Abrams

Detective Donovan Boyd

Recurring Role

Mayko Nguyen

Mayko Nguyen

Sue Tran

Recurring Role

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    • Andy McNally: (leaves a message on Sam's voicemail) Hey, uh, look, I just wanted to say that I, I know that I've got a plan, you know? And it's a great one. But screw it. Okay? Screw the plan, because I don't wanna save the good candy for later anymore, you know? I wanna drink the champagne now and...Okay, you've got three weeks, right? So let's make 'em count, starting tonight. I'm coming over.

    • Andy McNally: So what's Frank think about this?
      Sam Swarek: I haven't told him yet.
      Andy McNally: (sulkily) You really are a team player.
      Sam Swarek: What, was I supposed to check in with you before I said yes? You got your 5-, 10-, 20-, 50-year plan. That works for you. I'm the opposite. Opportunity comes along, I want it, I take it. Simple as that.
      Andy McNally: Oh, well, congratulations on being so simple.
      Sam Swarek: Thank you.

    • Andy McNally: So, this undercover operation with Boyd, I mean, is it dangerous?
      Sam Swarek: Well, they don't usually do deep cover on people with parking tickets. Unless you got a lot of them, then it's a joint meter maid/E.T.F. thing. Why? You wanna come with me?
      Andy McNally: Just thought maybe you could use the backup. I heard last time you were in deep cover you got chased down and tackled by a girl.
      Sam Swarek: Overeager tookie. Didn't wanna make her look bad on her first day.

    • Sam Swarek: 5-year plan, 10-sear plan, you got it all figured out.
      Andy McNally: Yeah, plan's good.
      Sam Swarek: I bet you were one of those kids that saved her Halloween candy and made it last all year, huh?
      Andy McNally: What, and you were the kid that ate all his candy in one night?
      Sam Swarek: No, just the good stuff. Then I threw the rest out.
      Andy McNally: See, you can't do that. You gotta save the good stuff.
      Sam Swarek: Save it? What for? For what?
      Andy McNally: I don't know. Later.

    • Donovan Boyd: I'm, uh, putting together a team of guys who know the case.
      Sam Swarek: When?
      Donovan Boyd: A couple of weeks.
      Sam Swarek: A couple weeks?
      Donovan Boyd: Got a guy who could make an introduction, get you on the inside working for him. We'll take it from there.
      Sam Swarek: And here's me just getting used to sleeping in my own bed again.
      Donovan Boyd: As good as you think it makes you look, the uniform's a straitjacket for you.

    • Andy McNally: I hope you're enjoying that.
      Sam Swarek: Yeah? Why is that?
      Andy McNally: Oh, me and you, driving fast, chasing bad guys. This really might be the last time we do this together.
      Sam Swarek: Aw, you miss me already. That's sweet.
      Andy McNally: You're probably not even gonna go. All talk and no action.
      Sam Swarek: (stepping on the gas) You want action?
      Andy McNally: Okay, no, what I want is to catch this guy, and you know what? If he's supposed to be on Route 9 we should have seen him by now.
      Sam Swarek: Unless he changed his plan. That does happen, just not to you.

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